The Great Horned Chicks Fledge


Photo's courtesy of Armco Park's Staff

WARREN COUNTY PARKS, OH -- Armco Park and its visitors had an unexpected surprise earlier in the spring. A Great Horned Owl couple decided to build their nest in a tree rather close to Jones Pavilion... and somewhat low.

While this was exciting for bird watchers, it was a little dangerous for the baby chicks as the innocence of human curiosity to see these amazing birds could have caused the mother bird to become stressed and abandoning her chicks.

Because we at the Warren County Post did not want to cause any harm to the Great Horned Owl or her babies, we did not want to release  anything about them until they had fledged.

According to Shannon Russell Pennington, Warren County Park District Naturalist, there were three eggs originally in the nest and two did hatch.

As word spread and more people began to show up, the park district placed orange fencing around the tree along with a notice not to bother the birds. This did  keep them safe from the "paparazzi" that gathered each day trying to capture that perfect picture.

Bird watchers gathered outside of fence to see if they could get a glimpse of the chicks.
People came from all over the Dayton/Cincinnati area with their cameras, Tri-pods, and long camera lens to capture photos of the baby owls.

But now that they are gone, the fencing has been taken down. And those of us that knew about it, we only have our pictures to remember them by.

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Here's my picture. It's not the greatest for I only had my cell phone. 

As you can see in this photo, their nest was not high at all.
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