A Birthday Wish Comes True


Lily Warren sits in front of the Christmas Tree and the 63 presents that she and her mom wrapped, helping to make her birthday wish come true.

CARLISLE, OH -- When you ask most soon-to-be 10-year olds what they want for their birthday, they usually have a list already prepared in their brain. And, it usually consists of things such as; a party, the latest video game, the newest and coolest gadget, a name-brand purse, name-brand shoes, clothing apparel, or a pet, such as, a puppy or kitten.

But, when Lily Warren’s parents, Amanda and Jake Warren, asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she answered ... “I want to donate toys to boys and girls to give them a better Christmas.”

Lily, who just turned 10 last Tuesday (December 12), got her birthday wish granted. On her actual birthday, she and her mom had already wrapped 63 presents and still had some shopping to do.

“She has had so much fun shopping. She goes in like she's on the Home Shopping Network,” explained Amanda. 

“No. I'm more like the Grinch... when he was throwing all the food (out of the refigerator) into his bags," Lily chimed-in to help explain how excited she really is that she got to do this. To help get her shopping done quickly, Lily wore her Heelys (shoes with wheels) to pull the shopping wagon or push the shopping cart at the stores.

Lily in her Heelys shopping for other children so they can have a Christmas.

Lily bought things for kids of all ages and genders. “I think the best gift is the skate boards,” she said, adding that she loves to skate herself.

When asked, why she wanted this for her birthday and not a party or presents for herself, she explained, “I already have so much. I don’t need anything else. I just wanted other kids to have some of the things I have.”

And, this isn't the first time Lily wanted her birthday present to be an act of selflessness. A few years ago, Lily, who is a 4-H member, decided she wanted to buy items for the animals at the shelter.

"Look the black spot around his nose is in the shape of a rabbit," Lily pointed out while holding Oreo, who is just one of her many pets.

"She just really has a servant's heart," her mom said, explaining that it is Lily who comes up with these ideas on her own.

This year when people heard what she was doing, they wanted to jump in on the cause, too. “We had people call and tell us they had some gifts, and if we could come over and get them and wrap them,”Lily said. 

Many children in Warren County, who may have gone without a present this year, will be getting a Christmas present this year because of Lily's selfless birthday wish. 

Happy Birthday Lily!!!

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