Keeping the Lost and Unwanted Weight Away


Brenda Ihle shares brings her education and experience as a Registered Nurse, a Community Health Nurse and a Holistic Health Practitioner

FRANKLIN, OH -- As we enter a brand new year with excitement and anticipation, many people like to make new resolutions. Some make a resolution to lose weight and get healthier, and they do.

However, some of these same people discover that as soon as they resume everyday life, they regain the weight lost... and sometimes, even more.

How can this happen?

It could be that the plan they followed did not offer a lifestyle change that works for them.  A lifestyle change?

Yes, a life style change... a plan that yields results that last because it incorporates the needed changes for an individual that fits their lifestyle and blood type. A lifestyle change helps an individual still enjoy the foods they love, but simply changing to the particular food that lines up to their blood type.

For instance rather than using all purpose white flour to make banana muffins switch to almond flour to make the banana muffins. Knowing the right food for one's blood type makes all the difference.

Simple changes can be made that allows you to lose the weight you want, improve your health and still live your busy life while enjoying the foods you love.

Through the use of a lifestyle management program offered at A Health Connection, a client went from 200 pounds to 135 pounds in five months. An interesting fact is that she did this while meeting the food demands of her husband and three teenagers. Her testimony video is on

If you would like to learn more about A Health Connection 's Lifestyle Management Program, contact me for more information.

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