Chapter 12: The Arrival..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 12: The Arrival

For the next two weeks, Bri and Alex spent hours on the phone and Internet either texting or talking, just trying to get caught up on everything that they had missed from each other’s past. And to help make up for the elapsed time, they emailed pictures of the years they had missed together.

Bri was beginning to feel something she had never truly felt before. It was the confidence of love. The feeling that the person you love, loves you back.

While at first Jack was extremely jealous of this relationship that was growing between Bri and Alex, he was also extremely happy that Bri had finally found what she deserved — love.

“Well Babe, in about 15 minutes we will be stepping off this plane,” Jack said as he tightened his seat belt and folding his little seat-back tray to get ready for the landing.

“Jack, you know I love you. You’re my best friend, and I would not be who I am if it weren’t for you. But I really, really, really like him. I’ve never felt like this towards anyone. He challenges me mentally and spiritually. We talk of God and life and politics. He’s everything I ever wanted,” she said rubbing her hands together. Something she would do when she was extremely nervous.

“So, remember when you sleep with him...,” Jack said before being cut off by Bri.

“Jack, I don’t think it’s like that with us yet.”

“If he is a normal red-blooded American man, you’ll be in bed and if you’re not, something is wrong,” Jack said.

“Jack, I know you don’t understand this thing called saving yourself before marriage.”

“Bri, I hate to break this to you, but it’s not like you’re a virgin. You have two children. And he was married before!”

“I know. But there is more to love than sex.” Bri smiled knowing that Alex had already stolen her heart many times without the physical part of the relationship.

Once again Bri’s thoughts began to scramble in every direction. What if he wasn’t in love with her as much she was with him? If she slept with him, and he left her, that could actually destroy her. She wouldn’t be able to bare that pain.

“Jack, let’s drop the topic. Let’s talk about what you think would make a good interview for the morning show tomorrow.”

“Bri, don’t mess this relationship up because of your strange fanatic religious beliefs. If the man desires you, let him have you. Remember you’re not getting any younger, and I am sure there are a lot of women very interested in your so-called friend.”

This whole conversation made Bri even more nervous than she already was. She had only been with one other man since Alan. And it wasn’t good. She did learn one thing though. While she knew her marriage to Alan had lacked intimacy, she found out that intimacy was more than sex.

“Jack, let’s just switch the subject. Maybe Alex doesn’t even feel the same as I do. I could be creating things in my mind. You know relationships and me. We’re kind of like oil and water.”

“Baby, I saw how he looked at you. But, we’ll drop the subject!” Jack snickered shaking his head.

Once the plane landed and Jack and Bri were in the terminal, they headed towards the luggage area where Alex said he would meet them.

“Do you see him anywhere?” Bri asked Jack as she glanced around the airport’s pickup area.

“No, but I see that billboard... and I am thinking how I would like a nice glass of Chardonnay!”

The two grabbed their bags off the carousel and headed toward the exit.

“Bri.” Jack said. “I don’t see Alex. But, I see a lady, and it looks like she is holding a sign that has your name on it.”

Bri looked to where Jack was pointing. There was her name in big bold letters — Brianna Taylor.

“Maybe Alex had a sex change. Maybe he’s more like me after all.”

“Shut up Jack!”

They both walked over to the lady holding the sign.

“Hi,” Bri said to the attractive middle aged woman with strawberry blonde hair and piercing green eyes. “I’m Brianna Taylor and this is Jack.”

“I’m Marcy,” she said putting her hand out to shake Bri’s. “Yes, I saw you on television the other day when you sent Jack into my office. Alex wanted me to let you know he is really sorry he couldn’t make it here. He is an extremely busy man and his calendar changes daily with meetings. So, I am here to take you two wherever it is you would need to go first.”

Jack felt Bri’s disappointment. He knew exactly what she was thinking. If Alex had really wanted to see her, he would have made time for her… no matter what.

“Hey Bri, why don’t we go to the station first? We can meet the crew that we’ll be working with.” Jack was trying hard to get Bri’s mind on work rather than the feeling of rejection. He knew she was a workaholic. His plan was to get her to start thinking about tomorrow’s show in hopes of getting her mind off of Alex.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good… no a great idea Jack. Can you take us to the studio Marcy? And, you know what? I feel really bad that we are taking you away from your work. We can get a taxi to take us over there. And later, Jack can get hold of Alex to see what time works for him for us to do the taping tomorrow,” Bri said.

Bri had played this game too many times with rejected love, and she decided she was taking control this time. Throughout her life, it seemed like love had always been out to destroy her — but not this time. She wasn’t going to let heartache take her down ever again.

“Please,” said Marcy, very politely. “Taking you around town is not putting me out whatsoever. Alex wants me to show you around and give you the best hospitality possible. To have you take a taxi isn’t even a consideration.”

Jack knew exactly what Bri was doing. Once she felt just a tad of rejection, Bri would build an emotional fortress with concrete walls thicker than the Wall of China.

Jack asked Marcy kindly if he could have a few words with Bri alone.

“Look Bri, I know you’re feeling disappointed...,” was all Jack was able to say before Bri went off on him.

“Disappointed? Did you say disappointed? How about foolish? I think that would explain how I feel. Not disappointed!” She tried fighting back tears.

“Bri,” Jack said nodding a fake smile at Marcy. “I know you like the back of my hand. I know what you are feeling.”

“Oh that’s reassuring! Did you forget you had skin cancer growing on the back of your hand last year? You didn’t know that until I pointed it out. So knowing me like the back of your hand is not real comforting is it now, Jack?”

Bri, too, threw Marcy a fake smile.

“Bri, the man isn’t rejecting you. He is just really busy. He is the head of a huge governmental project. Things come up.”

Jack was trying to get Bri to think logically, rather than emotionally, as he threw another smile over to Marcy.

“So Jack you’re telling me that if the person you really loved and hadn’t seen you for like — a life time, was coming into town to see you, you would send your assistant?”

She too threw another fake smile to Marcy.

“Bri, think like a man. He is working!” Jack was getting a little frustrated with her inability to reason.

“Okay let’s pretend I am man for your sake Jack. So you’re telling me that if you hadn’t seen me for 20 years, and you had deep feelings for me that you would send your assistant to come get me… rather than you?”

Jack thought about this for a moment knowing he could never let 20 years go by without seeing Bri. He went crazy when weekends passed, and he wouldn’t see her.

“Look Bri, he is a professional. Think like a professional!” Jack nodded at Marcy acting as though he had everything under control.

“You didn’t answer me Jack! Would you come or would you send your assistant?” With no smile this time, Bri's glare demanded Jack to answer.

“God, you make me angry!” he snapped.

“Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. You know how I hate when you do that.”

Slowly, she turned her head changing her haunting glare into a sweet fake smile for Marcy.

“Do you know if I were married to you, I would be divorcing you right now?” Jack answered while he too gave Marcy a fake smile.

“Divorcing me? No, no, I would have divorced you first.”

“Dammit Bri, you make me so mad. You’re acting like a woman! You’re not making any sense!” Jack said firmly, as he grew closer into her face.

“I am a women Jack. A scorned woman!”

Then, realizing she was sounding like a crazy woman, she began to giggle.

“Bri,” Jack said catching that twinkle she would get in her eyes when she knew she was wrong and wanted him to forgive her. “Give the guy a chance. Don’t start building your wall — not yet.”

“I just don’t want to get hurt, Jack. I don’t think my heart can take any more breaks. At least not from him.”

Even though the thought of someone taking Bri from him was destroying his heart, Jack wanted Bri to be happy.

“Babe, I felt the charisma between the two of you. It isn’t fake. He’s not going to hurt you.”

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