Chapter 13: The Visit...."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 13: The Visit

Once Jack had Bri calmed down they both headed back over to Marcy.

“Are you sure we are not putting you out?” asked Bri.

“No, not at all.” Marcy answered, as she gave the two a rather awkward look.

Bri politely asked Marcy if she would mind taking them to the television station first. Jack had arranged for their sister station in D.C. to work with them to produced the news piece. It was scheduled not only for their home studio in Michigan, but for national news... if all went as planned.

On the way to the station, Bri’s phone rang. It was Alex.

“Bri, I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to pick you up. An unplanned meeting became planned,” Alex apologized and added, “I hope this didn’t cause any problems.”

Jack, who was able to hear Alex’s voice, gave Bri the conquering look of I told you so. Bri, noticing Jack’s smirk, turned her face away from his as she answered Alex.

“No not at all. I totally understand. You’re a very busy man.”

“I was hoping you could come back with Marcy to my office if you’re not needed at the station,” Alex said.

While one part of Bri really wanted to scream, Yes! Of course! No problem. The other part of her wanted to show Alex she wasn’t a pushover. She was her own person. 

Jack was hearing the whole conversation. And, since he knew Bri better than Bri knew herself most times, he decided to jump into the conversation to help her.

“Hey Bri, I really don’t need you at the station. Go with Marcy to the office. I’m going to be talking more technical stuff with the news director and camera guys. I’ll call you a little later. We can catch up for dinner or something to talk about the content of tomorrow’s show,” Jack said, winking at Bri and talking loud enough for Alex to hear.

“Well... I guess you heard that Jack doesn’t need me. I’m yours if you want me.”

“Of course, I’ll take you,” Alex said.

Marcy drove them to the station where they stopped for a while so that Bri could be introduced to the station manager, the news director, and the camera techs who would be shooting the interview. After about a half-hour visit at the studio, she and Marcy were on the road heading to Alex’s office.

Being a reporter and asking a stranger questions was like breathing to Bri. But, she didn’t want to intimidate Marcy with a thousand questions, so she tried really hard not to talk too much. And, Marcy didn't seem like much of a talker.

Bri began to feel uneasy about the silence that was growing. This was Alex’s assistant. Out of anyone who would know him, Marcy would know him best... just as Jack knew her.

Alex and Marcy had to be extremely close. Bri began to wonder just how close they were. Women are interesting, jealous creatures. Does Marcy feel that I’m stepping into her circle-of-care? She’s been Alex’s assistant for over 15 years. Wonder how she feels about another woman coming into his life. Why hasn’t Alex fallen for her? She’s very attractive, and it seems that she holds many of the same interests he does.

Then, it hit her...

Maybe there is something there between them. Maybe Alex is just being cordial to me because of our past friendship and his desire to have his project get free media exposure. 

She began to feel a little queasy.

Finally, Marcy pulled into the car garage attached to the BBP building where Alex’s office was located. Once inside, Marcy led Bri straight to his office, which helped Bri shun the paranoid feeling that was beginning to overtake her.

“Alex wants you to feel as comfortable as possible. Would you like something to drink until he gets here?” Marcy politely asked.

“No... thank you. I am fine.”

“Alex should be here in about five minutes.” Marcy gave Bri a smile as she closed the door leaving Bri alone in Alex’s office.

Bri stood there for a few minutes taking everything in. Across from the large leather couch, was a glass-top coffee table covered with many science magazines and a large dark oak desk with both a laptop and desktop computer sitting on it. There were pictures on the wall, plants on the window ledge and large stacks of paper sitting on his desk.

"His office looks like a normal office," she softly said as walked over to his desk to pick up a photo of Alex dressed in golf attire with three other men on a golf course.

Staring at the photo she noticed the one man looked very familiar, but she wasn’t able to place from where she might have known him. Placing the photo back on his desk, Bri made her way over to the coffee table where she looked over all the magazines.

One magazine cover caught her eye. It was a photo of a plane flying in a bright blue sky with white fluffy clouds all around it. Chemtrails… The Conspiracy Continues to Grow read the headline.

She picked the periodical up, sat on the couch and began thumbing through the pages looking for the article the cover was highlighting. She found it.

This reads just like my interview with Dr. Kincaide and Dr. Wilson last month, Bri thought to herself.

Then, it hit her. The man in the golf photo with Alex was Dr. Kincaide. After placing the magazine back on the table, Bri got up from the couch to go take another look at the photo. As she looked closer at the picture, she began to doubt herself. This man looked both a little bit younger and heavier than Dr. Kincaide.

“But it could be an old photo,” she murmured while making a note to herself to ask Alex if that was Dr. Kincaide.

This time as she put the photo back, she noticed a red folder lying on his desk that read... Chemtrail Info.

Bri’s curiosity began to play with her investigation ethics. It doesn’t say confidential. If it was that important he wouldn’t have left it laying on his desk, right? Marcy said he wanted to make me feel at home. If I see it’s something I shouldn’t read... I’ll put it back. What can it hurt?

Bri picked up the folder pausing for only a second before she opened it to see what was inside.

The top page was a typed report with attachments that were numbered to correspond with what was being explained. The top page read:

Some environmentalists are beginning to question are tactics of spraying aerosols into the sky from plane engines. We know we need these chemicals to create the screen. Test results have shown the amount of chemicals being sprayed are not causing any damage to humans or our planet. (Chart 1)

Once enough chemicals have been sprayed to create the screen, the holograms can be tested. (Chart 1:B) Evidence shows that the earth’s rain and dew will be enough to cleanse the sprayed chemicals out of the atmosphere once we are finished with our experiment. The chemicals we are using are safe.(Summary of Wilson’s Findings)

While these chemicals are safe we most keep this test of holograms being projected into the sky Top Secret. We already know once we start projecting images into the sky we have a group of conspiracy theorists claiming it will be used to wipe out religion. They are comparing us to Project Blue Beam. Synopsis of conspiracy theory…

What was the purpose of Project Blue Beam?

To stop religion. Religion is organized theology that causes the world’s wars. If religion is stopped, wars will end.

How would Project Blue Beam achieve its goal?

This group claims each major religion’s promised messiah will be beamed into the sky as a hologram at the same time around the world. The plan would include projecting images of the Christian Messiah Jesus, the Islamic Messiah the Mahdi, and the Eastern Messiah Maitreya into the sky all at once. Several other important spiritual images would be included such as Moses, Abraham, Enoch, Elijah, Mohammad, Buddha, Martin Luther King, and Judas.

People all over planet earth will be able to watch as these deities descend from the clouds to meet at one large stadium on earth. It will be telecast on every satellite, cable and Internet program available. The images would speak and tell everyone that what they believe is right. This will deceive the human race in that it will show humans that all ways lead to heaven.

How will this stop war?

By uniting all religions together through each religion’s messiah, major war could be eliminated. The images would speak and tell everyone that what they believe is right.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to theology. Every person makes his or her own way to heaven. There is no need to fight over one’s faith — for what is right for one may not be right for another.

Why would humans fall for this?

The conspiracy theorist know that humans are like sheep. They need a shepherd to follow. Humans would love for wars to cease and for mankind to live in harmony.

Why are these conspiracy theorist dangerous to our program?

If they find out about our experiment of testing hologram images into the sky, which we are doing for human safety, they will twist it around. These theorist are so scared of change. They will believe that the hologram images we will be shooting into the sky will merge into one-being for the entire world to witness. This will be used to usher in the anti-christ that will start the One World Religion.

Bri couldn’t believe what she was reading. It coincided with many of the things Alex had shared with her, and many of the things that Dr. Kincaide had mentioned on her special report about the screen and Project Blue Beam.

Alex had told her about the new lab that was being built in Albion, Michigan. It was being built by grant money received by NASA and NSA for a world peace project.

As she read through more of the charts and papers, her thoughts continued to race. Was this a report cautioning the group of scientist about religious fanatics stopping the advancement of science? Or, was this some kind of code telling them they were performing Project Blue Beam, which would be the beginning of the One World Religion shown in sci-fi movies or talked about in the Bible?

“What is that verse? It’s in Ezekiel,” Bri said to herself as she grabbed her phone to pull out the Bible app to do a search. She found it…

Her prophets whitewash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. They say, ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says,’ -- when the LORD has not spoken. (Ezekiel 22:28 NIV).

The part of the report that really caught Bri’s attention was the editor’s note that read...

Chemtrails are a cause for Morgellons Disease when used in high dosages, and the use of chemtrails had become heavier due to the damage that conspiracy theorist were creating.

Because the conspiracy theorist are trying to expose our experiment as bad... or even evil, it is important that the finished screen be pushed up by three months. This may cause some change in weather patterns across the globe, but studies show it will be a very small non-significant change.

Weather will go back to normal once the chemicals evaporate and/or are washed away due to rain.

Having a difficult time digesting everything she had just read, Bri closed the folder. As she placed it back on the desk, the door opened, and Alex walked in.

“You have some interesting magazines,” Bri said.

“Did you find something interesting? I hardly ever get a chance to read them. See, I have this weird habit. I bring magazines from home here... thinking I will read them here, and the ones I get here, I take home... thinking I will have time to read them there at home. In reality, I never get to read any of them,” he smiled. 

“Bri, may I do something I have wanted to do for let’s say, probably 30 years?” Alex asked walking towards her.

“What’s that?”

Alex walked around the coffee table that was separating them and said while their eyes met... “Kiss you?”

Bri’s eyes danced the answer. Alex softly touched Bri’s cheek with his hand while gently moving her face towards his. For a second their eyes locked before their lips softly touched. As Alex wrapped his arms around her, Bri began to feel that empty void fill with passion... a passion she had never felt before. It was finally happening. The man whom she had always loved was holding her in his arms.

“Bri, if you only knew how long I have desired to hold you,” Alex whispered in her ear.

“Alex, I’ve always loved you,” she said snuggling her face into his chest.

“I’ve always loved you too, my sweet Bri,” Alex whispered, pulling her even closer.

“Then why didn’t we ever tell each other?” she asked as she pulled her head from his chest to look into his eyes.

“I don’t know. But now you’re here and maybe we can pick up where we left off.”

“I would love that more than anything else in this world,” she smiled.

“So would I.”

Keeping their eyes locked onto one another, Alex bent down to kiss her again. But before their lips met, a knock came from the door.

“Alex?” Marcy asked, slowly opening the door. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to intrude, but you are needed on the phone. It’s James from NSA.”

“Bri, I’m sorry. I really need to take this call. Do you mind?” Alex said walking away from her towards the door.

“Of course not. Wow the NSA — do you need to speak in private?” she asked.

Bri’s heart melted. Ever since that first day when she had met Alex 30-years ago, his smile had captivated her.

“Bri, I am so sorry I didn’t get to pick you up this morning. I had an emergency meeting called, and it was either hold it this morning or hold it this afternoon. I wanted to be able to spend time with you, so I made it in the morning so we could have the afternoon. It kind of seems like our entire relationship has revolved around when one of us has to leave,” Alex said.

The two stood there for a moment in silence. Even though Bri knew how she felt about Alex, she was not sure how he felt about her. His writings and letters were so much different than he was in person. 

“Unfortunately, I probably do. But you stay here and get comfortable. I’ll go down to the conference room to take the call. I promise... I will be back,” Alex said as he hurried out of the room.

Bri sat back down on the couch and started going through the other magazines on the coffee table. Then, she came across another folder titled Project BB. The only written thing in the folder was a hand-written note on a small piece of paper with the letters... bb g 6 a m. The rest of the folder had pictures of what appeared to be holograms...

“Or are these real images?” Bri questioned flipping through the photos before placing them back into the folder.

She put the folder down and looked at her cell phone to see what time it was. Alex had already been gone over 15 minutes. After going through all the magazines on the table, which took about an other hour, she decided to call Jack.

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