Chapter 15: The Station ... "Deception in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 15: The Station

It’s amazing! How did you do this?” Russ asked.

“Do what? Am I missing something? Can I have a cup of coffee? For the past two weeks I feel like I have been living in Bizarro World, and today... it's like my launch day back into space!” Bri said plopping onto the chair in front of Russ’s desk.

“Bri, Alex is somebody who just doesn’t give interviews. We have been trying to talk to this guy for over ten years. All of a sudden, you come into the picture... and we now have an exclusive interview!” Russ explained.

“What?” She looked more confused.

“Babe, your buddy, your friend, your soon to be boy-toy, is somebody very important," Jack said with an excitement he would get when he knew they were the ones breaking a good story.

Bri leaned forward. “I don't understand.”

“He’s only speaking to you,” Jack said.

"I still don't get it."

"Alex doesn't give interviews," Russ explained.

“Maybe it’s all coincidence. He has this new program happening in Michigan, and now is the time he’s chosen to have it exposed. It had nothing to do with me,” Bri said looking somewhat uncertain.

“No. We knew about the program’s move to Michigan. BBP sends out press releases all the time. We often have people on from BBP who are willing to give an interview, but never has anyone ever been able to get Alex Jones to do the interview. He is the main man behind the massive growth and research of holograms and other space programs. Without Alex, BBP would not exist,” Russ explained.

“Then why did he do the interview in Albion with me?” Bri asked.

“We recently learned that he wasn’t the one scheduled to do the interview. He was there to watch the firm’s Public Relations Spokesman do the interview. It was after he bumped into you, he replaced himself with the spokesperson,” explained Jack, still very excited.

“What? How? I mean his name was on my interview sheet....”Bri stopped in mid-sentence. “Oh, my God. His name wasn’t on my sheet was it? And Jack that ‘oh my God’ was calling out to God. I wasn’t using it in vain.”

“She likes to point out that I swear too much… something against her belief system. She doesn’t know us newsmen very well does she?” Jack started laughing until he noticed Russ wasn’t.

“I would have noticed his name. When he turned around, I noticed his face. I never ever looked at the name on my interview sheet again. I was just so shocked to see him standing there,” she said.

“We think that’s what happened to him too. He was so shocked to see you standing there that he too forgot who he was and just went along and did the interview with you,” Russ said.

While Bri sat there trying to absorb everything, she felt her phone vibrate. Glancing to see who was calling, she saw it was Alex and chose not to answer it.

“It’s not important. I’ll let my voicemail get it. I have a question though... why would he have been so excited two weeks ago to see me, yet now he’s blowing me off?” 

“He’s not blowing you off. Rumor has it he’s an extremely shy person. He is also very busy. He must feel enough confidence with you or he is drawn to you in a way that he feels he can trust you,” Russ explained.

“Whatever it is Bri, you have it. This could be one of the best interviews done in years. It could win you a Golden Padlock Award,” Jack added.

Bri gave Jack a strange look. “I came here looking for true love and now you’re telling me if I do a good job, I might win an award. So, this is what my life has come to, Jack… awards?”

“No, no, Babe. But, awards are nice and they help when it comes to contract renewals and remember it is easier to be rich and miserable than poor and miserable!” he said, winking at her.

Bri rolled her eyes at Jack before giving all her attention to Russ. “So what is it that the world needs to know? Alex has shared with us that holograms help in military combat by decreasing the number of troops lost. You both know that if he is doing anything for the military, he can’t tell anybody about it. So, why me? I mean, why do you think he will talk to me. What can I uncover?” Bri asked.

“Russ has some really interesting articles that have been written about several of the projects Alex has been involved with,” Jack said.

“Some of them are … let’s say … pretty controversial in nature,” Russ added.

Russ showed Bri a stack of papers about four inches thick.

“I think if you scan over some of these this evening, you’ll see what I mean,” Russ said handing her the papers.

“Good thing you forgot to put my laptop into my case, otherwise I wouldn’t have any place to put these, would I, Jack?” Bri said, stuffing the papers into her empty laptop bag. As she was placing the many papers into her bag, one article caught her attention… Chemtrails… A Screen for Peace.

Slowly, she pulled it out as a strange look over came her.

“What is it?” Russ asked.

“I just read about this earlier today… in Alex’s office,” she answered giving Russ a questioning look.

“You will find the rest of these articles just as interesting,” he said.

“Wait a minute. You’re trying to tell me this story could be true. How could Alex be a part of this? He wouldn’t do something to deceive people like this,” Bri said, getting a little agitated.

“Bri, please read the articles and see what it says. Maybe Alex doesn’t think he is deceiving people. He might think he is doing something good for mankind,” Russ explained.

Bri stopped for a minute, giving Russ a piercing look. “Do you think this Blue Beam Project is good for mankind?”

“I didn’t say that. Read the articles and call me when you’re done. Let me get you a card with my home number,” Russ said turning back towards his desk where his business cards were.

“What is the Blue Beam Project?" Jack asked as he leaned into Bri and whispered, "And, why do I have this sickening feeling you are taking me into Bizzaro World with you?”

“Because, you know I would never leave this world without you!” Bri said patting his leg, then, adding, “I’ll explain it all to you later.”

She knew if she even started on something about religion and the One World Order, it would upset Jack too much, and he wouldn’t be able to deal with it. It would be information-overload for her best friend.

Russ handed Bri his card, but it had a different logo on it rather than the television stations. It was a logo Bri had seen many times on the Internet… Green’s Earth Ministries.

“You’re RJ Green from this Website?” Bri said in complete shock.

“Yes I am,” Russ smiled.

“I read your stuff daily,” she said still in unbelief.

“I know,” he said.

“We've corresponded with each other on Messenger when I have questions about things you’re writing about,” she continued.

“I know Bri. I guess I should have said something earlier today. But, how do you throw that into a conversation? ‘Hey, I know I am the station manager, but you know me as a blog writer,’” he said with a chuckle.

“But how do you know me if I don’t….” she stopped. “I use my real name, whereas you don’t. That ’s how.”

“I try to keep my professional life separate from my ministry,” he said, taking on a more serious tone. “A lot of stuff I write on the Web is controversial as you know. And there have been a few times I think I have been censored. So, when I saw you had done an interview with Alex Jones I wanted to contact you, but I didn’t want anything to get into the wrong hands, if you know what I mean.”

“Do you really think we are that censored?” Bri asked.

“I know we are. So when you call me tonight use your reporter skills, not your religious knowledge. Do you know what I mean?”

“Do the people here at the station know you do this?” she asked.

“No they don’t. The whole operation is somewhat secluded. So please, both of you keep this to yourselves,” he requested.

After talking for a few more minutes, Russ called a taxi to drive the two to their hotel to get checked in.

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