Chapter 28:


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth. 

Chapter 28: The Phases

The project according to Serge, the reporter, is divided into four phases. The project’s goal is to usher in a One World Religion. Once this is done the basic foundation has been created to have the One World Government with a One World Leader,” she said.

“What do you mean phases? Bri, this sounds crazy.”

“The first phase consist of the destruction of current Christian and other major religious doctrinal beliefs. It involves finding artifacts, other doctrines or other things that go against Christianity. For instance in the book The Bible Code, the author explains that these codes found in the Bible were written by a great alien force rather than God.”

“Why won’t he believe in God if he believes in aliens, or why can’t this great alien be God?” Jack asked.

“Exactly! We have the fight over Creationism versus Darwinism. And don’t forget the Gnostic books that teach us that things found in the Bible are not actually true. So, people are already questioning biblical doctrine. Phase one is already in full force.”

“Okay that’s phase one, what’s phase two or should I even ask?” he said.

“It’s the second phase that is scary. And, it’s this phase that Alex has helped develop and is in the process of happening right now,” Bri said.

Bri stopped for a moment. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip as she rubbed her neck, she took a deep breath.

“Jack, how could I have been so stupid? How could I have fallen for a man who is trying to deceive mankind with some horrible lie?”

“Bri, what is it? What’s this horrible lie?”

“It’s the deception. Alex is getting ready to shoot a hologram show into the sky that will affect the entire world, changing everything as we know it. He is helping to usher in the New World Order, the One World Government,” she said slowly, adding…. “the coming of the anti-Christ.”

“What?” Jack said spitting out his coffee.

“Phase two consists of a gigantic space show with three dimensional optical holograms and sounds projected to all parts of the world. Each image will talk in that area’s language, and it will be the dominant religious figure for that area. For instance, in America, holograms of Jesus will be shot into the sky while in the Middle East Mohammad and the image of the coming Mahdi will fill the sky.”

Bri went on to explain how the images are very real looking. They will ascend from the clouds and will all come together in Jerusalem. People will witness this event with their own eyes while looking in the sky, on television through satellite and on the Internet, iPhones etc. While they are descending, a rapture effect will also occur where it will look like some are ascending. This will be explained that these are the people that God was calling home. If you’re still here, you have been elected to stay here.”

Jack looked at Bri as though he wanted to believe, but this was way too out there for him.

“How in the world does he plan on shooting holograms into the sky?”

“The chemtrails, the strange clouds being left by planes, have been creating… placing…making a huge movie screen in the sky. This will then allow a space-based laser to generate these satellite images into all four corners of earth, and people will hear these images speak in their language… in their dialect. It is a large scale seduction!” Bri explained.

Jack sat there with his mouth opened, hoping he was having some crazy dream.

“Bri, this is crazy. Why would anyone go this far to do something like this?”

“Jack, you have never really wanted to get deep into good and evil… God and the devil. But just like I talk about Jesus as my savior, there are people in this world who have Satan as their savior. They want the devil to win. They truly believe God is wrong, and Satan is in the right. They are working to try to help Satan win the War of Armageddon. That’s why they have created Project Blue Beam.”

“Why would anybody want the devil to win… if there is one?” Jack asked.

“First of all, you don’t even believe God exists, so that doesn’t help His cause, and then, there are people who are mad at Him or hate Him for all kinds of reasons. Some hate Him because He has rules or laws. They want to do what they want to do without ever paying the consequence, may it be kill, sleep with whomever, steal, rob … you know the list. Then you have others who think that God is the ‘bad guy’ for letting bad things happen, may it be cancer, tornadoes, car accidents, financial ruin, broken hearts and homes, war, and anything else that is destructive to mankind. If God is a true and loving God, they believe things would be good for everyone. So, because they’re not, God is evil in their minds and somehow Satan becomes the good guy… when he is the one creating all the devastation in this fallen world,” Bri said

“So the people who dislike or hate God are creating this project?” Jack asked.

“Basically, yes. But many more ‘good’ people are being deceived by the project’s purpose — to bring peace to this crazy world. The majority of people desire peace. I know I want to live in peace too, but this is going to be a false peace,” Bri added.

“How do you know it is a false peace?” Jack said a bit sarcastically.

“The Bible warns us in the last days a false peace will be ushered in and that there will be a great deception and great falling away… a falling away from the truth. This project helps all that come into play,” she answered.

“But that’s only if the Bible’s true?” Jack sneered.

“That’s right. Only if the Bible’s true… which I believe it is. I see the things unfolding, which it has warned us about,” she said confidently.

“So, Alex, the love of your life, is helping Satan?” Jack snickered.

Bri gave Jack a dirty look. She couldn’t believe that he could make fun of something so serious.

“Okay, okay I’m sorry. This is just really too much for a normal person such as myself to grasp. You’ve thrown all kinds of religious sh… stuff at me concerning devils and God and end of the world crap. What do you want me to say?” Jack said, trying to ease the tension that was growing between the two of them.

“If you can’t understand this, how are you going to grasp the other stuff you need know?” Bri demanded.

Jack stopped and looked at her, and she looked at him with neither saying anything for a few seconds.

“Why is Alex doing this, if what you have told me about him... being a believer like you, is true?” Jack asked calmly and nicely.

“It’s the deception. Alex desires peace for mankind so bad he thinks that by eliminating all these religious differences, learning to accept your neighbor’s thoughts and beliefs, peace will come to this earth. Wars will stop. And, we as humans will be able to live in harmony amongst the beast of the field and whatever alien is flying high in the sky. He has been totally brainwashed by the false hope of peace on this earth,” Bri explained.

“You’re always talking about peace on earth,” Jack noted.

“Yeah, but that is when Christ comes back to rule and reign. The reality Jack... man can’t rule himself. It’s going to take another being to rule over man. And, I believe that being is Jesus Christ, not some man, and definitely not Satan. Satan wants us all to suffer like him. He hates mankind. We were created in God’s image... not an angel image like he is.”

“So you are telling me you think that all these other religions are wrong? All these people who have never heard about Jesus are going to hell?” Jack said with frustration.

“I knew you were going to ask me that. And I hate that question because I do not know the answer. What I do know is that God knows every man’s heart. I believe the person who has never heard about Jesus is not going to be in the same category as the person who has heard the story of salvation and rejects it. Jesus said no one gets to the Father, which is God… but by Him. Now if Jesus said this and this is not true then He lied and He cannot be God for God does not lie. So, I have chosen to believe His words are true and that He is God.”

“Bri, men wrote the Bible. You weren’t there to hear those words!” Jack declared.

“You’re right I wasn’t there, but there were 12 men who were there. And, they followed Him. And, 11 of these men had horrifying deaths like being skinned, crucified upside down or stoned, because they would not deny what they saw and believed. Their deaths to me verify who Jesus was even more… and there are many things written in that day even from non-believers, such as Josephus, that show who Jesus was and is,” Bri quickly shot back.

“Okay, okay whatever, back to this project,” Jack said trying to move the discussion away from Jesus.

“This project is destroying mankind’s ability to find the truth. It will destroy all religion… not just Christianity. Only one religion will remain, the religion of the One World Leader. Once this goes into effect, I, nor anyone else, will ever be able to share anything about their belief. A Muslim could never share his faith in Mohammad. A Buddhist could never share their faith. I would never be allowed to talk of any other faith except for what the One World Leader or Government says we can. The fear of uprooting the peace that has been created through a false deception will be more important than finding the truth.”

“So, it’s the destruction of religious freedom that has you so upset?” Jack asked as he tried to gather all the information Bri was sharing with him.

“It’s this false deception that is bothering me. It’s taking away the ability for the people to find the truth. Doesn’t that bother you? Do you want to be told what you have to believe or that you can’t share your thoughts or beliefs with anyone else?” Bri quickly asked.

“According to you, if I don’t believe like you I’m a goner anyway. So why should I care?” Jack questioned.

“Because it’s just me telling you what I believe. I’m not threatening to kill you or throw you in prison if you choose not to believe as I do. Don’t you understand the difference between one person sharing with another versus a government body telling you how and what you will believe?” a discouraged Bri asked, adding, “our forefathers were smart enough to put into our Constitution— the First Amendment, it protects religious expression against any government establishment for any religion or church.”

Jack looked at Bri in total disbelief. He felt as though he were living in some sci-fi movie. First rubbing his forehead, then taking a sip of his coffee, he asked… “I’ve heard phase one and two. You said there were four. So what are the other two?”

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