Chapter 50: The Death..."Decptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.Jack closed the door behind him and decided to head up the street where he had noticed a convenience store.


Alex kept his eyes to the sky as he began his journey back to the nation’s capital. Behind him he noticed more dark clouds beginning to build up. Turning the radio on, he was met with the emergency warning signal. Then the voice came over…

“Strange weather patterns are being reported all over the East Coast. All area residents are being advised to take shelter immediately. All emergency personnel are being asked to report to their stations immediately.”

Glancing into his rear-view mirror again, he noticed a fire truck and an ambulance quickly apprehending him from behind. He pulled over to the side to allow them to pass. Then, he noticed huge trees and limbs lying all over the road.

The emergency radio warning was activated again. The voice came back over the airwaves.

“More clouds have been spotted with wind gusts anywhere between 75 to 120 miles an hour in the Wilmington area. Please take cover and do not leave unless it is necessary.”

While starting to drive again, Alex decided it was time to call the senator and find out what exactly was happening... and why hadn’t he been informed that they would be seeding clouds again.

“Alex,” answered the senator. “Are you already back in DC?”

“No, Bob. I wasn’t able to fly home like I wanted. Asperatus clouds and bizarre winds seem to be overtaking our skies!”

The senator did not respond.

“Bob, you and I both know the only way these clouds are made is through seeding. Who is doing the seeding?” Alex asked.

Still, the senator did not answer.

“Bob!” Alex yelled into the phone. “What in God’s name is going on?”

The senator slowly cleared his throat trying to keep control of his thoughts and his composure.

“Alex, the project needs to be completed… no matter what the cost.”

“Bob, you don’t know what you’re doing! You’re not a scientist. You’re a politician. What you’re doing is going to cause unnecessary death and injury. Playing with the weather is a very, very serious matter. You know that! What are you doing? You have to stop the seeding immediately. You may have seeded so much that the holograms won’t even work!” Alex screamed into the phone.

“Sometimes it’s necessary for us to sacrifice. You know... the end justifies the means,” the senator said in an almost robotic voice.

“Sacrificing thousands of lives is not justifiable for world peace project. This makes us no different from those who are creating war!” Alex snapped back, continuing, “you don’t even know what sacrifice is. You have never had to sacrifice anything!”

“You have no idea what I have had to sacrifice Alex!” The senator answered, very shaky... yet stern, adding with a trembling voice... “She’s gone.”

“What?” Alex asked confused. “Who’s gone?”

There was no answer.

“Who’s gone, Bob? What are you talking about?” Alex demanded.

“Marcy,” he whispered into the phone.

“What do you mean, Marcy’s gone? Where did she go?” Alex asked even more confused.

Silence filled the airwaves. Alex heart began to race as he tried to keep control of the car waiting for an answer. After several long seconds Senator Donovan broke the silence.

“Her plane went down over the Atlantic. They don’t think anyone survived.”

Alex’s foot hit the brake hard causing the car to skid to the side of the road. His mind began racing trying to get his thoughts together.

“Marcy?” Alex softly said into the phone. “Oh, Bob I’m…”

Cutting Alex off, the senator took back control of the conversation.

“I understand sacrifice, Alex! And, it’s because of that crazy nosey bitch of a woman you decided to marry, I have lost my daughter!”

“What?” Alex demanded, now even more confused. “How did Bri cause Marcy’s plane to crash?”

“Because she is trying to sabotage the project, we had to move the date up even sooner than 9 days!” The senator yelled back into the phone.

“Bri isn’t trying to sabotage the project! You don’t know what you are talking about old man! You’re the one who has been playing with nature — playing God. Between HAARP and the seedings, we’re the ones that killed Marcy… not Bri!” Alex said clenching his teeth as he spewed out his anger of disbelief towards the senator.

“You haven’t been on the Internet then lately have you? Not only is there a video trying to make me out as some evil corrupt monster, you don’t look too good yourself Mr. Jones!” the senator snarled back.

Alex tried sorting all the information being thrown at him into some kind of sense before saying anything else.

“What video? What are you talking about?” Alex asked somewhat calmer.

“The video that shows you talking to Steve and Maureen explaining the project!” Senator Donovan answered.

“How would Bri have gotten video? There were no camera people around. And, Bri would never make me out as a bad guy. She loves me,” Alex softly uttered.

“Well Mr. Jones, she has a strange way of showing her love for you. Plastering your mug all over the Internet and telling the world you are the one getting ready to deceive mankind through a fake One World Religion... Oh yes, that’s love Alex,” the senator sarcastically agreed.

While the senator continued to talk, Alex laid his head against the steering wheel while his mind raced back to his wedding day trying to think of when Bri could have possibly captured any video of them talking about the project. Then, he remembered the bracelet she was wearing and how she was holding her wrist up on the table the entire time they were dining.

But, why? Why or how would she have known to record the dinner? Bri didn’t know any of that was going to happen. So, why would she have been prepared to video? Was she using me for a story? Alex softly said to himself.

“Why are you trying to protect my daughter’s murderer?” The senator demanded.

“What?” Alex repeated back into the phone. “Did you call Bri a murderer? She’s no murderer. You’re the murderer! You’re the one that called for more clouds to be seeded. It’s the seeding that has thrown the weather into some uncontrollable mess that caused Marcy’s plane to crash.”

“How can you keep protecting this woman? Alex, what is happening to you. I had to do this for the project’s sake… for world peace… your child, Alex! Which is more important... love for a woman or peace for the world?” the senator asked more calmly.

Alex didn’t answer right away... for he didn’t know the answer.

“Robert, right now we need to quit fighting and put our thoughts and action into trying to find out what happened to Marcy’s plane and stop the seeding of the clouds. Or, there will be many more unnecessary deaths,” Alex explained, as he too tried to calm down.

“Alex, your selfish desire to marry this woman may have destroyed what you and I have been spending our lives trying to accomplish… unity and peace. A world free of war. We almost had it completed. How could you have let your selfish desire do this to me? I can never forgive you! Never!”

Robert said slamming the phone down into Alex’s ear.

Alex climbed out of his car with beads of sweat rolling down his face. As another dark bizarre cloud whirled over him, he looked up at the sky. “God, please forgive me… I know not what I have done. I am so sorry... Marcy... I am so sorry,” he wept as it began to rain.

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