Chapter 51: The Walk Back ... "Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 51: The Walk Back

Jack helped the clerk sweep up some of the mess from the storm before asking him for a pack of Winstons.

“$11.11,” he said handing the pack over to Jack.

Jack pulled out a twenty and handed it to him. “Keep the change. I seemed to have caused a little more work for you today,” he said unwrapping the red and white box to pull out a cigarette.

Placing it under his nose, he took a deep whiff.

“Have a light?” he asked the clerk.

The clerk pulled out his lighter and handed it to Jack. Jack placed the long thin stick into his mouth, flicked the lighter and inhaled. Taking a long hit, he slowly blew out several perfectly round circles. Then, he took the cigarette and snubbed it out.

“Do you smoke?” he asked the clerk.

The clerk nodded his head yes.

“Here,” Jack said handing him the rest of the pack.

“I won’t be needing these now. The thrill isn’t there anymore for me,” Jack said flicking the half smoked cigarette into the trash dispenser.

Feeling more relaxed, he laughed as he strutted out the door. Heading back to Russ’s house, he noticed the downed trees and blown roof shingles lying all around the ground. Jack stopped walking to look up at the now blue clear sky.

“Okay... God, I believe. I believe in all this stuff that Bri has been telling me about ever since I've known her…. I’m a sinner and I need you. Are we square now? I mean, am I okay with you? Does this make me saved, as Bri calls it? I don’t know. I’m finding I really don’t know anything…. except everything is going a little crazy and everything I thought I had control of... it's slipping away.”

Jack paused waiting to see if he felt or heard anything that may be some kind of confirmation from God.

“How do I know if this worked if you don’t answer me? I mean, how do I know that I am in?”

Jack stood there waiting for something. He just didn’t know what he was waiting for. Then, a small twig from a tree fell, tapping him on the head before falling to the ground.

“Okay I’m going to take this as a sign. And, I’m just going to go with that faith thing Russ was talking about, cause I really don’t know what else I’m supposed to do, and a twig on the head is much better than a whole tree. I mean, I saw what you did to the window in the storm. The twig works,” he chuckled as he continued his walk back to Russ’s.

“Jack! Jack! Thank God you’re okay!” Brianna shouted, running towards him at full force.

With her arms opened wide, Jack found himself being tightly held by the one person he felt completely connected to… the one he couldn’t picture life without.

“Of course I’m okay,” he laughed, holding on to her just as tight.

“That wind was so strange and so strong... and then we heard this terrible crash. I just… I was…” Bri tried getting out.

“What?” Jack said holding Bri away to look at her facial expression. “You just couldn’t what?”

“Lose you… I just don’t ever want to lose you,” she said holding onto him with all her strength.

“Don’t worry, babe. I’m not going anywhere without you,” he said as he caressed his cheek on her soft hair.

“What was that noise?” Bri asked pulling herself away to look up the street where she had heard the crash.

“It was probably the sound of the display window being blown out at the convenience store. It sounded like a bomb.”

“Were you in the store when it happened?” Bri asked.

“Yeah. The clerk and I took cover behind the counter. It was pretty weird, I must admit.”

Jack stood admiring Bri as she walked closer to the convenience store. He wondered what it would be like if the two of them were a conventional couple. He began to wonder if Bri ever wondered about the two of them that way, too.

“Hey Babe,” Jack called out to Bri.

“Hm,” Bri said picking a huge piece of glass from the shattered window.

“Hey put that down before you cut yourself,” Jack said walking toward her to take it from her.

Willingly handing him the piece of glass, Bri updated him on what was happening back at Russ’s.

“You have to see the video that Russ has playing on the Internet. It’s awesome. It tells the whole story of how Senator Donovan and Alex have created this project that is designed to deceive the world. It’s unreal… and to think I fell in love with someone that evil or cunning. How? How was I that stupid? And how in the world did you let me do that? You’re supposed to take care of me. You’re my producer!” Bri snickered, nudging Jack on the shoulder trying to make light of the damage her heart had just experienced.

“Bri, I have never been able to control what you do. You know that… I’ve tried, but you always somehow overpower me,” Jack explained as he looked at Bri with somewhat of a curiosity.

“Well, next time I try doing something that stupid, knock me out please,” she smiled as they continued walking down the sidewalk over the down branches and blown lawn ornaments scattered throughout the neighborhood.

“Bri,” Jack said as he stopped walking, “I have a question for you.”

“What?” Bri asked as she too stopped.

“Could you ever picture us together? I mean if I were a heterosexual man. Would you have found me to be your type?” Jack asked in a serious tone.

Bri stood there shocked at the question. She had never thought of Jack that way. Or, at least she couldn’t remember ever thinking of Jack that way. Even before she had ever personally met him, she had been told not to even think about falling for the good looking tall and dark haired with blue eyed man, for he had a lover… who was a man.

“Wow, Jack, whatever made you think of asking me that question?” Bri asked.

“I don’t know,” he paused... “Yes I do. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching... You know you were the breakup of me and Brett because he didn’t like all the time I spent with you,” Jack reminded her.

“That was years ago! I told you then I was sorry. I even went to him and told him I was sorry for taking ‘too much’ of your time as he put it,” she said sarcastically with a roll of her eyes. “And in my opinion, you could do much better than him. He didn’t treat you right. He was way too needy and unappreciative... And, too bossy... And, too jealous. I mean he didn’t trust you at all. And, it’s not like you were with an other man. You were with me. I mean, what kind of threat am I… I’m a girl!”

“Okay, okay,” Jack said. “Let’s say when you first met me, and you didn’t know that I was gay... or let’s say I wasn’t gay, do you think the two of us could have possible been a couple?”

“What?” she asked, even more confused.

“Would you have gone out with me if I would have asked? Do you think we might have been interested in each other?” Jack asked standing there staring at her waiting for an answer.

“Wow, you’re being serious,” Bri answered not knowing what else to say.

“Yea, I am.”

“Well, okay... let’s see. We both have the same interest and the same sense of humor. You’re definitely my best friend. I can’t picture life without you. You are extremely handsome so I would always be worried about other women throwing themselves at you… and if you were straight, though, you might not go shopping with me and would you still be interested in the arts? And rubbing my feet and the back massages… would I have to worry that they would have led to something more all the time. But, of course... if you were straight, I guess, I would want them to lead to something more... If you were straight do you know how much this would complicate our relationship? First of all, I probably wouldn’t have married Alex, and we would not be so concerned that our lives are in possible jeopardy.”

Bri stopped and starred at Jack for a second.

“Why are you asking me this question? If you have deiced to go straight on me now Jackson Scott Miller… I’m.”

“I’m what?” Jack smiled questioning her.

“I’m…” she said hunting for something to say.

“I’m in love with you Brianna Taylor” Jack smiled, pulling Bri into his arms and giving her the most irresistible kiss that either had ever experienced.

“Jack,” Bri said gently pulling away trying to figure out what had just happened. “This can’t be… this is a serious problem. I’m like kind of married and aren’t you gay?”

Jack looked down into Brianna’s eyes and smiled. “I don’t care what you are. I don’t know why I have been so stupid. I’ve been in love with you since the day we met. I remember how you were standing outside your car in the rain with a hanger trying to unlock your door. You looked so pathetic, but you were not going to ask me for help. You were this stubborn, independent woman.”

Bri looked surprised that he would remember their first meeting.

“I got in my car and turned on the engine. I was going to drive away. But Bri, you looked so darn cute. You looked up and smiled at me and said have a good evening. The thing was you meant it … you wanted me to have a good evening. You weren’t thinking of you at all. You wanted me to actually have a good evening. The rain came down harder, and you were getting soaked. Standing there in your drenched hair and heels ... with your papers falling over the ground. I wasn’t able to leave you standing there. Ever since then, I knew I wanted you to be a part of my life. And the more I got to know you… I’m not sure

what love is, but I do know I never ever want to lose you out of my life.”

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