Chapter 54: The Chip.. "Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 54: The Chip

Once in his condo, Alex headed towards his kitchen. Placing his phone on the counter, he put his phone on speaker and played the voice message back from the senator.

“Alex this is Robert. Call me immediately once you get this message. We need to get the project completed by tomorrow. The players are being put into place. I know your men are ready to be introduced to the world. Alex my son, within the next 48-hours, world peace can begin.”

“My men,” Alex laughed like a crazy scientist. “My creation. It’s as though I am a god.”

Reaching for a cup and then his bottle of whiskey, Alex started pouring himself shots. He opened up his laptop again and pushed the right sequence of keys to bring his holograms to life.

Summoning his creations from cyberspace, Jesus, Mohammad and Buddha appeared.

“I have been such a fool,” Alex said, as he pulled open the kitchen drawer full of knives. Rummaging through, he grabbed the sharpest one he could find. He then poured another glass of whiskey. He then dipped the knife into the whiskey to sterilize it.

“Let’s give it 30 minutes,” Alex said as his three created hologram gods hovered next to him not talking or moving… just watching. The whiskey began to work its magic. Remembering the knife, Alex pulled it from the whiskey. He picked up the glass and held it up to the three gods.

“Boys, a toast to us. What I am about to do is going to hurt… and I hate pain!”

Alex shot down the drink.

Alex snickered as the intoxication began to take effect. Looking at his three friends hovering over him like guardian angles, he smiled.

“I would have offered you all one, but it would have gone right through you, and then I would have had to clean up the mess … and I’m already going to be making a mess myself... here in a minute.”

Alex placed his right hand upon the counter. Feeling around his index finger, he looked up at the holograms and smiled.

“Found it... Okay boys... better turn your heads because this isn’t going to be pretty. Actually, I don’t want to watch it either, but if I don’t, I could be in real trouble.”

He took the knife and began digging into his finger… “Oh God!” he screamed. “I may have needed one more shot of whiskey. Any of you boys wanna poor me a glass?”

Trying to keep his mind off the pain, Alex kept talking as he continued digging deep into his finger.

“See, if I don’t get this chip out just right, the poison can escape and get into my system causing severe hallucinations and probably death... Yes! Got it… Oh, crap... I think I cut it open.”

Alex pulled out a small object about the size of a piece of rice from his finger. Grabbing some bandages, he tried to stop the bleeding as much as possible while his three creations hovered around him.

“Master, are you okay?” asked hologram Buddha.

“No. Not really,” Alex slowly answered.

Then, from a distance, the woman appeared again. “Alex you need help from real people. Go find them.”

“Why can’t you help me?” he cried out. 

“Alex, you know I want to. But, I can’t,” she said as she faded back into the computer screen — back into her world of cyberspace.

Alex grabbed the piece of paper where he had written down Russ’s address. He called a taxi to take him there.

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