KHS To Unveil Its Digital Media Arts Vending Machine


Grand Opening February 8 at 1PM at Kings High School

Submitted by Kings High School

KINGS MILL, OH -- Digital Media Arts teachers Cassandra Barnes and Kelly Shields first had the idea to bring an Art Vending Machine to Kings after seeing one at an exhibition space in Dayton. They hope that by bringing this idea to Kings, it will allow DMA students to feel recognized and supported by their peers, fostering a sense of community and strengthening social bonds at KHS. 

The vending machine will also encourage entrepreneurial skills and provide a platform for students to showcase and sell their artistic creations. Overall, they hope that incorporating an art vending machine at Kings High School contributes to a more inclusive, creative, and vibrant learning environment.

Warren County Career Center funded the purchase of a vending machine, which the teachers transformed into a vibrant space to showcase student art. All items offered in the vending machine feature original artwork from Kings Digital Media Arts Students. Students have turned their artwork into items such as buttons, waterproof stickers, temporary tattoos, notebooks, keychains, and prints. New items will be added throughout the year.

All money raised from the DMA art vending machine will be used to benefit DMA students in various ways, enhancing their educational experience and well-being. Here are some potential ways they hope to utilize the funds:

1. Art Scholarships: Allocate a portion of the funds to establish a DMA art scholarship for talented and dedicated students. This can support their pursuit of higher education in the arts or related fields, encouraging and recognizing their passion and talent.

2. Art Supplies and Equipment: Reinvest the money into replenishing and expanding the art vending machine's inventory. Ensure that the machine is well-stocked with a diverse range of high-quality art products.

3. Workshops and Guest Artists: Organize art workshops, seminars, and invite guest artists to the school. The funds can cover the expenses associated with bringing in professionals who can provide valuable insights, share their experiences, and conduct hands-on sessions, enriching the students' artistic education.

4. Art Exhibitions and Events:  Organize art exhibitions or events within the school, showcasing students' work to the broader community. The funds can cover the costs of organizing such events, including venue rental, promotional materials, and refreshments, fostering a sense of pride and achievement among the student artists.

By strategically reinvesting the money raised from the art vending machine, we hope to create a sustainable cycle of support for the Digital Media Arts program at KHS, benefiting current and future generations of students while fostering a culture of creativity and expression within the school community.

The DMA Art Vending Machine only takes $1 bills, quarters, nickels & dimes. Grand opening is today (February 8) at 1PM at Kings High School.

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