Congressman Landsman Statement on Israel As President Herzog’s Prepared To Address to Congress


WARREN COUNTY OHIO –Congressman Landsman recently participated in a bipartisan trip to Israel with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to celebrate the nation’s 75th anniversary, and has quickly become a leading voice on Israel as a new member of Congress. Below is his statement prior to President Herzog’s presentation to Congress yesterday (July 19)....

“Israel is a critical partner of ours, and essential to our national security. It’s also one of the more inclusive and progressive democracies in the world with high voter turnout, a diverse legislature, and Pride in Tel Aviv is one of the biggest LGBTQ events in the world. We have and must continue to have a unique and special relationship with Israel.

“I am excited to welcome President Herzog to the Capitol, and eager to hear from him again on our unique partnership, security in Israel and the region, and the path towards peace and better lives for both Israelis and Palestinians.

“We know that the path to peace and security, and a two-state outcome, will be a strong governing authority in the West Bank, and then Gaza. This will help get the mostly Iranian-backed terror groups out of West Bank, and the key will be the EU and Arab nations helping to establish this legitimate governing authority.

“Iran is funding terrorism in the West Bank. When every other nation in the region stands up to Iran, and helps the Palestinians keep these terrorists out of their communities, things will get better.

“With this, we’ll be on an historic path towards peace and better lives for both Israeli’s and Palestinians.”

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