Landsman Offered Amendment to Israel Funding to Add Ukraine, Palestinian Humanitarian Aid


Congressman Greg Landsman (OH-01) released the following statement after offering an amendment to Israel funding legislation that would have added funding for Ukraine, Palestinian humanitarian aid, and Taiwan.

LEBANON, OH -- Before the vote this week in the U.S. House of Representatives on legislation to provide $17.6 billion in funding for Israel, Congressman Landsman offered an amendment to the legislation that would have added funding for Ukraine, Palestinian humanitarian aid, and Taiwan.

Congressman Landsman’s amendment to H.R.7217 – the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act was not accepted, and the standalone Israel funding legislation failed to the pass the House.

Congressman Landsman’s efforts to amend the Israel funding legislation followed a breakdown in efforts to bring up bipartisan legislation in the House and Senate focused on border security, immigration reform, and funding for Ukraine, Israel, Palestinian humanitarian aid, and Taiwan.

“Congress has failed to provide aid to Israel after the October 7 attack because of one person and one person only: Speaker Mike Johnson," said Landsman.

Landsman went on to say, “Speaker Johnson has been reckless with Israel’s security, first trying to condition funding for Israel on cutting the IRS, and then conditioning funding for Israel on border security and immigration reform that he now rejects. He is playing dangerous games with Israel by excluding support for our allies and excluding Palestinian humanitarian aid."

Landsman explained, “I attempted to amend this bill to include funding for our allies and humanitarian aid. The amendment was denied, but I will keep fighting to fund Ukraine, Palestinian humanitarian in Gaza, and Taiwan. This is what the American people want, what our global partners need, and this is what this moment requires of us.”

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