Smiley's Open And Ready For Business


Smiley Vehicle Group Owner Saeed Lidiri (left) with General Manager Andy Garttman (right).

LEBANON, OH -- A new car lot, Smiley Vehicle Group, sits at 865 Columbus Ave., servicing and selling used cars. Once the home of Hopkins Motors, Smiley Vehicle Group began preparing its new site back in the fall.

According to General Manager Andy Garttman, they offer the great service and sales that people were accustomed to from the previous owners.

“The lot and building sat empty for several months as the different sales transactions were going through," said Garttman, adding that many of the old car group's customers didn’t know what happened. "But now, we are at the point that we are ready to go. We just need help getting the word out.”.

To get the word out Smiley’s is offering a $59.95 Full Service Synthetic Oil Change until March 31, 2024.

"Hopefully, this will get car owners attention, and they will come in and see the great service we have to offer. We want to be known for providing great service to our customers," Garttman said, adding, "we know that when you treat your customers well, they return.”

Garttman is not new to the car industry. “I’ve been in the car business for over 29 years... actually, I grew up in the car business,” he said, explaining, “My father was in the car business, so when I was a little kid, I was always at a car lot. My brother has two lots in West Virginia. It's just what we do as a family.”

It was in the car industry that Garttman and met Saeed Lidiri, the owner of Smiley Vehicle Group.

“My name starts with a 'S.' My wife's name begins with a 'M' and our first child with an 'I.' Then, our next child starts with an 'L' and our last one starts with an 'E.' I told my wife that now we have to have one more, and we must have their name start with a 'y,'" Lidiri laughed as he explained how he and his wife came up with the company’s name.

“Saeed is remarkable. He and his wife are great people,” said Garttman, who explained he and Saeed have known each other for many years.

"I want people give us a chance, so we can show them the great service we have making them to want to return to us for their car's servicing. And, they like us so much they tell their friends and family members about us," Garttman said.

To get your $59.95 Full Service Synthetic Oil Change show them the coupon below. 

To learn more about Smiley Vehicle Group visit the website or call 513.932.2877 for service or 513.228.9555 for sales.

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