Lebanon's "TV" Channel Still Producing Community Shows


LEBANON, OH -- Back in the days when cable came to town, money was allotted for municipalities to create local cable "television stations" through franchise fees paid by the cable service provider. (Franchise fees are rent that the cable company pays for placing its wires over or under the public right-of-ways such as streets.)

These stations were to be used to develop and implement intergovernmental projects designed to strengthen communications between cities and their citizens. 

But over time, cable began loosing the "TV" market. Satellite TV, along with Internet streaming, such as AppleTV and Roku, came in and cut into the franchise fee revenue that was being generated. TV viewer's watching habits began to change. 

Streaming companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube, were able to give viewers the ability to catch programs that they wanted...when they wanted. This, too, played a huge impact on the cable industry.

Once cities started receiving less money from their cable company's franchise revenue, due to cable TV's loss of viewers in the market, many of these local city cable stations started fading away.  Warren County was no exception towns such as  Carlisle, Franklin and Middletown lost their local cable stations.

During all these changes, Lebanon's City Channel 6 has so far been able to stay on the air with good quality shows produced and directed by Joe Hackman. While the station basically broadcast shows that are geared towards the City of Lebanon, it does broadcast shows that often highlight events or happenings that pertain to many in Warren County.

For instance: 

  • Feelin Good - a show hosted by Shelly Abrams that keeps county residents up to date on events and services available through Warren County Community Services.
  • Fitness Focus - Hosted by Dr. Tom Krueger that shares tips on staying fit.
  • WCHS - a show that shares the history of Warren County.
  • Countryside YMCA - an informative show spotlighting things happening at the Y.

Then, there are shows that pertain mostly to the City of Lebanon, such as:

Even though these shows are about Lebanon, many are informative on things to do ... such as the upcoming Country Music Festival  June 10 & 11 in Downtown Lebanon.

There are different ways to check out the station...

If you missed the Memorial Day Parade or couldn't find one in your area, Channel 6 produced a celebration to watch...

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