Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Design Professional Services for Construction of a Salt Storage Structure (Salt Dome)


FRANKLIN TWP WARREN COUNTY, OH --The Franklin Township Board of Township Trustees (hereinafter “Owner”) hereby issues this RFQ to identify, qualify, and retain a qualified design professional to perform specialized design and permitting services relating to the construction of an on-site salt storage structure or salt dome.

The Statements of Qualifications provided in response to this RFQ are due by March 17, 2023, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, via electronic mail to Township Administrator Darryl Cordrey, contact information listed below.

The Owner anticipates the following schedule:

  • RFQ issued Friday, March 2, 2023
  • Statement of Qualifications due March 17, 2023

Notice of Intent to Award of Contract March 22, 2023, 6:00 p.m.                                                Completed Design and Construction Documents by April 21, 2023

All questions related to this RFQ are to be submitted in writing and directed to:

General Project Description

The Owner desires to construct a salt storage building or “salt dome” on the Owner’s existing property located at 458 Fairview Dr., Carlisle, Ohio 45005, with parcel ID 01-28-477-001 and Warren County Auditor Account Number 1812114. The property consists of approximately 8.726 acres of land, improved with multiple structures, including the Township Administration building and two storage buildings of approximately 1,920 square feet and 368 square feet, respectively. Other uses of the same property include township offices and administration, as well as storage and maintenance of Township roads maintenance equipment.

It is necessary for Owner to engage the services of a design professional to develop plans and construction documents, complete all required permitting, and serve as architect or engineer of record for the project.

Project Scope of Work

A design professional will need to be able to provide the following items in the Scope of Work:

  • A. Research and review status of existing site and consult with Owner regarding procurement of the most cost-effective salt storage system.
  • B. Provide necessary design permits for installation of the salt storage structure.
  • C. Consultation and plans regarding demolition or removal of existing salt storage structure and preparation for construction and installation of newly-designed and permitted structure.
  • D. Consultation with Township and preparation of construction documents to be advertised with contract for construction and demolition to procure work by competitive bidding.

Evaluation Criteria and Required Information for Statements of Qualifications

1. Information about the firm’s history.

2. Education, technical training, and experience of owners and key personnel

3. The firm’s experience in providing substantially similar services in Ohio

4. Ability of the firm to provide services on the proposed timeline

5. The firm’s equipment and facilities

6. Past performance as reflected in evaluations of previous and current clients for which the firm has provided or is providing similar services; please include a list of five (5) relevant projects involving similar services performed by the firm during the past eight (8) years. Include the following information for each project:

  • A. Project owner, name of project, and location
  • B. Brief description of the project
  • C. Year services were completed or anticipated completion date
  • D. Cost of project
  • E. Other relevant information about the project and the firm’s services
  • F. Reference contact person and phone number

7. The firm’s location and proximity to the site for purposes of attending meetings

8. The ability of the individuals identified by the firm who will be responsible for providing services to communicate with the Owner

9. Professional Liability Insurance Coverage and Claims History – The firm’s insurance coverage, including errors and omissions. Include:

  • A. The coverage amounts and types of insurance coverage, particularly the firm’s commercial general liability and professional liability limits;
  • B. Specific information about any claims asserted against the firm or its professional liability carrier within the last five (5) years, including the resolution of the claim(s)

10. Cost estimate, including estimated total cost with detail of hourly rates.                                              Please also include the following General Company Information:

  • A. Legal name of proposer and state of incorporation (if applicable)
  • B. Contact for proposal (with direct phone and email)
  • C. Office(s) from which the project will be served, with addresses, phone, and fax numbers
  • D. Organizational staffing chart listing number of employees to serve project from said office
  • E. Copy of firm’s certificate of insurance

Selection Process

The Franklin Township Board of Township Trustees have designated the Township Administrator to evaluate and select those firms who are the most qualified. The Township Administrator will review the SOQs for conformance with this RFQ. The Township Administrator or the Board may request interviews of the responding firms to seek clarifications on the firms’ SOQ, the scope and nature of the services the firms would provide, and the various technical approaches the firms may take toward the project. The Township Administrator will select and rank no fewer than three firms considered to be most qualified pursuant to the qualifications listed above. The Township Administrator will make a recommendation to the Board, and the Board will negotiate a contract with the firm ranked most qualified. Upon failure to negotiate a contract with the firm ranked most qualified, the Board may enter into negotiations with the firm ranked next most qualified, and so on.

The Board has the right to accept or reject any or all proposals in whole or in part.

In order to ensure fair and impartial evaluation, qualification submittals and any related documents or other records that would otherwise be available for public inspection and copying under Section 149.43 of the Ohio Revised Code shall not be available until after the award of the contract.


Please contact Darryl Cordrey for any documentation, schedules, plans, or specifications that would inform a qualifications submittal via email:

Issued by: Franklin Township Board of Township Trustees                                                               

418 Fairview Drive

Franklin, Ohio 45005

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