Even the Teachers got into the Act


CARLISLE, OH -- Several of the Carlisle School District's teaching staff got into the "act" of last weekend's play Sister Act. Pictured above are: (left to right) Chris Curry (Pope) , Janice Truett, Rachel Castro, Erika Sprandel, Kelly Crowe, Brian Sprandel (Drag Queen) , Sheila Baker, Alice Ethridge and Heather Allison.

"We had a great time doing this... and the students are so talented," said Secretary Board of Education Office's Sheila Baker, adding, "It was a great success."

Dressed in black are: (Left to right) Sam Lee (costumes) Rachel Castro, Heather Allison, Sheila Baker, Erika Sprandel, Kelly Crowe, Alice Ethridge, Janice Truett

While staff member Sam Lee did not perform in the production, she was very much a part of the act as she headed up the costumes.

Below are a few more photos, courtesy of Sheila Baker, of the staff having fun.

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