85% of Warren County adults don't binge drink, Be One of Us

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Zach McDaniel, Prevention Educator at Talbert House

As a new father and a Prevention Educator for Talbert House Prevention Services, I want to increase awareness about a growing concern in our community – binge drinking. Our community holds many misconceptions about binge drinking. What is it? How does it impact individuals, families, and communities? How prevalent is it? These misconceptions make it challenging to model responsible drinking to our kids. Heavy alcohol use is promoted and normalized in American culture. Alcohol is at every restaurant, sporting event, and backyard barbecue. Because of alcohol’s prevalence in daily life, many local teens perceive adults approve of heavy drinking. This misperception can set the stage for habit-forming behaviors that young people carry into adulthood.

The belief that adults approve of heavy drinking is inaccurate - 85% of Warren County adults DON’T binge drink! These adults understand that when it comes to alcohol, legal does not mean safe or harmless. We have the opportunity to correct the misconceptions and influence the choices young people make about drinking. Most Warren County adults model responsible choices about drinking. Be one of us.

To find more information and programming about low-risk drinking contact Zach McDaniel at zach.mcdaniel@talberthouse.org

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