When Student Futures Matter


WARREN COUNTY, OH -- If you don’t like the direction the country is going ...“Get involved to make a change” has been the challenge both politically parties have been promoting heavily since the 2016 election.

And, according to the most recent Rasmussen Report on July 11, only 19 percent of “Likely U.S. Voters” think the country is heading in the right direction.

People want to get involved, but often get frustrated. Often it's because they don’t know the protocols for making change, explained Dr. Kelly Kohls President of the Ohio School Boards Leadership Council.

Kohls has first hand experience of serving as an elected person, as well as, the challenges that go with it. As a former president of the Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education and a member of the board of education for the Warren County Career Center, she  has seen public education change in ways that many citizens do not fully understand.

At the Ohio Education Summit not only can citizens find out what is going on in the public classrooms, but they can find out what school board members should know and what they can do to protect our children from the failing, political ideology that has imbedded itself in our school districts.

National educational experts will be speaking not only telling us what is happening but also giving us tools to combat this harmful agenda.

This year's speakers are:

  •  AJ DePriest — A healthcare policy and legislation analyst and researcher in the early 90s, battling Clinton-era socialized healthcare laws in Montana and WINNING against them. Thirty years later, in January 2021, AJ founded Free States Project TN and Tennessee-based think tank, TN Liberty Network. TN Liberty Network’s 27 members have been instrumental in supplying state council, lawmakers and other TN policy leaders actionable intel on issues ranging from Covid mandates, illegal immigration, election integrity, and government-run education.
  • KCarl — A retired U.S. Army officer, and former member of President Trump’s Presidential Campaign Coalition Advisory Board, KCarl is a nationally recognized author, speaker and creator of the Frederick Douglass Republican Engagement Strategy™. He is the foremost expert on diversity engagement, and has empowered thousands of grassroots Conservatives, candidates, leaders, with his game-changing diversity approach. KCarl is an untiring Conservative advocate of government school system reform and an outspoken voice against the anti-liberty and anti-God agenda currently being forced upon our children.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Meyers — Thirty-one year advocate for classical liberal education and parental
    rights. She has traveled to Japan to study its education system, has worked as a research intern in the US Department of Education in DC, and is a contributing author. She received her doctorate from Southeastern Louisiana University, where she was awarded the Preston B. Allison Outstanding Dissertation Award. She has been active since moving to Tennessee, speaking out regarding education policies such as Common Core, Social Emotional Learning, and Critical Race Theory.
  • Quisha King — is a Senior Director with Moms for America, host of The Quisha King Show and Founder of the Mass Exodus Movement, that aims to get children into better learning environments. Currently, she is a national speaker on education issues and parental rights and has
    been featured on major news outlets and national TV shows. Quisha received the 2021 Rising Stars Award from the RNC, was a featured guest at Governor Ron DeSantis’s 2022 State of the State
    address, and was highlighted by Governor DeSantis for her remarks against critical race theory at the 2020 Faith & Freedom Conference. 
  • Rachel R. Citak — An Attorney at Law, Rachel provides PR and legal representation to clients in Education Law and Employment Law. Her advocacy and public relations work has included appearances on radio and televised news media, testimony at the Ohio Statehouse, and penning
    high profile op-eds. She has extensive experience working as a registered lobbyist, in-house counsel, and private practitioner— serving parents, students, teachers, and school board members
    across the state of Ohio.
  • Dr. James Dittoe — A 42 year practice owner and relief veterinarian. He learned early that while
    practicing as an animal doctor, he never had a cow or horse sign a check for his services and that it was truly a people business. Always interested in studying why people do what they do and why some people succeed and others seem to consistently struggle, he generated a keen interest in
    personal development. He became a Proctor Gallagher Consultant and mindset coach to aid others in their personal and professional growth. He enjoys speaking and teaching with the goal of helping others understand what is possible.  
  • Tamra Farah — Tamra serves as the Senior Director of MomForce, Moms for America ® ’s K-12 education and school board initiative, and MomVote. She has worked in policy and politics for over 15 years, serving as the Deputy State Director of Americans for Prosperity in Colorado, the Executive Director of Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and the Director of Human Trafficking Legislative Day at the Colorado State Capitol. She has extensive experience in public relations and communications and has worked as a campaign strategist on local, state, and federal campaigns. 
  • Melvin Adams —  Melvin has been in education since 1982 when he first started teaching. He has 25 years of intercultural leadership experience in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the US. He was the Founding President Kiev Wesley Bible College (Ukraine) and RENEWANATION (US). He has served as a Sr. Advisor on Education to two US governor candidates and on the 2016 Presidential Transition Team. Melvin presently services as the Founder and President of Noah Webster Educational Foundation, a Virginia based organization with the vision to reclaim education and culture through foundational principles and sound policy. 
  • Laura Zorc — She is The Director of Education Reform for FreedomWorks. Under Laura’s leadership in January of 2021 FreedomWorks launched Building Education for Students Together (BEST). BEST’s mission is to ignite a national parent-led movement by building, educating, and mobilizing the largest network of parent activists in the country to advocate for their children’s education through the election of school board members and the passage of policies that align with our vision of expanding education freedom. 
  • Tracy Ulrich — Tracy started Perrysburg Stands Up - a parent group in Wood County, Ohio that is standing up for the rights of parents. Tracy and her group actively push for transparency and fight against the woke agenda of the education system. As State Coordinator, Tracy helps new groups develop and builds relationships with current and potential Ohio coalition partners.
  • Richard Urban — I have been educating youth regarding the benefits of abstinence before marriage for 25 years. I have an internet show called The Richard Urban Show. I've been married to Stacey for 40 years and we have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I've been interviewing local Board of Education and other candidates on The Richard Urban Show since 2020. 
  • Jeremiah Sawyer — Jeremiah has over 25 years of extensive knowledge through leading and/or owning several businesses. Jeremiah recently founded Ohio School Board Constitutional Coalition (OSBCC) to start a grassroots movement imagines a framework for like-minded school board members, educational professionals, and parent groups to pursue a 'Back to the Basics' educational agenda and a focus on graduating citizens capable of self-governance. 

The National School Boards Leadership Council is a nonprofit, professional organization whose mission is to train school board members and members of the community about the education issues facing our students. 

This year's summit is being sponsored by: 

  • Turning Point USA — the largest and fastest-growing youth organization in America.
  • Moms for America —  a national movement of mothers reclaiming our culture for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution.
  • Dynalab, Inc, — A conservative, family owned business that believes in an education system that provides for a sound core curriculum in a stable learning environment.
  • RoofConnect — National Roofing Services and PaveConnect — National Paving Services

To register and learn more about the Summit visit the National School Boards Leadership Council website by clicking here.

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