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Back in 2008, I wrote a book that I first titled "Never Look Back," but in 2018  I finally did a copyright and then published it on Amazon under the title of "Deceptions in the Air." I used my pen name Anne Weihrauch, which I use when doing creative writing. Using a pen name goes back to my love of Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain. I never really publicized or marketed my book because I've always been busy doing something else. But, today's world is making me think, it might be an interesting read.

When people would ask me about the genre of the book, I really didn’t know which category it belongs. It's a fictitious book that revolves around the sci-fi conspiracy theory of Project Blue Beam. It involves the Christian theme of Peace on Earth battling the Luciferian agenda of a One-World-Religion for the purpose of Peace on Earth. All this wrapped around reporter Brianna Taylor’s search for love. It sounds crazy... but, so is life!  

The story revolves around Brianna, who was just 16, when she first met Alex, the boy she would always love, during her summer vacation at the beach. Over the next 30 years, their paths would cross but never for long for each was on a different journey — heading in different directions, but desiring the same outcome ... peace for mankind and love for each other.

Once again, their paths were to cross when Brianna, now an award winning investigative reporter, and Alex, a world famous scientist in the field of holograms, bumped into each other at a TV studio. As the two became reacquainted, they found they still shared the same desires and feelings they held when they first met many years ago. 

Had God finally answered Bri’s prayers by bringing Alex back into her life? But as Bri began to learn more about Alex and the holograms, the more she realized that they were, once again, on two separate paths. 

Can Bri save Alex from his own deception? Can Alex stop his own project that is now controlled and scheduled to be used by others to betray the world? Are the deceptions that Alex created already in the air as they are needed to fulfill the prophecies foretold of in the Book of Revelation? 

So, I've decided similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did, although it was not considered to be the highest goal a writer could achieve, publish a chapter a day here on the for people to read if they wish. 

Remember if you read this, it is fiction...there is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth. 

Chapter 1: The Pier

Standing at the end of the pier, with the late night sea breeze leaving its salty mist upon her face while whirling her long, ash-blond hair in the wind, Brianna stood hurling what she felt was her entire being over into the ocean. Believing as though she had been abandoned from everything she knew and trusted, the slender middle-aged women fell to the ground curled into a small ball, trembling as her heart and soul were slowly being ripped from her body with each sob.

From a distance, Jack stood and watched while the night stars seemed to cast a special spotlight over this woman whose struggle for love and life had begun to tear, too, at his inner being. Born as an only child to a well-to-do family, Jackson Scott Miller never had to want for anything. Every school he wanted to attend, he was accepted. Every job he had applied for, he was offered. Every relationship he had desired, he was given.

But Bri, she was so different. Everything she needed or wanted was a struggle. And because of Jack’s deep love for her, her struggles had now become his. When Jack first met Bri seven years ago, she was living a life filled with chaos and turmoil. Alan, the man whom she had been married to for 15 years, had mentally abused her most of those years. It was due to his strong desire for alcohol, which eventually caused an auto accident that took his life and left her to raise two children alone. Even though this man had tried to knock all life out of her during their marriage, she had stayed a woman filled with dreams, passion and the excitement for life.

Jack had watched and admired how she worked two jobs to put herself through a master’s program while raising what he felt were two incredible children. Her strength, she had told Jack, was God. And, she tried to make her decisions by answering the philosophical question, “what would Jesus do?” Jack loved how she was never pushy in her belief; she just lived it and always accepted people for who they were. 

Jack himself was not a religious man, nor even knew if he believed in God. And strange as it my seem, it was Brianna's faith in God that had drawn him to her. Even though he had been given all the materialistic items a child could want, there was one thing he was missing. It was probably the one thing that had molded his sexuality.

Growing up as an only child with two career-oriented parents, Jack often found himself more emotionally attached to friends, teammates and coaches. His father, who had spent most of his career as an elected county judge was too busy to be a part of his son’s life. And, his mother’s climb from teacher to a school district superintendent seemed to keep her from becoming emotionally attached to her only child.

While Jack was never denied money or materialistic items from his parents, he had always craved something more... his mother’s affection and the words... “I love you.”

Deep in his thoughts, Jack sometimes wondered if it was because of his mother’s emotional negligence that he desired and felt more comfortable with persons of his same sex. But for the past seven years, his sexual desire had been creating an emotional hell within him, for he did not have the ability to love Bri the way he wanted to love her… the way she should be loved.

As the night air grew colder, Bri began to quiver to the point she wasn’t able to stop. Jack ran toward her not being able to bear watching her pain any longer.

“Bri,” he said, gently touching her shoulder. “Bri, please look at me… you’re going to be okay. Baby, you’re going to make it through this... You’ve already made it through this! Please Bri, I can’t watch you hurting like this. It’s killing me.”

Jack bent down next to Bri putting his arm around her trying to comfort her the best he could.

“Why Jack? Why?” Bri was finally able to clear her throat to get words out. “Why does God hate me?” She cried as she let her head fall into Jack’s chest.

As Jack sat there holding Bri, he began to wonder this question himself. It seemed right now that fate and even God, if there was one, had just forgotten about her. It was as though her existence only mattered to him.

“I thought he loved me… all these years. I thought he loved me. He told me he loved me and that he wouldn’t leave me. He promised damn it! He promised,” she cried, as the quivering began to take control of her body again.

Bri pulled herself away from Jack. Standing up, she turned to the edge of the dock trying to fight back the emptiness that was destroying her heart and overtaking her soul.

“Bri calm down. You have to calm down. Calm down!” Jack shouted getting up to go after her while trying to remember when it was he had ever heard Bri use a curse word.

Bri turned around and gave Jack a piercing look that drove spikes into his soul.

“You said it was written in the stars. You said this wasn’t a coincidence. You said this had to be true love. This was my chance. God had finally heard my prayers. You said that!”

Holding her hands on her head trying to make the throbbing… the thinking… the pain just go away, Bri whispered, “You lied... You lied to me Jack.”

Silence filled the air until she softly whimpered, “Alex lied to me Jack. I thought I knew him… all these years... I thought I knew him.” 

“Look baby. I was wrong,” he said as he pulled her back into his arms trying to protect her from the pain… the hurt. “Some people are able to make a future from their past… but sometimes you can never go back. I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry.”

Jack gently caressed her while kissing the top of her head.

Bri’s sobs slowly started to calm down as she closed her eyes and began to think back to when and how she met Alex, here… at this beach.

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