Chapter 4: The Visit..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 4: The Visit

Bri was pretty nervous as the bus pulled into the station. It had been four years since she had seen Alex. Would he recognize her? Would she recognize him? As she made her way off the bus, Brianne stopped at the top of the bus stairs, looking into the crowd to see if she could spot him.

Alex, who was nervously waiting himself, spotted her instantly. There she stood with her long hair dancing in the breeze with that same nervous expression on her face… just as she had several years ago when he had hit her in the head with the surfboard.

“Bri!” Alex called out with a voice that was now much deeper but still held the southern drawl.

“Alex?” Bri said excitedly in her Midwest accent gazing at this extremely handsome college man. As she climbed down from the bus, the two stood there for a minute in shock…. just smiling and staring. Then, Bri noticed something a little different.

“Yeah, I broke my ankle.” Alex laughed nodding at the crutches that were holding him up.

“I see.”

“We can still go hiking or bike riding. I can drive the car next to you!”

Bri sweetly smiled. “Maybe we can just drive in the car... together to the park? We can sit and talk... get caught up. I know you planned a great day for us... with a lot of activities. But, because of your leg, ... I mean, I don't really want to ride a bike without you. Does that make sense? ”

Alex smiled back and agreed that her suggestion sounded like a better idea than his planned itinerary. Prior to her visit, Alex had planned the perfect day. It consisted of renting bikes to see the town; walking around his favorite park where they would have a picnic lunch; attend Carson’s wedding; and enjoy a quiet dinner together at a posh restaurant before her parents would pick her up. It just so happened that Bri’s family vacation to the beach aligned with Carson's wedding, making it easy for her parents to swing by and get her.

“I think Carson was really surprised to see you,” Alex said as he and Bri left the wedding reception.

“Yeah? Do you think he even remembered me?” Bri asked, noticing how shy Alex really was when left alone with her.

“Of course. You are the famous chick in the hot pink bikini,” Alex winked as he opened the car door.

Bri shot him her alluring smile as he gently shut her door.

As the two headed for downtown Atlanta, Alex shared that he had never eaten at this restaurant, but he’d heard it was one of the best from friends and family.

Once inside, Bri was awed by the large oak bar, the hanging lights and the different seating levels.

“Wow! This is nice. Excellent choice, Alex.”

The maître d’ started to escort them up the stairs to their table. But before Alex made it to the last step, his left crutch collapsed causing him to loose balance. As Bri and all the other restaurant guest watched in horror, Alex went flying down the stairs with his crutches acting like helicopter propellers spinning around and around as he bounced down each step of the stairway. Hitting the bottom step with a quick bounce to his feet, Alex threw his arms up into the air announcing, “I’m alright!”

The people in the restaurant cheered and applauded as Alex gathered his crutches and his dignity. Bri stood at the top of the staircase wondering if she should laugh or act as though nothing had happened.

“Thank God you weren’t hurt,” Bri tried saying with a concerned voice. But then, she caught Alex’s eyes and broke into laughter. “You did look like a helicopter. And I’m just glad I wasn’t behind you!”

Alex flashed Bri the smile that would take another piece of her heart. The two spent the rest of the evening laughing and talking. They were trying to get four years’ worth of conversation done in one night.

“I can’t believe I am seeing you again,” Bri softly said, taking her eyes away from Alex to her plate, hoping he would not see her tears.

“I can’t believe it’s almost time for you to go.”

Bri looked up from her plate to notice Alex sweetly smiling at her. As they finished their dinner, both tried to keep the conversation upbeat. But once in the car, their conversation grew somewhat silent as they drove back to Alex’s – both fearing the void that was hovering around them waiting to destroy both their hearts.

Because Alex thought of Bri’s home life as the ideal family, he did not want her to know the truth of his home. So, once they arrived at his house, Alex whisked Bri to his sister’s room hoping his drunken step-father would not awaken to cause a scene. His prayer was answered. Bri was able to lie and rest a bit.

“I want you to rest some. When you were on the phone, I heard you promise your dad you would help him drive through the night,” Alex said, pulling a chair up next to the bed where Bri sat down.

“Oh... I’ll be okay," Bri lied. She knew she was already about to collapse from complete physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

“Please Bri, just lay your head on the pillow. You need to rest. I don’t want you to wreck. You’ve been up since 2 a.m. this morning… or yesterday morning. It’s already past midnight!”

Alex took a blanket and pulled it up over her shoulders.

“Alex I’ll be fine. I slept some on the bus.”

“Bri, no one sleeps on a bus and wakes up alive to tell about it.”

A twinkle from his eyes caught Bri’s beautiful smile. For a moment, the world around them went away. It was as though they were removed to another dimension where their souls were allowed to commune with one another for a moment in time.

Bri fought to keep her eyes open trying to gather every word Alex said. Alex tried to tell her how he truly felt, but didn’t know how… at least not in person. He was much better at writing his feelings. Sadly, Alex didn’t say anything about his feelings to Bri, nor did Bri tell Alex how this had been the best day of her life.

Once again, the two were forced to say goodbye, causing the void to take anchor in her heart. But this time the anchor grasped her a little harder than their first goodbye. She felt a physical pain. It was though a piece of her heart actually broke off and floated out to sea... never to be found.


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