Chapter 9: The Reconnection..."Deceptions in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 9: The Reconnection

It had been 20 years since Bri and Alex had had any communication with each other. And during that time, a lot had happened. Bri had gone from a married woman to being a single mother and a local news anchor in Michigan. It was at the station where she had become such good friends with Jack, the station’s special-news producer.

Alex, who was now divorced, had grown into a powerful businessman dealing with the United States Government, where, ironically, he spent most of his time out of the country. Through a strange and bizarre circumstance, Bri and Alex had re-united less than a month ago when Alex was sent to Albion College in Michigan. He was there to promote a program dealing with the use of holograms and their use in the advancement in science.

Bri had been sent to the college on assignment for the station to cover the story that was promising more jobs and money to the state. Michigan was hurting with the decline of the auto industry.

“Alex?” Bri said stunned as she was being introduced to the program’s developer.

“Oh my gosh. Bri?” Alex replied... just as stunned.

“Looks like you two already know each other!” Jack chimed in. 

“Yeah, we do,” Bri said, not taking her eyes off of Alex.

Time had changed him. His features were stronger, his hairline somewhat receding and his eyes were not quite as blue. But his smile and his mannerisms were the same. And he was still extremely handsome in Bri’s eyes.

“Wow, Bri you still look the same,” Alex said.

“You’re such a fiber! I did not have crow’s feet when I was 20 nor did I have these stupid smile lines that somehow always appear in my photo shoots no matter what we use,” Bri said, smiling at Alex while still in shock he was standing in front of her.

“Okay, your hair is darker and that gray spot wasn’t there,” Alex smiled.

“Okay, you don’t have to get that honest!” Bri said laughing, making Alex stop before he mentioned all the other things she knew that age had done to her.

“Wow, I bet your wife and kids are really proud of you?” she smiled.

“I never had the chance to have children. I’m divorced,” Alex said softly, but then quickly changed the subject. “But, no Bri, you really look great. Marriage has been good to you.”

“I’m a widower,” Bri shot out... almost too eagerly.

But before she was able to anything else, Jack jumped in. With his chest protruding like a peacock, he placed his arm around her shoulder as though she was his territory and said, “No, no. Marriage is not for my Bri. I’ve been with her now for close to seven years, and she does much better as a single woman. Her free and easy-going spirit attracts way too many leeches. I love her way too much to ever let marriage come near her. Now come with me, Babe, so we can have you looking perfect for the cameras!”

Bri stood there stunned, wondering what in the world had come over Jack. In all the years she had known him, never had she seen him act or look like that. Alex stood there stunned as well, wondering who this strange-acting man was.

“Alex, I would like you to meet my producer, Jack... Jack this is an old friend of mine, Alex,” Bri said, trying to ease the awkward moment.

Jack placed his hand out to firmly grip Alex’s for the two men to shake hands.

“Most people call me Jack but you can call me Jackson,” Jack said as he continued to shake Alex’s hand.

“Okay, then, Jackson it is,” said Alex, giving Bri an odd look.

Bri excused Jack and herself from Alex rather quickly explaining that she would be right back after she found out what was causing her peacock’s feathers to flare.

“What is wrong with you?” she asked Jack as they walked away from Alex. “I have never ever seen you act so ridiculous in all my life.”

Then, the thought hit her. “You have a crush on him don’t you? Oh, my gosh, I have never seen you around another man that maybe you were attracted to… Oh, this is too much for me. I can’t believe it.”

Jack was in an awkward spot. He didn’t know why he acted that way… it had nothing to do with him being attracted to Alex. Sure, Alex was a handsome man, but not his type. It was something deeper. It was the vibes, the feelings he was getting from Bri to Alex and Alex to Bri.

He was jealous. Bri was his. He was the one who was there holding her hand during the funeral arrangements. He was the one who stayed up all hours of the night talking to her on the phone, helping her write her grad papers. He was the one whose lap she would fall asleep on after spending hours of crying after a fight with Alan. He was the one who helped her raise her kids. Who was this man who all of a sudden brought this special glow to her smile and made her eyes sparkle in a manner he had never seen?

“How do you know this guy?” Jack asked. He wasn’t even sure if he really wanted her to answer his question.

“Why?” Bri teased at first. But when she looked into Jack’s face, she realized he wasn’t joking around. He was concerned about something. But what was it, she thought.

“I’ve never seen you, ah,” he stopped in mid-sentence.

“What?” Bri asked, concerned.

“You just looked so happy. I’ve never seen you light up like that before,” he said while getting her mic hooked up and her notes gathered for the interview.

“It’s a long story. Alex and I go way back. I’ll tell you more after we finish the interview.”

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