Chapter 21: The Pre-Show Meeting..."Deceptions in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 21: The Pre-Show Meeting

I never got a call from you last night,” Russ said, sounding a little disappointed as he and Bri walked towards the makeup room.

Bri apologized to Russ explaining that she ended up having dinner with Alex and was up till two in the morning before she had finished reading everything. It was then that she remembered he wanted her to call him.

“I totally understand. So, with your background in Biblical prophecy and everything that I gave you to read, you do know some of the questions you should ask, right Bri?”

“Yes… of course.” Bri was a little hesitant with her answer, knowing that Russ wanted her to pin Alex down about the Blue Beam Project.

Because of the way she answered, Russ was able to tell something was wrong.

“Bri, there’s a lot of people… innocent people… who need to know what is happening. God has put you in a place to help them gain the knowledge they need so they will not be deceived when the time comes.”

Bri put her hand onto the makeup room’s doorknob to open it. But before turning it, she stopped and looked at Russ.

“He’s not some sort of anti-Christ, Russ. He loves people. Alex would never do anything to hurt anyone. This project that he’s working on is to help bring jobs to Michigan. It’s to help stop wars. He wouldn’t do something to deceive people.”

“Bri, I didn’t say he was the anti-Christ. But remember where your faith and your treasures are stored.”

Russ pointed to her heart before helping her open the door.

Inside the makeup room, Bri began to fall apart. Then, she remembered something so simple she had always done before in times of soul searching and desperation.

Placing her elbows on top of the makeup desk, Bri relaxed her head into her opened hands, closed her eyes and prayed.

“Lord, I really haven’t talked to you one-on-one in the last couple of days. Okay, except for when the plane took off and landed. But God, I am so confused. I love Alex. He trusts me. I don’t want to make him look like some evil-doer of a One World Religion or One World Order. I’m from Michigan and a small town news anchor. What in the world do I have to do with telling the world what’s about to happen? That’s what prophecy watchers like Russ Green are for. Just help me do a good job with this interview and help Alex shine. I know there has to be a reason You brought him back into my life. Please don’t let it be just for me to be crushed again. I would love to be able to spend the rest of my days on this earth with him. I love him so much. But I know not my will... but Yours. Thank You for listening to me and being my Heavenly Father who listens to me and that loves me. In Jesus name. Amen”

By the time Bri walked out of the makeup room, she had pulled herself together, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Russ met her outside the door to take her to the studio where she would not only be doing a live shot for the morning show, but a taped segment to run later in the day.

As the camera techs were working with her on the lighting, she didn’t notice Jack bringing Alex onto the set.

“Morning Bright Eyes,” Alex said, startling Bri at first.

“Wow! You actually made it. I was sure you would have been called to a meeting, and I was going to have to interview myself,” Bri said teasingly with a smile.

“If anybody could interview themselves, you would be the person who could. You look good for only having, I hear, two hours of sleep!”

“I was up all night reading up on holograms, chemtrails, weather alterations and everything else that has to do with science, cyberspace and the hemisphere,” Bri said, watching Alex’s facial expressions to see how he reacted.

“Sounds like you were a busy girl,” he smiled not showing any signs of worry about the articles she said she had been reading. “And I bet you’re still not going to tell me what you’re going to ask me, though, are you?”

“I hate to break up this happy morning meeting, but we have about five minutes before we go live,” Jack said.

Bri and Alex took their seats on the set where they were fitted with mics. Bri got her notes ready, checked her lipstick and took a sip of coffee. Alex took his seat across from Bri.

He watched her as she got herself ready for the camera. As she was going through her notes one more time, she looked up and noticed Alex smiling at her. Just as she started to smile back, Russ came into the studio to hand Bri a piece of paper.

She opened it...

Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t let the people be deceived.

Folding the paper in half, she then slid it under her leg.

Alex studied Bri’s reaction to the note.

Bri felt Alex’s eyes upon her and looked up to see him smiling at her. While the camera tech was giving the final count down, Alex leaned over and whispered into her ear, “I love you and always will.”

Bri’s heart stopped as everything seemed to go into slow motion. Glancing towards Alex, she felt her love for him engulf her entire being. There was no way she was going to humiliate or embarrass him on camera about some conspiracy theory.

He loved her. He trusted her. He had told her his life’s work had been dedicated to bringing peace to this crazy world through the use of holograms. And, it was this project that was promising the much-needed jobs to her home state.

Bri looked toward the camera-tech who was now using his fingers for the countdown of 10, 9, and 8. It was then that Bri noticed Russ standing between the two cameras. He was looking at her with confidence and trust. She knew he wanted her to use the investigative reporting skills that had won her many awards to discover the truth on the Blue Beam Project and Dr. Alex Jones.

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