Chapter 22: The DC Interview..."Decpetions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 22: The DC Interview

The camera-tech’s finger pointed to her as camera-one’s red light came on and the DC’s morning anchor, Charles Deyo, threw the camera’s over to Bri for the interview.

God help me, Bri whispered in her mind.

“Thank you Charles for the great intro... And, good morning Michigan! While I miss my beautiful home-state, I have been enjoying my stay here at our nation’s capital learning about the new hologram program that is moving to Albion College in less than a month. So, with me this morning is the creator of the whole program, Dr. Alex. K. Jones,” Bri said as she turned to look at Alex, adding, “Thank you for taking time out from your very busy schedule to share with us some of the exciting things happening in your industry of science.”

“The pleasure is mine, Bri.”

“Dr. Jones, you are the world’s top creator/investigator of holograms and hologram use. Would you please explain to me and the rest of the audience what a hologram actually is?”

“A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph produced by the interference of two laser beams,” Alex explained with great intensity. “It’s like printing an image in layers then placing light to reflect from these images at different angels. A laser emits light and the color of the light is determined by wavelength. Introduced by Hungarian physicist Dennis Gabor, they have been around since 1947.”

As Alex talked, video of holograms being used through out the world were being seen by viewers watching the newscast on their sets at home.

“The neat thing about a hologram is that it is the whole complete image of the object. It allows the viewer to actually look all around it as though the object is really there with them. Because of this, the use of holograms is rapidly advancing in the business world, science world and entertainment world,” he explained.

“Please, tell us about the hologram project that you have been working on and will be bringing to Michigan,” Bri said.

“I would be happy to. In many of our older cities the infrastructures are aging; meaning our roadways, bridges and pipelines have gotten a lot of wear and tear. In the past, to create a holograph we needed extremely sturdy tables so there would not be any movement or vibrations. Everything had to be completely still while the laser split to create a reflection of the image.”

Alex continued that his team had created a camera... “that does what the sturdy table did. It can be sent down into water and through pipes allowing us to capture a three dimensional image on camera. This is a wonderful breakthrough for bridges and pipelines. Once the camera captures the image, we are able to put it onto a computer screen and look for any damage or weak spots that exist in the current structures being examined. Albion is where we are going to house the lab that will examine all these infrastructures. We want to be able to get things fixed before they collapse causing harm to anyone.”

“By having this in place, then hopefully such accidents like the Minneapolis bridge collapse of in 2007 will be something of the past?” Bri asked.

“That is our goal, saving lives while saving dollars,” he said.

“How many jobs will this new lab bring to Michigan?” Bri asked, avoiding any eye contact with Russ who was still standing in between the two cameras.

“We are looking at starting with 250 openings. This will include everything from scientist, office workers, field reps and what we are calling state account reps. Each state will have a minimum of five people representing it,” he explained.

“What do you mean by each state having a representative?” she asked.

“Since this lab is being funded by federal grant money, each of the fifty states will have representation. Some states will end up with more representation because of its size, population, and infra-structure usage,” he answered.

“Will you be doing other types of hologram work at this lab?”

“Yes Bri, we will. We will be doing research. Being close to a large body of water such as Lake Michigan will definitely have its advantages.”

“Dr. Jones can you please explain how a body of water helps with holograms?”

“Holograms need… let’s call it a screen for its image to bounce off. Water vapors can make an excellent screen.”

As Alex continued talking about water vapor screens, Bri glanced at Russ who mouthed, Project Blue Beam. Bri quickly turned from Russ and looked back at Alex.

“In some of the materials I was reading I kept finding the word chemtrails. They are the deposits that planes are creating into our skies. One of the articles said that these chemtrails are making invisible screens for hologram usage, as well as maybe wall sources for certain sound frequencies to be bounced off of for mind control. Do you know anything about these trails?” she nervously asked Alex.

“I too have read materials on the possibility of chemtrails or contrails being used for everything from changing the weather to population control. But I do not work in this area whatsoever. So I cannot answer any questions on that subject. I am totally involved in all the computer aspects of holograms,” Alex answered, while giving Bri a more serious look than she had ever seen from him before.

Bri felt her heart pounding. She took a deep breath before asking the next question.

“Dr. Jones, I was doing some reading on holograms and a project that NASA created called... uhm... Project Blue Beam.”

As she was looking into Alex’s eyes to finish the question, she was able to see his change of demeanor. He had a more nervous look upon his face as his smile had vanished and his eyes lost their sparkle. She did not want to know or was not ready to hear what could be the truth on Alex’s involvement with the project. She knew she had to be careful on how she should word the question.

Trying to stall for more time, she decided to talk a little bit about the project.

“For anyone out there in the audience who has not heard of Project Blue Beam,” she intervened. “It consists of placing holograms of major religious figures into the sky to help unite world religions. You can read more about it by searching NASA Project Blue Beam on the web. But my question to you, Dr. Jones, is, did you help create this project?”

She noticed that Alex’s tension level had relaxed. He knew she had given him a way out. Of course he couldn’t have created the project. He would have only been a child when the project was first created.

Bri felt more relaxed, too, until she looked at Russ who didn’t look happy at all.

“I’ve read about the Blue Beam Project,” Alex said. “The theory behind it is very interesting, trying to create peace in the world by uniting religions. I know I look a little older than what I truly am, but that project surfaced when I was a child, so no, I didn’t have any part of creating it. But just like with anything, there are people out in the world who will use holograms for great things to help mankind. And, there are those out there that will try to use discoveries in science against mankind. At BBP, we like to think that our discoveries and scientific advances are being used to make a positive impact for mankind.”

“Just being here in DC for the past day, I heard rumors that the building you are housed in here, the BBP Building stands for Blue Beam Project. Is that true?” she asked.

“I never thought of that, but no, it’s named after three great scientist whose studies have helped the advancement of holograms. They are: Max Born, known for discovering quantum mechanics; Ludwig Boltzmann, known for his discoveries in thermodynamics; and Max Planck, the quantum theory. See, BBP… Born, Boltzmann and Planck,” he explained.

“Boy, do I feel silly. I’m just here in DC for one day and have already fallen into the rumor trap,” Bri smiled.

“Don’t feel too silly, I’ve lived here several years and still get caught up in the rumors,” Alex said.

“Dr. Jones, thank you for your time,” Bri said, before turning to the camera and adding, “Don’t forget to watch this evening’s news where we will have a longer segment on holograms with Dr. Jones. He will tell us how holograms are being used in the military and on the battlefield. Okay, I’m done here so I am throwing the cameras back to you, Charles.”

“Thank you Bri. What an interesting story... and we have enjoyed having you here the last few days,” Charles added.

Jack and Russ headed over to the set once the cameras were off Bri and Alex.

Alex leaned over, took Bri’s hand. “Hey, it’s six forty-five now. If we can get the taped segment down within the next hour, we can be on the plane heading to the beach by the One O’clock flight!”

“Great job Baby,” Jack said giving Bri a kiss on the cheek. “Let’s get this taping down and we can enjoy the weekend!”

“Bri, could I see you in my office for a quick meeting before the taping? It will only be about five minutes,” Russ asked.

“Do you need me too, Russ?” Jack asked.

“No. You can get things ready for the taping. I just have some quick notes to share with Bri.”

As Bri and Russ headed towards his office, Alex felt some tension between him and Russ.

“What’s up with the station manager?” Alex asked Jack.

“Oh, it’s nothing. He and Bri just have this strange past. Hey, what am I saying? It seems like Bri has a strange past with everyone, doesn’t she?” Jack answered, as he quickly moved the set around for the taping.

At first, Alex didn’t respond. He just watched Bri fade away as the studio doors closed behind her. The thought hit him — maybe she and Russ used to date? Alex finally got the nerve to ask Jack.

Jack stopped working for a minute and laughed while answering Alex’s question. “No. They have some kind of religious belief thing. They’re into a lot of the same theories or studies, I guess you could call it. Whenever I walk in, it seems like they’re always talking end-of-the-world stuff. Too depressing for me. Life is here to enjoy. They are always looking for the ways it might end. Depressing!”

Alex just smiled and nodded his head.

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