Congressman Landsman Returned From The Middle East


LEBANON, OH -- Warren County Ohio's Congressman Greg Landsman just returned from a trip to the Middle East where he joined other Democratic House members for strategic discussions on the Israel-Hamas war, humanitarian efforts, and post-conflict work to ensure a sustainable peace in the region.  

Landsman explained in his weekly newsletter, that the group that left January 18, had... "a substantive and hopefully productive trip to the Middle East."

While there, Landsman noted that they... "met with key defense, diplomatic, and humanitarian leaders in Egypt, Rafah, Jordan, and Israel. These meetings and experiences were incredibly informative and clarifying. We had the opportunity to reinforce what has to happen moving forward." 

The group also went to the border crossing at Egypt and Rafah. The border trip was to help them have a  better understanding on ways to improve getting into and throughout Gaza so that the needed humanitarian aid can get to the people.  

Landsman explained why the trip was needed.  

"The October 7th attacks and the war against Hamas have had a significant impact on us all - in the district and across the country. People here have loved ones in Israel and Gaza and we all want this suffering to end. I grew up in the '90s and saw how close the Israelis and Palestinians got to sustainable peace and the role U.S. leaders played. That is the kind of leadership that must return to our politics." 

Landsman noted, "I believe you have to go to where the problem is and be with those closest to the problem," adding, this is why he took the trip to the border.

Landsman noted that the key messages reinforced with leaders in Egypt, Jordan, and Israel were: 

  • The war needs to end and the hostages must be released or the region will remain unstable and suffering will continue.
  • Hamas could end this war immediately by releasing the hostages and leaving Gaza. There is mounting pressure on Hamas to do this, but it’s unlikely that Hamas is done fighting. Talks are underway for a temporary pause in fighting and the release of hostages, and that would be an ideal short-term outcome.
  • Israel, along with regional leaders, knows that Hamas cannot continue in Gaza - for Israel’s security and a brighter future for Palestinians. How this war comes to an end is not clear, but this phase needs to end soon.
  • We need to ensure a sustainable peace and a two-state solution. This will take time, but it has to be the path forward, which is long-standing U.S. policy.
  • The Administration must work with these leaders and redouble its efforts to help end this war, get hostages home, and dramatically increase humanitarian aid.
  • Congress must pass the national security package with humanitarian aid.
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