Chapter 33: The Wedding .... "Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 33: The Wedding

As the sun was setting over the bay, a soft cool breeze from the ocean was blowing in on the white sandy beach where Bri and Alex stood exchanging wedding vows. It was the same beach where they had met — 30 years ago.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife,” said the city mayor. “You may now kiss the bride.”

After the kiss ended, Alex and Bri were surprised to find that they had gathered an audience. In his excitement and adrenaline rush, Alex took Bri’s hand and lifted it high into the air with his and announced, “she’s really mine!”

Bri blushed and laughed as everyone cheered and chanted, “Kiss her again!”

Alex took the observers suggestions and swooped Bri down into his arms and gave her the kiss that was meant to lock their union forever.

After the ceremony, the two newlyweds took Steve and his wife Maureen to dinner.

“You two make such a special couple. You have such a beautiful love story to share,” said Maureen. “We’ve known Alex for several years, and he is such a wonderful humanitarian. We always wanted him to find someone who would work beside him and help with his life’s work of peace and harmony.”

“That’s how we all got to know each other so well. Alex’s work on uniting religious beliefs through his work in interfaith programs is inspiring,” Steve added.

“Oh, Alex hasn’t shared this part of himself with me. I mean I know we both share a special faith in God and Christ, but I did not know his work in the interfaith ministries,” Bri said a little surprised.

“Bri, what they are saying is... I work with a lot of other religious leaders who are working to understand each other— without judgment. Trying to teach others to work together in peace. You know as the world becomes more united, we need to unite our thoughts and beliefs to get along,” Alex explained.

“Oh, this is so true,” added Steve. “As you know, all wars are created mostly due to man’s religious beliefs. If we can get humans to understand that each one of us make our own way to God, the wars would stop.”

Thoughts and questions began to run across Bri’s mind like a computer’s hard drive. Her mind began to fill with flashes of all the stories and periodicals she had recently read about a One World Religion... and the purpose of holograms in NASA’s Project Blue Beam... and the folder on Alex’s desk.

“Alex,” she said trying to be politically correct while not offending their guest -- the guest who had just witnessed and married her to the man of her dreams, “in your work of interfaith... is there just one-way to God or are there many ways?”

“Well,” he said pausing, hesitantly, “there’s one way for each person, right? So, your faith and my faith in Christ as our savior is what is right for us.”

“God knows each person’s heart. He knows what they need to find Him,” Steve added.

Bri looked at Alex wondering if she had heard him right. Wondering if she really knew the man she just pledged her life to… until death do us part.

“Let’s change the subject from religion and talk about what you two will do once the project is completed,” Maureen suggested. 

“Which project?” Bri asked innocently as she started to take a sip of her wine.

“Beaming Blue!” Maureen said with excitement.

Bri dropped her glass. Alex looked at her with both fear and concern. In a quick reaction, he grabbed the glass before it fell completely over. As Bri responded verbally to her dinner guest, Alex wiped the splashed wine from her dish.

“Like, Project Blue Beam? I’m sorry... I get so excited when it’s mentioned,” Bri said as she gave Alex a look of complete disbelief.

“Bri doesn’t know,” Alex tried to say before Bri cut him off.

“No, it’s okay Alex. We can talk about your work. He promised me we weren’t going to mention any work the whole weekend. It was going to be about us… but the project is more important than us… it’s about peace and harmony for the entire world… for all mankind. One must not be selfish,” she said, taking her napkin and wiping her chin as she continued looking at Alex.

“Oh, she is sweet, she is so much like you. Putting other’s needs before her own. She will be such blessing to our group. Robert is probably so happy for you,” Maureen said.

Bri looked down at her bracelet to be sure her recorder was still running. She didn’t know if it was her journalistic instinct that caused this reaction, or if it was her fear of not understanding or believing what she was hearing to be sure she was getting it recorded.

“Who’s Robert?” Bri asked politely.

“Senator Donovan, the man who started the project and was able to push so many of the grants through that were needed to get the project ready. You do know him, right?” Maureen asked rather concerned.

“Oh, the senator. That’s funny, see when Alex and I talk, we always call him ‘The Big Guy’ you know, for ‘The Senator’. I forgot his real name for a minute... Must be a senior moment. Alex has introduced me to so many people the last few weeks, I’m getting a little forgetful on who is who.” Bri answered quickly praying Alex would not question her statement even though he knew as much as she that she was lying; since they had never had such a conversation, and she had no idea who the senator was.

“Robert is a dear. To date, I think he has funded close to nine-million dollars to get the peace project ready to go,” Maureen explained.

“Wow! Nine-million? I thought Alex told me it was close to two-million not nine-million. That is wonderful,” Bri smiled as she tried to absorb everything she was hearing.

“Oh no, that is what we got this year in grant money. Robert knows the ways of finding that money. I’ll tell you, he is one of the wisest men when it comes to finances that I think I have ever met,” explained Steve.

As Maureen and Steve began to fill Bri in with more information, Alex began sinking lower in his seat. He knew Bri was hearing the things he was not ready for her to hear, at least not yet.

“At first, many of us who are in charge of the different religious groups weren’t sure if this was a good idea. Many of us thought it could be considered a little deceitful. But, we realized as the world becomes one, we need to go to a One World Faith System by showing humans that their gods can come together and be one. We all find our own paths to salvation. We don’t need all the different religions. It will be this light that will help draw us all to the New Jerusalem… to the New Savior… to a peaceful and harmonious earth,” Steve explained with excitement.

Bri couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She felt like she was in some weird sci-fi nightmare... or end-of-the world movie.

“I assume you two come from a Christian background?” Bri asked politely.

“Why yes, we do... and we consider ourselves strong Christians,” Steve answered.

“Maybe you can help with an answer. It’s a question that is often asked to me by my evangelic Christian friends. And, well, I find it somewhat hard to answer,” Bri asked trying to get as much information from Steve and Maureen as possible.

She needed to know what they were teaching. And, more important, she really needed to know what she had gotten herself into. And, whom had she just married?

“How do you explain the passage in the Bible where Jesus says ‘He is the way, the truth and the light and no one gets to the Father but by Him?’ I mean, if all religions are right, how could Jesus say that?” she asked.

Alex didn’t say anything. He sat in his chair nervously staring at Bri. Maureen, not noticing Alex’s nervous look, happily took the question.

“What about the many who never get to hear those words from Jesus... and the many who believe He is just a myth? A loving God would not send anyone to damnation. The Bible was written by many men. And, we all know it has many, many mistakes. We just take the good parts of how one should act towards one another. And Bri, the nice thing about this One World Religion, it teaches us peace and great respect for all others as they make their journey to salvation,” she said very calmly and with much confidence.

“And now that they have moved the projects date up. Just think in nine more days you will be living with a much more relaxed and freer man sooner than expected!” Steve smiled slapping Alex on the back.

“Nine more days? The project is going to happen that soon?” Bri questioned.

Trying to get as much information as possible on her video bracelet she asked, “So how many know about Project Blue Beam or are helping promote its success?”

“Not a whole lot. Mostly the select group that Senator Donovan pulled together. You know for it to work, it needs to be a surprise. If the Conservative Right gets hold of this, or several of the other groups who are always working on taking away people’s freedoms, it won't work. They are very self righteous people who don’t understand human needs and desires,” Maureen said.

“We need to keep this world working together to stop the wars, the famines, the deaths. The majority of the people in this world are ignorant and need to be led... They desire to be led. So, we do not want to stop this miraculous and wonderful project that is about to happen. God has chosen us to lead them and make this happen before humankind destroys itself," Steve explained.

“I’m surprised they didn’t give you all this information after you were approved to participate in the project,” Maureen added.

“She was approved?” Steve asked Alex.

“Not exactly…. Not yet. I had written in for approval, but this weekend things were a little spontaneous. But... Bri showed her loyalty when she had me on live-television. She could have torn the whole project apart. She didn’t. I know we can trust her. Right honey?” Alex nervously asked Bri.

“Oh, that is so true. I had been given so much information. I could have blown this whole project surprise to pieces. But I didn’t, did I?” Bri said while whispering to God, Oh please forgive me.

Steve and Maureen looked at each other.

“My, we don’t know how to answer that. Bri seems like she supports our cause... and Alex, you are one of the main ones behind this project, so whatever you think or decide should be okay?” Steve answered.

Wanting to change the subject matter Alex talked about how he and Bri held this desire to open up or buy an existing Internet coffee shop on Lake Michigan somewhere.

“Bri has always had a dream of living on a beach near a lighthouse. And believe it or not, Michigan has some of the prettiest beaches,” said Alex.

“And these beaches don’t have sharks waiting to attack you as you innocently swim looking for the right wave to catch and ride safely into shore,” Bri said with a very tense look at Alex.

“Bri doesn’t like sharks,” Alex nervously smiled.

“No I don’t. They scare me in how they quietly attack — which makes me think, since I haven’t gone through the training yet, what do we do with those who will not believe in the One World Religion? They will be like sharks won’t they? I mean, they will still try to attack those just wanting to enjoy life and not be bothered about what someone else beliefs. You know, upset the One World Religion’s apple-cart-of-peace,” Bri said, leaning forward and looking intensely into Steve’s eyes.

“That’s funny you should ask. I’m on the board of these learning camps where they will be taken and re-educated. This is how Alex and I became acquainted. He has created holograms that can talk to and help the unbelievers change,” Steve smiled.

“Yes, he is my little hologram maker,” Bri smiled back, but then asked with a more serious look. “Wonder if this doesn’t work? I mean, what happens to those who stay closed-minded in their beliefs? When they die, do they still get to go Heaven?”

“After studying the many religions, I truly believe they will be reincarnated so that they can learn that such close-mindedness is not the way to salvation,” Maureen explained.

“But I thought you said all paths lead to salvation?’ Bri asked.

“It does. They just need to keep coming back here till they get it right,” Steve added.

“Wow, I must say this has been a very enlightening dinner for me,” Bri said. “I feel extremely stupid in the fact that the man I love... and just married, is such an important person when it comes to world peace. I’ve been so busy with my excitement that I found my first love, I wasn’t paying attention to what he has grown up to be… Wow.”

She spent the rest of the dinner smiling and listening not allowing her real emotions of fear and anger show.

“Well, we should let you two go. It’s a special evening so we won’t take any more of your time,” Steve smiled as he asked the waiter for the bill.

“No Steve, I was taking you and Maureen out. It’s my way of thanking you for performing our marriage,” Alex said as he reached over to take Bri’s hand, but Bri slowly moved her hand away from Alex’s.

“No... this is our gift to you two. Alex we are so happy you found the love of your life. And remember, you two are still very young and can have many happy years together!” Maureen added.

Alex stood up, thanked both of them and helped Bri out of her chair. When she first stood up, she felt faint because of the heaviness in her soul.

“Bri are you okay?” Alex said catching her.

“Yes, I think it’s just the total excitement of the whole day… maybe my whole life,” she said with a fake smile.

Everyone said their goodbyes.

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