Chapter 36: The Meeting..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 35: The Meeting

After Bri took off, Alex went and sat on the bed staring out the window. His eyes began to well up with tears as he gazed out at the view that over looked the ocean. He was startled back to reality by a knocking at the door. Sprinting to open it, he blurted, “Bri?”

“Why, hello Alex. Guess you’re just as amazed to see me standing here, as I am. When I heard you got married to the little talking head, I had to come check things our for myself.”

“Marcy!” Alex said shocked not moving from the doorway to let her in.

“So, where is the new bride?” she asked rather arrogantly as she pushed her way into the door and looked around.

“Marcy, please leave,” Alex said pointing to the open door. “I’m definitely not in the mood to be playing one of your games!”

Paying no attention to his request, she pushed Alex to the side as she walked around the suite looking into the dressing area and living area.

“No, really Alex. Where is she?” she said giving him an evil glare.

“Marcy, I asked you to leave. My personal life is non of your business,” he said, walking towards her to help usher her out.

Marcy turned around slowly, allowing her small smirk to transform into an eerie smile.

“Alex…” she said resting her long thin arms on his shoulders, “Daddy will be here in about five minutes. If I’m not here, he’s going to wonder where I am, and why you threw me out.”

“The senator is here? Why in the world is he here?” Alex said pushing her arms off his shoulders.

“Alex, Daddy is more than likely going to want to know why you didn’t invite him to your wedding, especially since he is the one who made you who you are,” she smiled devilishly.

Alex did not speak. He just watched as Marcy walked around the room picking up his different personal items as she continued speaking.

“Why her Alex? What is it that she has that I haven’t been able to give you? I have intellect. I have vision. I have passion. And, I control who you are!”

Quickly Marcy turned herself around staring at him with sharp daggers in her eyes, adding, “how could you have done this to me and my family?”

“Marcy,” Alex said in a very defensive and forceful voice, “I told you months ago we were over. I love you as a human, but I am not nor have I ever been in love with you. You possess a characteristic that I will never be able to trust. You lied to me one too many times. And Marcy, you don’t even love me… you love controlling me! Both your father and I have told you those days of me and you are over. He told you this in front of me so that you would understand that my personal life is mine. I can date and marry whom I want. You have no control over me!”

“You cannot talk to me that way Alex K. Jones! I know everything about you. I can totally destroy you. And, of all people you should know that!” she snapped back.

Alex gave Marcy a piercing stare while she returned his stare with a sheepish smile.

“Well, well, here’s my favorite daughter and my favorite project manager,” said Senator Donovan with his deep Southern accent as he walked through the open door. 

“Daddy,” Marcy said running up to give him a hug and kiss.

“So, it’s true. The two of you tied the knot and didn’t even call me. That’s what I love about you Alex,” the senator said slapping Alex on the back. “You know how to save me money by not having to throw some huge money sucking event. I’ll tell you what, I will make my wedding present to the two of you, whatever the cost of a wedding would have been!”

Alex’s heart fell to the pit of his stomach.

“Daddy, Alex has something to tell you that I think will really surprise you,” Marcy said all sweet and cutesy to her father.

Alex glared at Marcy as she arrogantly smiled back.

“Bob,” Alex paused, “Could I speak to you in private… without your body guards... and without Marcy?”

“Sure, Alex. Where?” said the senator as he scanned the suite for a private area.

“The dressing area,” Alex said pointing the way.

After the two were in the small room, Alex closed the door, took a deep breath, then turned to face Senator Robert Donovan. This was the man who had helped him sustain over nine-million dollars in grants for hologram technology… the man who headed Project Blue Beam… the man who helped steer both NASA and the NSA… the man who had helped him become who he was today.

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