Chapter 39: The Destination..."Deception in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 38: The Destination

We’ll we made it,” Jack said as they pulled into Russ’s driveway that led up to a white two-story Georgian Colonial house with black trim behind a huge weeping willow.

“Do you think it’s too late to knock on his door? Bri asked.

“Or, too early. It’s like four in the morning... on a Saturday, the only day he probably gets to sleep in,” Jack added.

“Look, a light just turned on,” Bri pointed.

Russ peeked out the door, while Jack rolled down his window and yelled, “Russ, it’s us!”

By this time, Bri was so slap-happy that she began doing rhymes. “Russ, it’s Gus! No, no,” she started laughing, “Russ, it’s a bust... Russ it’s...”

Jack turned and looked at Bri. “Have you lost your mind?”

Russ came out to the car.

“What are you two doing here? I was just shutting down my computer to go to bed when I saw your headlights. Why are you with Jack? Where’s Alex?” Russ started questioning.

“Hold on Mr. News Reporter,” Jack said, pointing to Bri, who now had swollen eyes and smeared makeup from spending the entire drive in tears.

“Here, come in,” Russ said, as he went over to open Bri's door. 

“Here, take my bracelet. Hopefully, it tells everything,” Bri said as she unsnapped its lock and handed it over to Russ.

Jack grabbed the bags as Russ helped Bri into the house. Once inside, she collapsed on the couch. Placing her head down on one of the couch pillows, she closed her eyes and softly whispered. “When will the pain go away?”

“Here, let me get you a blanket. Wait, let’s get you upstairs to one of the bedrooms instead. There you can sleep. I’ll let Jack fill me in,” Russ said, nodding to Jack to take their suitcases upstairs.

“Why does she get to sleep? I’ve been doing all the driving” Jack said a bit perturbed.

“Sometimes, one must think of others over them self!” Russ scolded Jack.

“I know. But, I’m totally exhausted too!” he said complaining as he lugged the suitcases upstairs.

“Russ, I can talk…” Bri stopped. Tears began flowing down her cheeks.

“No, I don’t think you can,” he said helping her up the stairs.

Jack helped Russ get the sheets pulled down as they helped Bri onto the bed. As they placed the covers over her, they both watched as her body quivered from the uncontrollable sobbing that had again over taken her as her mind rushed over the many images she had grown to love and cherish with Alex.

The two men stood there for a few seconds... watching her heart and soul being ripped away. Neither knowing what to say.

Russ broke the silence. “Bri I know what you are going through … I really do. Trust me…. I’ll share it with you tomorrow. But now, you need some sleep.”

Bri just nodded, not turning her head. She didn’t want her friends watching her falling apart. Russ gently closed the door. Then, he and Jack headed down stairs.

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