Chapter 40: The Plan ... "Deceptions in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 40: The Plan

Once in the kitchen, Jack began giving Russ a quick rundown of what had happened. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he saw he had a message.

“I don’t know this number,” he said. He clicked on view to read it. Seeing it was from Alex, he shared it with Russ.

“Jack, do you know where her phone is?”

“I think it’s in the car. But, this is odd. This isn’t Alex’s number.”

“Hmm, that is very interesting. He probably knows Bri’s and his phones are being tapped. You might want to be careful using phone too,” Russ said, handing the phone back to Jack.

As Jack got up to get her phone, Russ got up to go to his office. When Jack returned, he found Russ messaging someone through the computer.

Okay, so we’ll take the car to the airport. You’ll fly her suitcase back to the hotel where Alex is. Right? Russ paused as he waited for a response from the person on the computer.

Correct, came the answer.

Great, Russ typed, adding, How fast can Wooly make up the DL’s?

Fax me info and photo... about 15 mins, came the next answer.

Fantastic! Operations is a go! Russ typed quickly. 

Great… see u soon, Sky Bird!

Thanks, Living Green. Russ typed.

Jack stood there for a minute trying to figure out what Russ was doing. Russ knew that he had no clue. Turning around from his computer, Russ smiled at Jack and said, “the plan is ready to go.”

Jack, curious, smiled at Russ. “What plan?”

“I know,” said Russ. “And, I really don’t have time to explain everything to you except the important part of keeping you and Bri alive... and safe for a while.”

“Alive?… And Russ, what do you mean alive for a while? Okay where are the cameras. You guys have me on one of those hidden camera shows, right? You, Alex and Bri. You’re trying to punk me! Yeah, that’s it… Okay, I’m finished now... and it’s time to go to bed.”

Jack started heading up the stairs still talking. “Bri is a great actress. Really, I mean she should give up news casting and go for some soap opera where all she needs to do is cry. She would win an Emmy. You guys are good. I mean really good!”

“Jack,” Russ said sternly. “Nobody is acting. This is all very real. Your life and Bri’s life are very much in danger…. Actually everybody’s lives will be in danger, if what Alex created gets pulled off.”

Jack turned around and looked at Russ.

“No Russ, what you and Alex have pulled me and Bri into has to stop. It has to stop now. Bri and I just need to go home and live our simple little lives. That woman upstairs has been going through hell her entire life. And, now, I am being sucked into it… I’m not letting that happen... and I’m not letting it happen to her anymore,” Jack said with controlled anger.

Russ got up from his chair and walked over to where he was now face to face with Jack.

“Jack, what you and Bri are into is not a man-made situation. It is a battle... not of man... It is a spiritual battle. And right now, Bri is one of the main warriors on God’s side... and actually so are you. We need to protect her, if we can, so... you are not taking her out of this house until we can persuade our enemies she is not here... but somewhere else,” Russ explained.

“God’s warrior?” Jack snarled. “How in the world can I be one of God’s warriors if I don’t even believe in God?”

“That’s the interesting thing about God. You may not believe in Him, but He believes in you, and once we get our little mission done here, I will show you some great examples in the Bible where God used prostitutes, evil kings and even talking jackasses to get the things done that He needed done... But right now, we need to get your rented car to the airport, get your's and Bri’s license information faxed over to Sky Bird, and get one of Bri’s suitcases packed with a few things including her phone,” Russ said calmly.

Jack’s instinct told him he needed to trust and listen to Russ, even though he didn’t want to..., for nothing was making sense to him.

“Russ, I don’t know if I can find the airport from here,” Jack said completely worn out.

“Okay, I’ll drive the things to the airport. But, do not fall asleep. You need to keep an eye on her and see that nothing happens. And, here’s the cord for the bracelet. Once we fax your license information over to Sky Bird, you will need to start downloading everything from the bracelet,” Russ explained.

“That sounds much better boss,” Jack said, adding “Why do we need to send our license information to Blue Bird?”

“Sky Bird. But, that’s irrelevant to you right now. To answer your question, it’s because we are having two people who look similar to you two, act as you two. They will fly home to Michigan. This way the people looking for you will think you went home. We can also inform your families that you’re okay and for them not to speak to any one.”

“Interesting,” Jack nodded.

“Can you write Bri’s kids a note that they could hand them when they see them. They will also let the kids use their phones to contact you through different phones I have here. This way, no one can trace you... at least for a while,” Russ added.

“I don’t mind writing them a letter at all. They need to know we’re okay.”

“Here, you start writing. Make it simple. Not too much info ... enough so they know this letter is from you,” Russ said, before heading up stairs to grab one of Bri’s bags.

Jack sat on the couch and wrote a short note to Rachel and Sam…

Hey you two,

Your mom and I are okay. We are doing a big investigation story. So do not talk to anyone you don’t know… except for the person giving you this letter. They will have a phone and a number for you to use to reach us. Don’t worry. We should be home by the end of the week.

Hey, Sam, can you please go feed my fish?

Love ya,

Jack and Mom

When Russ got back down the stairs, Jack showed him the letter.

“That's perfect," Russ said, then adding as he opened up her suitcase, "I hope she doesn’t mind us going through her things."

As Jack pulled out some of her more feminine pieces of clothing, like her honeymoon teddy, he suggested, “Russ, let's send this back to him! He can sleep with that … alone! I can’t believe what he has done to her.”

“Jack, he hasn’t done this to her by himself. It’s hard to understand... but part of it’s Bri, too, that's causing the pain. It’s her fighting to let go of her own desires that are tearing her apart like this,” Russ tried explaining as he was placing the selected items into her suitcase. 

“What?” Jack said, giving him a bewildered look.

“Nothing. When I get back and you have had some sleep, I'll explain my theory. Once you hand me Bri's phone, everything will be packed... I will be good to go," Russ said.

"Okay... whatever," Jack said handing the phone over to Russ.

"Remember, you can’t sleep until I get back… or at least until you get her bracelet downloaded onto this stick,” he said as he tossed Jack a USB cord. “Also, I’m taking your car and leaving it there at the airport. I’ll be taking a taxi home. And, don’t forget to fax the driver’s license. The number is right there next to my computer. Do that first!”

“Okay... okay,” Jack said as Russ went out the front door.

Walking past the couch to head to Russ's office, to do as he was told, a look of love came over Jack's face. “Boy do you look tempting, Mr. Couch, along with that pillow and a blanket. We could make the morning last for hours."

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