Chapter 47: The Vaccine..."Deceptions in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 47: The Vaccine

Do you get visions a lot Bri?” Russ asked her, as they finished their prayer.

“Nothing ever like this. I mean... I’ve had dreams that have come true, but who hasn’t? And, I've had feelings about something... but never an actual vision while I’m awake. I have to admit, that was really weird. I saw him frozen. Then, I began to feel really cold too — like, I was being frozen,” she explained.

Bri’s eyes lit up as she remembered something strange that had happened in her past with Alan.

“I did have something like this happen one other time... when Alan was out drinking, and I was sleeping. Something woke me up. I felt this heavy burden to pray for him, but I didn’t want to. I was mad at him... and his drunkenness. Then, as I was going back to sleep, I felt something pulling my big toe and twisting it. I mean, it hurt. But, no one was there. Finally, I got out of bed... got on my hands and knees and began praying for him. The moment I felt the pain leave my toe, I heard the door open. Alan walked in hammered— but safe. I, then, went back to sleep. But, I’ve never had an experience like this... where I saw the person actually being attacked.”

“Interesting,” Russ said.

“Interesting? That was completely bizarre… completely. What's happening here with you people is not normal!” Jack said, becoming agitated.

Both Russ and Bri looked at Jack. They both understood why he couldn't understand what was going.

"It's definitely an Ephesians 4:18 problem," Bri said with a flirtatious smile.

"Most definitely," Russ winked.

“I’m getting really creeped-out here!” Jack explained as Bri and Russ continued to stare at him.

“Jack, I don’t want to creep you out,” Bri said.

Jack first looked at Russ, then, he looked at Bri.

“Bri, the last few days... no weeks, have been very confusing for me. I hear you talk about things that I always kind of played off as part of my 'cute little Bri's world.' Well, now, I am finding that there are actual people, maybe I should even add, educated men, who believe as you. And now, to be witnessing some of the strange supernatural things that I know are not real is…. I’m just really confused.”

“I understand Jack. I really do. You know I have always respected your beliefs, and I've never pushed my ‘religious ways’ as you call them, on you. My prayer has always been that you would see God in me and witness His power... so that you would become a believer. Not because of what I say or do… but because what God has done and does,” she said trying to pick her words carefully.

Jack said nothing, while Russ observed their interaction.

“These last few days or last few weeks have been rather odd for me, too, Jack. I feel as though I have lost all control of my life in a lot of ways. I've had to put all my trust in God because of everything I know...” she said, stopping for a second to look at Russ. “God loves me. That's all I know. He isn’t going to let me go. And he’s not going to let you go either... if you will just trust Him.”

“How am I supposed to hold onto or trust something I’m not sure even exists?” Jack questioned.

“It's called faith, Jack,” Russ finally spoke.

“What type of loving God let's little children die or people starve? If God is a caring God and doesn’t let you down, where is He in those situations?” Jack questioned, now more agitated.

“Those are really good questions. But, God never promised a life full of ease and luxury on this earth. He actually said this life would be hard. It’s what we call eternity... where are souls will live that we are promised a life full of wonderful blessings,” Bri tried explaining.

“Jack, this life is like boot camp. It’s hard. It’s how we take the task thrown at us that molds us into the eternal being we become. We all enter this boot camp called Earth that is filled with this soul killing virus called sin. The only way to get rid of the virus is to accept the vaccine,” Russ said.

“Vaccine? What vaccine?” Jack asked, a bit sarcastically.

“I'm using a metaphor... the vaccine is Jesus. By accepting Jesus, you know where you get to go after boot camp,” Russ answered.

“How's Jesus like a vaccine?” Jack asked again.

“You know the only way a vaccine works is by accepting it. If the nurse holds it in front of you... you see it … you believe it exist, but if you don't take it, it's not going to help... because you haven’t allowed her to vaccinate you. For the vaccine to work, you have to accept to take it... not just look at it,” Russ explained.

“Right... but what does this have to do with God?” Jack asked.

“The vaccine for eternal life in God's Kingdom is Jesus... You have to accept Him as your Lord... your Savior. He’s the vaccine for humans to rid themselves of sin that fills this earth. No matter what you do can cleanse you from the sin this earth is contaminated with. Why would God want sin in His kingdom? It’s only through accepting... through faith... that Jesus died for your sins that allows you to get into His Kingdom... Maybe even a better way to explain it is... you have to accept His free gift to be your defense attorney when you stand there before God, His Father. Once you accept that as truth, then you try to show others His love and plan for mankind through the Golden Rule,” Russ added.

“Through kindness, love, sharing, forgiving,” Bri added.

“It sounds too easy...too cultist... and a bit like a fairy tale,” Jack answered.

“You’re right. It does. I’ll admit it. Jesus is my crutch… I will not live my life on this earth without Him. God is the King I've chosen to serve, and I will follow His son to Their Kingdom,” Russ said.

“Look, I don’t know about all that...what I do know... things have really been weird... I don’t like it. I need to have some control,” Jack answered.

“Jack, that’s okay. I understand that. Especially, here in America. We've been taught for years that we need to be in control of our lives and decisions. The last few years... and especially the last few days, have been a great example on how man really has no control of his day to day happenings. Weather, death, unexpected sickness, financial woes, all play havoc on each of our lives. We have no control,” Russ said.

Jack looked at both of them as though he were the only sane one in the room. Then, after a few seconds of no comments from anyone, Jack broke the silence.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to grab a jacket and take a walk. I really need to get away from you two for a while. I need to do some thinking on my own.”

Jack grabbed one of the jackets hanging on the coat rack next to the door.

Bri walked over to him and gave him a tight hug as she whispered in his ear. “I don’t know what I would have done these last few years without you, Jack. I love you more than you’ll ever know.”

As she let go, Jack leaned down over her and gently gave her a kiss on her cheek. “I don’t know either, kiddo,” he smiled.

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