Chapter 48: The Asperatus..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.


Once Alex got situated on the plane, he pulled out his laptop to look over all his notes from the past several months concerning the project’s codes. He had encrypted special codes no one else knew about. This way it could never be sabotaged or stolen from him.

“I created these holograms. I created this program. I can stop it... I have to stop it,” he said quietly to himself leaning his head back against the window-seat.

Closing his computer, Alex looked up and saw a young couple climbing aboard. They were smiling and laughing as though there were no cares in the world. Nodding to them as they passed by, Alex felt a pain in his heart as he wondered if he could ever win Brianna back.

Closing his eyes, he tried to picture Bri’s smile and her gentle touch. But, haunting his vision was the look on her face when she found out what he was doing. It was as though she saw him as Lucifer himself. Would he ever see her eyes light up again when she saw him walk into a room?

Turning to look out the plane’s window, he became frozen as he watched a large black thick cloud begin to take over the sky. It was rolling in like lava from an erupting volcano. Never in his life had he watched the sky turn so dark and violent-looking in such a short time. As the wind began to pick up, the plane began to sway as though it was being tossed in an ocean wave.

Fear and chaos overtook the plane’s passengers as it was pushed into the airport’s terminal.

“Everyone, please stay calm,” the pilot pleaded over the intercom. “’Please take your seats and put on your seat belts.”

No one listened. The passengers pushed the airline stewards out of the way trying to make it to the exit door. No one was able to get off because the stairs had detached from the plane. But as quick as the cloud and the wind came, it disappeared.

An eerie feeling over took the pit in Alex’s stomach. He knew that cloud. It was not a natural cloud. It was a man-made cloud — an Asperatus cloud... created when too much silver iodine is seeded into a cloud.

“My God, they’re starting it. What kind of fool is he?” Alex spurted out as he pushed his way to the cockpit.

He pulled out his wallet where he presented the stewardess with a circular metal object. She looked at Alex oddly as she allowed him to pass into the area where only the pilots are allowed.

Startled by his appearance into the cockpit, the main pilot jumped from his seat to charge Alex.

Quickly, Alex flashed this special object that seemed to mesmerize people when they would see it.

“Wow, so these badges actually exist,” the pilot said taking a more relaxed stand while keeping his eyes on Alex’s hands to be sure he wasn’t going to pull anything else from his pockets.

“Yes. They do,” Alex smiled as he placed the circular golden badge engraved with “Unus Universitas Ordo et Pacis ut Vox” back into his pocket.

“And for the safety of you, your crew and all the passengers, do not even think about getting a plane into the air for the next two days,” Alex said.

Both pilots stared at Alex in disbelief. 

“The next two days?” the co-pilot questioned.

“That’s what I said. That cloud was an Asperatus. They are created when too much silver iodine is being seeded into a cloud. I don’t know who is calling for it to be done, but those clouds are very dangerous. They come out of nowhere and can bring the winds of F5 tornado with them. But, what I really need from you two is to get me off this plane immediately,” Alex said.

After getting the passengers calmed down, it was explained to them that all flights were going to be cancelled for the next few hours to see what the meteorologist had to say about the unique weather they had just experienced. For safety reasons, all would be evacuated from the plane immediately using the inflatable stairway.

Alex grabbed his belongs quickly, and the stewardess allowed him to be the first one off. Making his way to the car rental desk, he again showed his badge and said he needed a car immediately.

The clerk behind the desk did not recognize this badge. She began to question who Alex was and why did he think he was more important than anyone else standing in line needing a car.

Before Alex even had to ask for her superior, her manager recognized the badge and its engraving right away.

“Do what he requests and ask no more questions,” the manager sternly explained to the clerk.

“Thank you,” Alex said taking the keys to his rented vehicle before heading to the luggage terminal where he found his and Bri’s other bag. Quickly he grabbed his belongings and headed towards the car.

Looking up at the sky, he saw that the clouds seemed normal again.

“Thank God,” he murmured before he noticed another dark cloud looming in the distance. And, it seemed to be growing.

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