Chapter 52: The Office..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 52: The Office

After driving for several hours, Alex finally made his way back to the Capitol where he went straight to his office. Walking pass Marcy’s desk, a cold shiver went down his spine. Was she really gone or was this one of Robert’s cruel tricks trying to play on his psyche?

“Dr. Jones what are you doing here so late?” asked the night watchman. “It’s so hard to believe she’s gone. She was like your right hand. I’m really so sorry.”

At first Alex didn’t answer. He just gave him a strange look. Then, he remembered his manners.

“Thank you, Jesse.”

Opening the door to his office, he entered timidly. When turning on the light, he was met by a surprise — an empty desktop. Not only was Marcy gone, now his computer along with his many paper files were missing.

“They’ve removed my computer. They’re such fools,” Alex whispered to himself.

Pulling his laptop out of his bag, Alex inserted a special CD and USB stick. After typing in several key codes, he was into Project Blue Beam. With a stroke of a few special keys the images of Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed appeared on his screen.

After several more keystrokes, the images came out of his computer as hologram reproductions of life-size human men. 

Each figure greeted him with a...“Hello Alex.”

“Hello boys,” Alex returned.

Looking at his created images, Alex felt a strange surge of energy go through his being. It was as though he were looking at his own creation of beings… beings that were created to bring peace and harmony to a world that needed salvation… a world that was searching for what these beings were created to offer.

As the images patiently waited for instruction from their master, Alex sat there observing the mystical images.

Slowly walking over to them, he reached out his hand to place it on Buddha’s shoulder. But since Buddha was only a visual image, not a solid object, Alex’s hand went through him.

“What is wrong?” asked Buddha. “You seem troubled my master.”

Alex stopped and stared at the three of them as they hovered over his carpet floor.

“Do you feel a part of this world?” Alex asked.

“What do you mean?” asked Jesus.

“I mean do you feel like you are real, that you really exist?” Alex asked them.

“If you have created us, then yes, therefore we exist,” Jesus answered.

“But, you are unable to touch anything... to hold anything,” said Alex, walking over to his desk and picking up the phone. “You can’t do this. Solid objects... solid mass — it has no impact on you. You are just energy created from a one dimensional image, but now have been given depth. You don’t need air or food... So, do you truly exist?”

“We do not need bread to live on. It is through your words that we exist, Master,” said the hologram Mohammad.

Alex walked away from his created images toward his desk where he found a picture of Brianna still on his desk. Sitting down in his chair, he picked up the photo and leaned back holding it and staring at it. 

“This is a picture of Bri — an image. This picture cannot hold me or kiss me or tell me it loves me, but it does exist. While this picture of Bri is not the real Bri, the Bri, whom the photo was taken of, is real.”

“Jesus,” Alex asked the Jesus hologram. “Do you love me?”

“Of course I love you. I love everyone that is why I was made.”

“Then, can you take away this hurt my heart feels because what has happened between me and Bri?” Alex asked the hologram Jesus.

“Of course I can,” it answered.

“Then, do it,” Alex demanded.

The hologram just looked at Alex.

“Why aren’t you taking away the pain, Jesus? The real Jesus would. Why aren’t you?”

The hologram just hovered in the air... staring at Alex.

“Master, why do you yell at him? We want peace and love to work together for mankind. We have been created for all to find their own salvation,” hologram Buddha calmly, yet, eerily explained.

Alex looked at the holograms realizing that they did exist. They existed as fake gods. They were not real gods… They were like the picture he held in his hand.

While the image looked like Bri, it was not real human Bri. Resting his head on his desk, Alex closed his eyes.

Peace… God… love… death… eternity… Marcy. All these images and thoughts were racing through his mind.

“What is right? What is wrong? Isn’t it all relative anyway?” He let out in a painful cry.

“Alex, you seemed troubled,” said a woman’s voice. “Look deep into your heart, Alex. You will find the truth.”

“Yes, yes you are right. You have always been right. You have never lead me wrong,” Alex said looking up at the female image standing in a dim lit room amongst his three created gods.

“Dig deep into your soul, Alex. The answer is there. You will see it and you will feel it once that peace that passes all understanding comes over you,” explained the soft spoken woman.

Alex sat silent, looking at the beautiful silhouetted hologram. Then, slowly, with a quiver in his voice, he asked, “But what about you?”

“The end will justify the means my love,” she answered as she slowly faded away.

Alex got up from his desk and walked over to his office window. Looking out towards the east, he saw more Asperatus clouds rolling towards the great capital.

“God, please forgive me and give me the strength to do what is needed to be done,” he wept.

Alex’s prayer was interrupted by his cell phone. He looked and saw it was the senator calling. He let it ring over to voice mail. He then walked over to his laptop to put it away. But, as he hit the button, a picture of Bri popped up.

“Oh, Bri,” Alex whispered as he took his fingers and outlined the silhouette of her face on the screen.

“Why? Why has all this become so complicated? I just wanted to love you, share my life with you… and we still can… I’ll show you…No, I will prove to you that I do love you and you do love me,” Alex whispered as thoughts began to run rampant in his mind on the project… his life’s work… his creation.

Then, he began to dwell on Bri’s accusation of everything he had done for mankind as being evil, and it tore at his inner being.

“Bri, I’m not evil! I’m human!” he yelled, holding his head feeling as though it were going to explode.

Getting his thoughts together, Alex’s eyes were directed to his left hand where he noticed his wedding band glistening from the illumination of his computer screen.

“Where is she?” he yelled.

Then, he noticed something in the picture. Bri was sitting behind her computer with an opened website. Its image was reflecting off the mirror behind her. For some odd reason it captured his attention. He zoomed in to see what it said. Writing it down Alex transposed the site so it was no longer reflected backwards… “Green Ministries!”

Alex typed the site into his computer… “A prophecy site. It figures,” Alex gently smiled, adding, “She does love talking about Jesus coming back.”

Then he noticed something… a new updated video... Holograms Soon to Hit the Sky Leading ALL Astray.

Without any delay, he clicked onto the site. There he found himself along with his friends Maureen, Steve and Senator Donovan explaining Project Blue Beam. Alex froze as he watched in disbelief.

“How did this happen? Why did this happen?”

Again his phone rang, looking down he saw it was the senator. Rather than letting the voice mail pick it up again, he took the call.

“Bob, I was just getting ready to listen to your message.”

“Have you seen what disobeying me has done?!” The senator yelled into the phone.

“What do you mean?” Alex questioned, acting as though he had no idea about the video he himself had just watched.

“Haven’t you been on the Internet yet?” the senator angrily questioned.

“Why do you ask?” Alex said just wanting to give himself time to get his thoughts together.

“Have you not seen the video that exploits you and me and that sweet couple Steve and Maureen as some kind of monsters trying to deceive people? Alex, if these videos are not stopped immediately, not only will they destroy us, but they will destroy the project, and most importantly, the world’s chance for peace!”

Alex didn’t know quite how to answer the senator. Normally, he liked to pride himself in always speaking the truth, but this was a time he didn’t know if the truth was a good choice or not. 

“What site are you talking about?”

“Go into YouTube and type in ‘hologram’ or ‘end of the world’ and see what comes up!”

Alex did as he was told, and he saw the video he just watched earlier on the Green Ministries Website.


“Wow! That’s the only word your super level of high intelligence can conjure up to say?” the senator shouted.

“Bob, let me see what sites are playing this and I will start pulling them immediately. I’m surprised you don’t already have someone hacking into these systems to crash them already,” Alex answered back rather placid.

“I do! But what I need you to do is find that beast and her entourage and stop them now! Do you understand me, Alex? If you don’t, I will!” With that harsh demand, the phone went dead as the senator slammed it down.

Doing some quick research on the Internet, Alex tracked down who was behind the Green Ministries Website. To his complete surprise, he discovered that the site was owned by Russell Green.

“Russ,” Alex said quietly. “She is with Russ, the station’s general manager.”

As Alex began searching for Russ’s address, he started wondering if this whole thing between him and Bri had been a set up from the start for this story. Had Bri used his feelings for her to crack a major news story? Was she really in love with Russ? Maybe she wasn’t’ even the woman he thought she was.

“No!” he screamed as these thoughts began to take control of his mind. “She loves me… She has always loved me!”

Alex slammed his computer shut and placed it back into his bag. Grabbing it, then tossing his back pack over his shoulder, he headed out the door to leave his office.

“You leaving Dr. Jones?” Jesse asked concerned.

“Yeah Jesse. I’m heading home for the evening. It’s been a long day, and I need to get my thoughts together,” Alex answered as he locked his office door.

“About Marcy?” Jesse softly added.

For a minute Alex had forgotten all about Marcy, but looking at Jesse he answered.

“Yes... about Marcy.”

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