Chapter 58: The Plan of Action ..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 58: The Plan of Action

Alex how do we get to your computer?” Russ asked getting straight to business without any small talk.

“It’s pretty easy to get to,” Alex answered as he tried to gain his composure. “If you or Jack would drive me, I can get in and put the code in that will destroy the hologram images.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” Dr. Le Claire interrupted. “You are way too sick.”

“She’s right Alex. And, if your fever comes back and you go out of your head again, it would probably ruin our goal of destroying the project,” Russ agreed.

“Okay, then, I can give you the code. You’re computer savvy. And, Jack can go with you to help.”

“You guys are going to put me in charge of saving the world?” Jack snickered.

“No,” Bri said knocking him in the shoulder giving him a sarcastic smile. “You will be aiding Russ, who will be saving the world!”

“Okay, you two,” Russ said rolling his eyes wondering how he ever got stuck with them. “Stop acting up. Let’s listen to Alex explain what we need to do!”

Alex watched how Bri was so relaxed and at ease with Jack. He so badly desired that relationship with Bri. Smiling at her, he asked Bri to get him some paper and a pen. He began writing down different codes to get to the holograms, and then, the code needed to stop the project. As he was writing down the last few steps needed to destroy his creation, he stopped.

Looking up at Bri, then towards Jack and Russ, he softly said, “I made them you know? They trust me to take care of them?”

No one said a word. Alex just stared down at the paper.

“Alex, they’re not real. They’re like animated cartoons and if they’re not destroyed, they will destroy real living beings on this earth,” Russ said sternly, but with much compassion.

Alex didn’t look up. He just stared at the paper. Russ nodded to Bri for her help to say something to give him encouragement to continue on with giving them the needed directions.

“Alex,” Bri said in a whisper, kneeling down next to him on the sofa, touching his hand. Carefully choosing her words, Bri continued. “I know these holograms are like your children. You’ve created them to help all the people in this world… To help this world find peace.”

“Yes. Yes!” said Alex, looking up at Bri and adding with much excitement. “They are good. They were created to do good. They trust me to protect them. They’ve done nothing wrong. Why must they be destroyed?”

“Alex, if they aren’t destroyed, they are going to be used by evil people to do evil. You created your holograms to help,” Bri softly explained, this time taking both of Alex’s hands into hers.

“Alex...” she paused. “Sometimes people or things must die to save others… just like Jesus had to die for us to have eternal salvation, the gods you have created must die to give humans the chance to find that salvation that Jesus died for.”

Tears began to fill Bri’s eyes, as she was coming to the realization that not only was this man whom she so desired physically ill, but he was mentally tormented, too.

Russ noticed how Bri seemed to be emotionally hurting and fighting back tears. He jumped in to help her comfort Alex to convince him he was doing the right thing by destroying his creation.

“Alex, God allowed His son to die so that we can have eternal life with Him. You have to let your holograms die, too, so the world can know the truth and find real salvation.”

“I do... don’t I?” Alex said looking at Bri with complete and total trust.

She nodded her head in agreement. A sigh of relief filled the air as Alex finished writing the last needed code down and handed it to Russ. As Russ took the paper, his phone rang.

“It’s the station,” he informed them.

After a three-minute phone conversation, Russ shared the news.

“We need to change plans. I’ve been called into work to help cover all the stories coming in about all the strange weather occurring all over the world.”

“Jack can go with Dr. Le Claire,” Alex quickly suggested.

“No, Alex. I need to stay here and keep an eye on you. By no means are you out of the woods. “You’re still a very sick man,” the doctor explained.

“Jack can do it by himself,” Alex then added.

“He’s not going alone. He’d kill himself and destroy the world! I’ll go with him,” Bri said.

Alex closed his eyes for a moment, then sternly said, “Bri, I don’t want you to go.”

“Alex,” Bri looked at him rather puzzled that he would even make such a suggestion, “I can’t let him go alone!”

Alex pleaded with all of them not to let Bri go.

“I see how it is. Good old Jack can be sacrificed... but not Bri. Yeah, that’s right. Alex, throw me out in front of the oncoming tank... but not sweet Bri!” Jack said somewhat seriously.

“No, Jack that’s not what I mean,” Alex tried explaining. Then, he asked, “Dr. Le Claire would you and Bri please leave while I talk to Russ and Jack alone for a minute.”

Bri shot Alex an odd look. “What? You don’t think I can handle this?”

Alex didn’t answer her.

“Okay,” she said walking out with the doctor, then closing the door behind her.

“Bri,” Dr. Le Claire said with compassion and care, “maybe he has something he needs to share with them that he feels might upset you. Just the little that I’ve gotten to know about him these past few hours, he is a very caring person... and he really loves you.”

At first Bri stood with a blank expression, then she gave the doctor a small smile.

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