Chapter 62: Meeting of the Bri's...."Deception In The Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

CHAPTER 62: Meeting of the Bri's

Jack entered Alex's office alone. Turning the light on, he saw the computer on the desk. Walking over to the computer, he noticed the picture that Alex did not want Bri to see. It was a photo of Alex at the age he is today... with Bri when she was about 18.

Jack picked it up and stared at it. Part of him wanted Bri to see it, so she could see what kind of weirdo she had married. But, another part of him wanted to protect Bri from knowing the type of weirdo she had married... and just let her be happy.

Jack put the picture down and turned on the computer. He began putting in the first set of codes Alex had directed him to do. Then, he got to the part where he needed to answer the questions.

Did he say answer both questions with the word ‘yesterday’ or just the one? I’ll answer both. It’s probably better to answer both than just the one, right? Jack thought to himself.

Jack entered ‘yesterday’ in the second question and hit the enter key. The screen went blank for a few seconds then “hologram port file” appeared on the screen.

“Oh crap. How do I delete this?”

Scanning the screen with his finger trying to see what options he had to choose from, unknowingly the touch of his finger opened the “open all” file. The computer screen flashed a view times, then he heard a man’s voice.


Quickly, Jack turned around to see a floating figure that looked like the many portraits of Jesus he had seen.

“You’re not Alex?” a woman’s voice said as she too hovered over the carpet next to the man hologram… then came several more men and two children.

“Rachel? Sam?” Jack questioned out loud in shock.

Wondering whom Jack was talking to, Bri came into the room.

“Oh, my God!” Bri said in disbelief as she entered a room filled with about a dozen full size glowing figures. The holograms all turned to look at Bri.

While the other holograms stood in place, the female hologram hovered over towards Jack and asked, “Who are you... and why are you here... and why did she call you God?”

As the female hologram hovered next to Jack, Bri realized who it was. It was her... in her youth.

“We are friends of Alex’s,” Bri explained as she made her way towards Jack. Trying to walk around the floating images, Bri sometimes found that she had to actually walk through them, which would cause a strange jolt of energy to surge through her body.

“How do we know you are his friends, and you are not someone here to destroy him... or us?” Hologram-Bri asked.

“Wow... that is a really good question,” Bri answered, hoping that Jack would do or say something.

But Jack wasn’t talking, he was still in shock as he watched more holograms being formed.

Then, Bri saw the picture on Alex’s desk of him as he was today and her back in college. Picking the photo up, she saw that the image of her in the picture was a hologram — the hologram currently hovering around her.

“That’s what he didn’t want you to see,” Jack finally spoke.

“But he wanted me to see them?” Bri said, nodding her head at all the holograms, which had now grown to a group of close to 25.

“Probably not,” Jack said, not taking his eyes off of all the unusual images forming around him.

Gathering her thoughts, she was finally able to put her question into words for Hologram-Bri.

“Are these your children?” she asked pointing to the holograms of Rachel and Sam.

The hologram moved closer to Bri.

“Yes, these are our children, Rachel and Sam. Alex and I love them very, very much.”

Bri didn’t know what to do or say. But as she stood there completely mesmerized by this hologram, Jack leaned over and said, “You weren’t too bad looking in your early 20’s.”

“What does God mean when he stares at me and tells you that you weren’t too bad looking?” asked the hologram.

“Trust me, he’s not God,” Bri said while giving Jack the eye.

“Then, who is he and why did you call him God?” asked the hologram.

“He’s a friend of Alex’s. His name is Jack. I didn’t mean to call him God. I was calling out to God because I was surprised to see all of you here... in Alex’s office,” Bri tried explaining.

“Who is God then?” the hologram asked.

“He is the Creator… the Almighty Being that made us,” Bri answered.

Hologram-Bri hovered around Bri.

“Alex created me and them,” she said pointing to the other holograms that had now grown to a group of 35 holograms. “So, Alex is God?”

“Let me answer this one, Bri,” Jack said.

Before Bri could stop him, Jack said, “Alex is definitely not God. He is a weirdo, his name to us is Weirdo-the-Science- Guy.”

The hologram stared at Jack giving him a peculiar look. Then, she turned to Bri, moving even closer to her. Feeling the holograms surge of energy cutting through her body, Bri stepped back feeling somewhat intimidated by this strange form hovering around her.

“You are real me, aren’t you?” Hologram-Bri asked Bri.

Bri wasn’t sure how to answer her hologram-self. Looking at Jack, then turning to the hologram, Bri nodded ‘yes’ as she said, “I am an older you... in human form.”

Circling Bri, the hologram tried reaching out to touch her. Bri jumped back startled.

“Why did you jump?” the hologram asked Bri.

“You’re like in her personal space,” Jack said trying to push the hologram away only to find that his hands passed through the image.

“Can I ask you a question?” Bri asked the hologram.

“Of course,” the hologram answered.

“Where do you live when you are not here?”

“In there,” the hologram pointed to the computer screen.

“Do you sleep when the computer is turned off?” Jack asked.

“Computer?… Turned off?” the hologram repeated.

“Yes,” said Jack explaining. “This is called a computer and when the screen is black and no electricity is on to give it power, we call that turned off.”

The male hologram with the dark hair and beard wearing a white robe came forward. Standing next to Hologram-Bri, he introduced himself as Jesus.

“I thought he was Jesus!” Jack said proudly to Bri.

“I can’t believe you...Why? Just why?” Bri said very agitated.

Jack just smiled.

“That explains why we aren't able enter this portal all the time. The computer must be off,” he said, looking at Hologram-Bri.

The room had now filled with over 50 holograms. Some holograms resembled famous gods of mythology such as Zeus and Venus, and there were even some that resembled famous American movie stars that had passed or some who were even still living.

“So when you are not here... you still exist?” Bri asked the hologram who called himself Jesus.

“Yes,” it answered.

“It’s like they live in cyberspace,” Jack whispered to Bri.

Shooting Jack another look of disbelief for his statement, she asked her hologram-self... “how many of you live in there?”

“I don’t know for sure, I quit counting. After Alex created me, he began creating many friends for me... so I would not be lonely when I could not be with him,” Hologram-Bri explained.

“You were his first hologram?” Bri asked her hologram-self.

“Yes. He made me many years ago because of his love for me… or maybe I should say us,” Hologram-Bri answered.

Bri’s hologram grew even closer to her... hovering around her. Chills ran through her body as her hologram-self kept growing closer to her... causing her to become somewhat frightened.

“What’s it like to really touch Alex? That’s always been my desire... to touch him… to really be with him,” Hologram-Bri asked.

Bri looked at her hologram-self. In a strange way, she felt pity for her hologram because she knew what it was like to desire something... but be denied that craving. Not being able to touch or feel, yet having these emotions and passion to do that — would be like existing in hell.

As Bri looked into the eyes of her hologram-younger-self, the loneliness that would often overtake her when she would have to say goodbye to Alex began to grow deep inside her. That strange empty feeling also carried a darkness that was growing in her. Trying to stop it, she shrugged her shoulders hoping to rid herself of the void that was over taking her.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked Bri, noticing her strange behavior.

“Yeah, but something isn’t right here. Can you close this file? We need to hurry and do what we were sent to do,” Bri said.

When she was finally able to pull herself away from her hologram-self, she noticed the room now had over 100 holograms hovering around.

“Are you still thinking you made the right decision? I mean don’t you find this a little weird… even for the weirdo?” Jack asked while giving Bri a look of great concern.

“This is definitely weird, but this is even too weird for just Alex to have made. I almost feel like we are in another dimension,” she said, as she tried hitting different buttons on the computer… but nothing seemed to close the hologram port.

“What do you mean another dimension?” Jack questioned.

Looking up at Jack, she quietly said... “a portal into hell.”

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