Chapter 65: The Intruders..."Deceptions in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 65: The Intruders

Quickly Bri got her composure back and said, “Okay... let’s get this done.”

Jack began entering the last few codes that needed to be entered.

“Should we move it up from 30 minutes to more like 15 so we can just get out of here?” Jack asked.

“Let’s do everything the way Alex has written down for us to do,” Bri answered.

Jack entered the next code of numbers. Quickly, he hit the enter key. Both waited impatiently for the screen to prompt him for the next sequence of numbers. Finally he was instructed to input the needed code for the destruction to begin.

The computer began its countdown and the words popped up...

In 30 minutes all holograms will be destroyed Project Blue Beam will be aborted.

Once the screen went blank, Jack took the computer apart to pullout the motherboard.

“Another great assignment completed by Agent Jackson Scott Miller!” he announced with great triumph, adding, “I’m getting rid of this thing now!”

Before Bri was able to stop him, Jack walked over to the kitchen sink and turned on the garbage disposal thinking this would mangle it to pieces. But not moving his hand in time, his hand with the motherboard began to be ground up.

Blood was shooting everywhere.

“Oh dear God,” Bri screamed running over to the sink to shut off the disposal.

“What in the world were you thinking, Jack?”

“Are my fingers there?” Jack screamed.

Bri grabbed towels to wrap his hand.

“Yeah, I think everything is there,” Bri said as she tied a tourniquet knot around his hand the best she could. “We got to get you to the hospital.”

As Bri turned off the lights and began heading towards the door a car pulled up.

“What’s that noise?” Jack asked.

“It sounds like someone is coming in here,” Bri answered.

“Who is it?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know. You want me to ask who it is?” Bri whispered sarcastically.

“Quick, let’s get in the closet!” Jack said, grabbing Bri to take cover.

As the two hovered deep into the back of Alex’s walk-in closet, Bri held the pistol out with her arms fully extended and her heart pounding rapidly in her chest.

“Please Lord, I don’t want to shoot anybody. I don’t want anybody to shoot us either,” Bri prayed silent to herself as Jack sat behind her, holding onto his bleeding painful hand.

Once the intruders walked by the closet door, Bri noticed it was the same men they had seen at the coffee shop coming home from the beach. As the men looked around, they saw the empty whisky bottle and knife along with all the blood in the kitchen disposal.

“I always knew this guy was weird,” said the taller one as he held up the towel with all of Jack’s blood on it.

“What do you think he was doing?" asked the other.

"Maybe he took care of the reporter himself?” answered the taller man.

In hearing their conversation, Bri's already racing heart began to pound even harder knowing... they want me dead.

By this time Jack, too, was praying... not for their safety but due to the pain in his hand.

“Here’s his computer. But, it looks like it’s been messed with. Do you think someone else has been in here?”

The two men began looking around the one floor condo to see if they saw any evidence of someone else being in there with them.

“Hey! Look that closet door is slightly opened,” said the shorter one as he headed towards he closet.

Bri felt her heart pounding throughout her body. She silently prayed... Please Lord. Help us!

As he started to open the closet door more, a picture from Alex’s wall fell to the ground crashing. Both man jumped.

“What was that?” asked the shorter man.

The taller man saw the shattered picture on the floor. “A picture fell,” he said nodding his head over towards the wall, then, adding, “Let’s get out of here. It looks like whoever was here is gone.”

“Yeah, it was probably Jones. It looks like he’s making it look like a break-in... trying to set up that reporter. He probably did all this to keep his and the senator’s name’s cleared," said the shorter intruder as he walked away from the closet.

“Yeah, you’re probably right," said the other, adding, "This project is what this guy lived for. He would never let anybody come in here and destroy it. He's probably got tucked away safe and secure.”

The two men left the room and headed out the front door.

Once Bri heard the car drive away, she slowly turned towards Jack with gun still in hand.

“We were almost killed!” she said noticing that Jack was very white.

“Please put the gun away,” Jack said. 

Bri grew less tense and fell to her knees. “Thank you God... Thank you for saving us!”

As Bri lied on the closet floor for a few moments, she started thinking about the last 72-hours.

“This is some crazy dream isn’t it?” she started nervously laughing. “I mean there is no way that this is real. Right? I mean hologram-gods, hologram-me, heterosexual-you, evil senators, bizarre storms… okay I’m ready to wake up now.”

Jack did not respond. Bri turned to look at him. It looked as though he was getting ready to pass out or go into shock.

“Jack? Oh, my gosh, Jack. You’ve lost so much blood,” Bri helped him get up to his feet and down into the car. Climbing into the driver’s seat, Bri pulled out the cell phone and called Michelle to ask her what to do.

It was decided that Michelle was going to meet them at the hospital where she would stay with Jack and get him the medical attention needed. And, Bri would head back to Russ’s to stay with Alex.

“I’m taking you to the hospital,” Bri explained to Jack who was now just staring up at the interior of the car.

“No, Bri! They will find you.”

“Jack, I don’t care if they find me… whoever they are… you are more important to me than my safety. And anyway, I have one of the best body guards,” Bri smiled, as she peeled out of the parking lot.

“Bri I’m not much help right now... but thanks for the compliment,” Jack said sweetly.

Turning to look at Jack, Bri gave him a huge smile and laughed adding, “Not you my little super-hero — God!”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed Jack noted, “You know if you hadn’t spent so much time talking to your hologram-self, and you would have stayed out of the office like you were supposed to, none of this would have happened.”

“So you’re blaming me for this?”

“Yeah, I think I am,” he tried laughing, as he laid his head back on the seat trying to forget about the pain that was shooting throughout his hand... his arm... his entire body.

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