Every Teacher You Know


FRANKLIN, OH -- After hearing the horrific news that occurred in Uvalde Texas at Robb Elementary School, I just went into a place of denial. I couldn’t think or read about it. It’s a nightmare that no one even wants to dream ...let alone live it.

I’ve been in the school system. I substitute taught many years — some years almost everyday. I've taught all grades. Two of my sisters are teachers. My husband is a retired teacher. All three of my children and my step-daughter are teachers.

Because of my own experiences and talking with family members, unfortunately, I know the thought “this could happen” is continuously running in the back of a teacher's mind. You have to be prepared … even for the worst scenario.

Every teacher you know has thought about it.

Every teacher you know has a plan for an active shooter.

Every teacher you know has weighed their point to fight or flight.

Every teacher you know has walked their room for blind spots.

Every teacher you know has passed their classroom to see what it would look like from the outside.

Every teacher you know has wondered how fast they can lock a door.

Every teacher you know has had a talk about the “spread out” or “group together” methods.

Every teacher you know has gotten jumpy at least once at the sound of a fire alarm, unplanned announcement or screech from the quad.

Every teacher you know has wondered if they could be in the way long enough to prevent damage.

Every teacher you know has thought about how hard it would be to keep your young people quiet.

Every teacher you know has walked into a different classroom and noticed where the doors and windows are.

Every teacher you know.

My daughter posted this piece on her social media that was writen by Angelle Terrell, a high school social studies teacher. The piece has gone viral for Angelle is right. Every teacher has played this scenario over in their heads so many times. The "what if's" and the "what would I  do?"

After reading Angelle's words, I snapped out of my denial and began to read each victims story and cried all day.

To the community of Uvalde Texas, our thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you deal with this evil and horrific attack on your innocent children and their loving, caring and selfless teachers.

And to all the Warren County teachers — thank you. Thank you for going into your classrooms each day to teach. Despite all the obstacles,  challenges and negative remarks thrown at you.  You truly are some of America's greatest heroes.

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