Happy Endings Still Exist


Noah Went, Danielle Evans and Cara Agnor

FRANKLIN, OH -- A recent happening at Walmart in Franklin that involved two Gen Z’s has helped create a very heart warming positive news story on these three elements that usually only make the news when something negative happens.

Danielle Evans of Franklin Township went shopping at Walmart last Sunday Night June 5.

“It was late…It was about 10 pm,” she explained.

After having a long day, she just wanted to get home and get things ready for the week. So, after unloading her purchased items into the car, she pushed her cart back into the outside shopping corral.

“I wanted to be a good person and put my shopping cart back.” she said adding in doing that she somehow forgot her backpack/purse in the cart.

“I left my Kate Spade backpack in a shopping cart," she explained. And unfortunately, she didn’t notice this horrible mistake until she got home.

“Yea, I know... I’m an idiot. Everything was in there. My work badge, my ID, my credit cards...everything,” she announced on her TikTok video.

Evans called Walmart. Nobody answered. She called back again. This time she got lucky and somebody answered. The associate checked, but no one had turned her backpack in.

Evans told the associate she was heading back and the Walmart associate said she would look around too.

Once Evans got there, she ran over to the corral where she had placed her cart. No backpack. “It was nowhere … I was sure somebody had taken it,” she said.

After going back into Walmart, they told her they would check the security cameras for her the next morning.

“At this point I was literally freaking out,” Evans said, adding, "I called my boyfriend and told him I didn't find it and I would be heading home."

Before she was able to wrap her thoughts together to make a plan on what to do next, her boyfriend called.

“'Oh my gosh. Two people just came to our door and returned your purse... with everything in it,’” he told me.

When Danielle got home, she was so excited to thank the two… to tell them how they saved her from what could have been a living nightmare. She had a problem though. Her boyfriend did not get their names or numbers. She had no way of contacting them.

Then, he had an idea… the security camera. It would have them knocking on the door.

Danielle’s daughter helped her make a video asking for people to help her identify them so she could thank them.She uploaded her video onto TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Franklin Talk 2.0. The video began
to go viral with last count of 96.1k as of Friday June 10.

“I wanted to find them to thank them and give them something. There’s just not a lot of good people left in this world… this made my faith in humanity be a little bit better. Most people would have just stolen it. But these people drove out of their way... to my home, because my ID was in there with my address, and they returned it,” she explained.

Once it got approved to go on Franklin Talk 2.0 Facebook Page, the first comment had them identified… Cara Agnor and Noah Went... both 2020 Franklin High School Graduates.

As people began to hear about the story they too wanted to help reward these two."I had one man who used to live in Franklin 10 years ago and he donated $100," Evans explained.

Over the next four days people donated money to the reward. By Friday morning, Evans got to meet her two heroes in person and give them an in-person thank you, a hug, and $460.

“Wow,” Went said. "I didn’t expect this."

“Neither did I,” added Agnor.

When asked, why did they return it? Why didn’t they just take it?

“That never even crossed our minds,” Went said looking over at Agnor who agreed with him.

“I know how my mom is. And, I know how she would have been loosing her mind if she couldn’t find her purse,” he explained. “We did feel a little odd
looking through your purse to find your ID, but we knew we had to do it if we wanted to get it back to you.”

Both Went and Agnor explained they really didn’t expect such a thank you, because doing the act of kindness made them feel really good...but, they really did appreciate it.

And it really was a pleasant surprise Went said explaining a similar situation that had happened to his parents years ago. His parents had
found a wallet of a man who lived about an hours drive from where they had found it.

“They drove it to him. The man opened the door, took the wallet and said thanks. Then, closed
the door... and that was it. So, this is really a nice surprise,” he said.

The three chatted for about an hour getting to know each other. Before leaving Evans took a selfie of the three of them... helping her hold onto the moment that there are still good people in this world, who perform acts of
kindness at a Walmart in Franklin.

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