Ramadan Get Together

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PEACE! is what Everyone wants and PEACE! is what the World Needs now.

Ramadan,The Islamic Holy Month of Fasting (The 9th Lunar Month) is all about “Seeking Peace” with God, others and for self!

In The Holy Qur'an we read:

       "O ye who believe! fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may become righteous”

         Healthy adults are required to fast during Ramadan by abstaining from eating and drinking from Dawn to Sunset.

The physical intake is instead substituted with spiritual intake. What is ‘spiritual intake’? It is: The Remembrance of Allah(God), Praying, Reading The Holy Qur’an(The Divine Message), Giving in Charity and Doing Good Deeds etc.

The Dayton Ahmadiyya Muslim Community will gather at The Fazl-i-Umar Mosque, 637 Randolph Street, for Prayer Service and a Holy Qur’an Discourse at 7 PM every evening from March 23rd to April 20th.

We warmly invite all to come and join us in praying for world peace and unity.

The Fazl-i-Umar Mosque has its own place in History as being the first purpose-built mosque in Ohio and the first mosque built in the United States by African American converts to Islam.

Fazl-i-Umar Mosque
637 Randolph Street
Dayton, OH 45417
United States

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