Warren County News You May Have Missed Jan., 12 - 13


WARREN COUNTY, OH -- Trying to keep up with the news in Warren County can be difficult since it sits between the two major market of Cincinnati and Dayton and the two smaller markets of Middletown and Xenia... making the finding of local Warren County news rather timely.

This page has been created to help guide you straight to the sites that have news about Warren County people, schools, townships, cities, county, organizations, entertainment and much more. To see the news, just click on the summary, and it should link to the story.

Lebanon relaxes
wording in abortion law abetting law suit from ACLU

Police are looking for a woman who is suspect in shoplifting groceries from Dorothy Lane Market.

taken longer to sell in both Warren and Butler counties compared to recent past year sales

Places for Winter
Bird watching in and around Warren County

student faces disciplinary
action after posting an image on Snapchat the induced

accused of throwing fetus in trash at hotel ask for treatment rather than conviction.

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