Wood Frogs and Eggs in Gulley Park Vernal Pond


WARREN COUNTY PARK DISTRICT (GULLEY PARK), OH -- When OCVN Dave Woehr was out hiking in Warren County Park District's Gully Park, when he came across some wood frogs. 

In early March, wood frogs begin the breeding season and are one of the first frogs to do so. Females can lay up to 3,000 eggs, which hatch between 9 and 30 days later. In the wild, a wood frog’s lifespan is usually no more than three years. 

Some fun facts about wood frogs:

  • Wood Frogs are freeze tolerant and hibernate under logs or leaf litter on the forest floor. 
  • Wood Frogs can change color rapidly from very dark to very light. (They will darken when cold in order to absorb more heat.) 
  • In cold climates, wood frogs freeze over the winter. They stop breathing and their hearts stop beating while they are frozen. 
  • Their name comes from the fact that they are found mainly in wooded areas. The scientific name is Lithobates (Greek). 
  • Wood frogs do have poisonous glands that secrete a mild toxin onto their skin. This poison can harm smaller animals and other potential small prey but wood frogs really don't pose a big threat to humans when touched.
  • Wood frogs can go ups to 8 months without peeing.

For more information on wood frogs visit  the National Wildlife Federation website on wood frogs by clicking here.

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