Now In Her Sixth Year Of Helping Others... and She's Only 11 Years-old


(Contributed photo) Indigo with her brother Ozzy selling lemonade for a charitable cause

LEBANON, OH -- Now into her sixth year of doing charitable work, 11-year-old Indigo Huber along with her younger brother Ozzy will be holding a fundraiser to help a local Lebanon Family afford Service Dog Training for their child who suffers from epilepsy. 

Seven-year-old Nora began having seizures every day after November in 2021. "At her worst, Nora was having hundreds of seizures, multiple drop attacks that caused whole body drops, head drops and hand drops," explained Carrie Huber, Indigo's mom.  

"In January 2023, she had a VNS (imagine a pacemaker, but for your brain) surgically implanted to help control her seizures. Unfortunately, Nora continues to have uncontrolled seizures, about 5-7 a week. She is unable to sleep alone, some of her seizures resemble a stroke and leave her unable to move. Having a service dog would bring more independence for her, such as being able to sleep in her own room without fear. A dog would be able to alert Nora to sit down and rest in a safe place before she would have a seizure and hopefully prevent them all together with a feature on her VNS that uses a magnet to send an extra burst of electricity to her brain and kick her brain out of seizure mode," Carrie added.

"My kids have raised hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars at this point for our local charities, such as a YMCA sports equipment purchases, local veterans, Lebanon Christmas for Tots' toy purchases and more,"Carrie noted.  

Carrie explained that when they began thinking about Thanksgiving and what they were all thankful for, they thought... "our health." 

"Unfortunately, we know this is not the case for everyone," Carrie added. 

So, this Saturday, November 25th, Indigo and her brother Ozzy will have their charitable giving stand up at 12 (noon) at the corner of West St. and W Silver St. to sell cocoa and bake goods with the proceeds going to the training of Nora's service dog. 

"Nora's family is seriously a 100% model family for the rest of us; always kind, giving, humble, nonjudgemental. They go out of their way to help our environment, pure values... just a wonderful family that anybody might strive to be like," Carrie said.

"Help us help a local family pay for service dog training. Let's bring the community together to help someone in need and spread kindness and hope through our community," Carrie added. 

To see 11-year-old Indigo's first interview when she was 5-years-old on why she does, what she does, watch the Youtube below from Cincinnati's Channel 9 WCPO, when she held a lemonade stand to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims back in 2017.


Indigo and Ozzy have an facebook page for their unofficial charity stand. It is Purple Sun Charities.

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