Can The Voice of the People Change the Minds of the Developers?


CINCINNATI, OH --  While Coney Island is not in Warren County, many residents in this area have visited the well known park, from which our own Kings Island was somewhat of an offshoot. If you happened to miss the news that Coney Island is closing for good after this year's Coney Island's Nights of Lights ends Dec., 31, here  is link to original story about Coney Island will be permanently ceasing operations.  

As this news became known to the public, a group of people trying to stop the sale and eventual destruction of the country's largest pool — Coney Island's Sunlite Pool. They are seeking signatures and help in making the park an historical site. One such person is John Na. Below is the letter he sent the

Ever since I was a small child, I always looked forward to the day Sunlite Pool would be opening. My eyes shined with an eager glimmer as I packed my bag with my sunscreen and towels, knowing how much fun and excitement were ahead both for the opening day and for the summer. I would swim laps, play putt putt golf and skee ball, ride the Zoom Flume, go to the balloon glows and the Fourth of July firework shows. 

The beautiful memories I have here are unlike any other place I've ever been. When I first saw the news today of the planned closure of Coney Island and Sunlite pool, a parade of memories came and went through my mind. I felt a sense of nostalgia for all the magical warm summer days I spent swimming and riding the slides here for over 20 years, and also a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach accompanied by a profound sense of loss. 

More importantly, however, I knew immediately I needed to try everything within my power, and then some, to prevent this one of a kind historic landmark from permanently closing. There is nothing else that could ever replace Coney Island. No music venue, no profit generating, soulless corporation could ever replace the magic of Sunlite pool and the countless memories it has created that will be cherished forever. 

I know there are many thousands of others in Cincinnati who feel the same way so if ever there is a time to be loud and vocal, this is the time. I made a account and made a petition: 

To learn more, download this QR code. It will help you and others easily find and sign the petition.

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