Can Parties Divided Stand?


LEBANON, OHIO -- The official voting day for the Primary Election in Ohio is March 19. During a primary election a person must choose to either vote as a Democrat or a Republican, meaning the people that they will be voting on to run for a certain position will be from the party in which they declared themselves to be. It is during this time, the voter will choose who they believe will be the best candidate from their party to run against the opposing party's candidates in the November election.

But this year, local politics is getting rather "complicated" within the two main parties when it comes to the Primary Election in Warren County  

While the Warren County Republican's have two different slates being handed out, some candidates in the  Warren County Democrat Party are calling for their constituents and supporters to NOT VOTE in the March 19th Primary. 

Republican Party 

Often when going to the polls to vote, voters are greeted by someone from the Republican and/or Democrat party to see if they would like a list of the candidates that their party has endorsed. Since this is a Primary Election, several of the races have two or three Republicans running against each other to be the Republican candidate for the 2024 November Election.

The problem this year for Warren County Republicans is the fact that there are two Republican "endorsed"slates. One is the "officially endorsed" slate from the Warren County Central Committee paid for by the Warren County Republican Party. The other is from the Warren County Republican Leaders created by  "Paid for by Friends of Linda Oda."  

While the two slates have endorsed many of the same candidates that are running unopposed, there are several candidates who do not appear on both slates, showing that the Warren County Republican Party is not unified. 

Oda, who is currently the Warren County Recorder and is endorsed on both slates, explained why the "Paid for by Friends of Linda Oda" slate was created... 

"The slate cards represent different views from different groups of Republicans - some of whom disagree as to who the best candidates are. Myself and many of the other Republican office holders believe that the individuals on our slate card would better represent the people of Warren County. Because of our elected positions in state, county and/or local government, we have a perspective that our party officials may not have. So, for whatever value it may have to the voters, we are trying to get the word out for the candidates we support. Ultimately, it is up to the voters to decide."

Several of the Republican Central Committee members reached out to the expressing their disappointment and frustration in this action. They explained that this not only went against what the Central Committee members had voted, but they called the action unethical. 

Democratic Party 

Frustrated with the Biden Administration, Cleveland Canova, who is the only Democrat running for State Representative Position for District 56 is  "challenging other candidates and incumbents from both parties, Republican and Democrat, to tell their constituents and supporters to NOT VOTE in the March 19th primary."

Canova explained that "last Saturday I attended a 'ceasefire now' rally and march in Downtown Cincinnati in which I spoke to many Palestinian and Israeli protestors with direct ties to that region. It is clear that this issue is not limited to the Middle East but affects Americans and Ohioans who see the tragic death and destruction of innocents caught in the cross fire of geo politics and reckless military retribution. Myself along with thousands of other Ohioans are concerned and deeply disheartened with the lack of response from the Biden Administration along with our State Senator Sherrod Brown in addressing the humanitarian crisis currently going on in that region."

Canova noted that by boycotting the primary..."We hope to send a message to President Biden that we will not support his administration until he urges Israel for an immediate Ceasefire and resolution that would allow UN Peacekeepers safe passage into Gaza, in order to evaluate the situation and provide needed aide. Please share this with other candidates and together we can bridge regional partisan politics and make real change to help those in the most need.” 

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