Landsman Returns from Bipartisan Congressional Visit to Israel:


WARREN COUNTY, OH -- Last week, Congressman Greg Landsman (OH-01) returned from a bipartisan Congressional delegation to Israel with a group of nine House members. The visit involved high-level meetings with key Israeli leaders, including Defense Minister Gallant and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

The discussions focused on:

  • Military operations in Gaza and eliminating military and governing capabilities of Hamas
  • Need to bring home the remaining hostages, including eight Americans
  • Surge of humanitarian aid, which will require improved distribution efforts within Gaza
  • Importance of Hezbollah and Iran agreeing to end their aggression in Northern Israel
  • April attack by Iran on Israel and the success of Iron Dome
  • Efforts to ensure a post-conflict plan that includes a sustainable peace

Congressman Landsman:

“The major military operations in Gaza are likely coming to an end within weeks, and Hamas’ military and governing capabilities appear to have been effectively destroyed. Ending Hamas’s reign will allow Israel and the Palestinians to move forward in peace. The remaining priority must be to get every hostage home and ensure the surge in humanitarian aid gets to every corner of Gaza.

For me, being in the room is where you have impact, and I am determined to have the most impact I can. That’s why I continue to work closely with key decision-makers, and why this is my fourth trip to Israel as a new member of Congress and my second since October 7th. This isn’t an issue where sharing opinions is sufficient. You have to get in the game and work.

Israel is arguably the most important and strategic U.S. partner in the middle east – for democracy, freedom, technology, jobs, and progress in general. And they are in the middle of an existential war with Iran and Iranian-backed terror groups, Hamas and Hezbollah.

This visit made it clear that achieving security and peace will require bold leadership and international support to defeat these terror groups. I am certain that security and peace is absolutely possible – but it will require serious people doing serious work.

Hamas is facing defeat and must agree to the current ceasefire proposal, get every hostage home, and allow for humanitarian aid to reach all Gazans now that more and more aid is coming in. We also need Hezbollah to stand down and halt its unprovoked aggression against Israel.

Lastly, we will need a post-conflict plan that brings the global community together to ensure a sustainable peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

I left this trip feeling both hopeful and even more determined.”

Landsman has been one of the most outspoken new members of Congress on the war in the Middle East and emerged as a leader on the subject. In addition to his multiple trips before and after October 7th to the Middle East and Israel, Landsman worked in Israel from 2015-2020, prior to becoming a member of Congress, supporting philanthropic efforts to empower Ethiopian-Israeli children and families. The Congressman also has a master’s degree in theology from the Harvard Divinity School where he focused on religion and global conflict.

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