Boiling Point


Springboro's Guy Pasvogel, published author, shares his thoughts

Do you remember the famous fable of the frog in boiling water? If not, it goes like this…

A frog was put in a pot of cold water. It was feeling good in that it felt just like the pond he used to live in. Gradually, the temperature of the water increased to warm and the frog thought, “Wow, I feel like I am almost human! Taking a warm bath is so soothing and relaxing. What a life! Could you turn on the TV so I could watch March Madness on ESPN while I bathe?”

Then, the temperature was SLOWLY raised to the boiling point…bye-bye frog.

I know that sounds a bit gruesome, but I thought about this fable as I was taking a shower last night. Before getting in, I always set the temperature to my comfort level before stepping in. After being in the shower for a few brief moments, my water heater pipe catches up with the cold water pipe and the water temperature gets really hot! 

Time to readjust. (This procedure reminds of another fable called “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” in which she says, “This porridge is too cold, this porridge is too hot, and this porridge is just right.”)

Frogs are not as fortunate as we humans. They have legs, which are quite tasty to eat when dining out, but their arms are too short to reach a burner much less turn it from boil to medium.

So what is the lesson to be learned from the frog in a pot of boiling water? 

Like the said frog in the fable, we as a society should be able to monitor the temperature of our surroundings as we live day to day. Failure to do so could mean our demise.

Take immigration, for example. Many of us are patriotic Americans because our ancestors took the big step and immigrated to our great country to find religious or political freedom that they did not have in their original homeland. 

I,for one, am a fourth generation American whose relatives came from Germany in the 1870’s. They did it the legal way, applying for citizenship and being accepted into the country.

Over the years, we as a country have welcomed immigrants from other lands wishing a better life in America. We have monitored each person according to their situation and established a legal way to attain citizenship. By becoming an American citizen, all rights are given to said individual, including the right to vote.

Over the last three years, there have been approximately 6.5 million illegal encounters at our southern border. Of these, approximately 57% have been released into the U.S. or 3.5 million illegals. 

Where have they gone?

Many have gone to Sanctuary cities like New York City or Chicago. Some are being housed in hotels, while others are living on the streets. Our taxpayer money is being used to subsidize these illegals.

Squatters are moving into vacant houses and owners are being arrested for trying to evict them. Others live on the streets in homeless camps.

Another issue of uncontrolled immigration is the rampant surge of drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine that are illegally smuggled across our southern border. These drugs are big business to the Mexican cartels and are killing our population.

Are you feeling the heat yet? 

Have you reached your boiling point?

Probably not. While we live comfortably in our suburban surroundings, our cities are being overrun by illegals who are given privileges we took so long to earn. When will the migration filter into the suburbs due to cities being maxed out of resources needed to house and feed them?

How long will it take until illegals are given our jobs at a lower wage, or the right to vote? When does a melting pot of immigrants from other nations yearning to be free become a boiling pot of unmonitored illegals overrunning our borders with little respect for our laws? 

When we let it!

Immigration…time to control it before IT controls US.

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