Until We Meet Again In 2037


Photo by Lynn Christianson

WAYNESVILLE, OH -- Lynn Christianson was at Hisey Park in Waynesville last Thursday (August 30, 2023) when she captured this beautiful image of the Super Blue Moon something that will not happen again until 2037. 

According to NASA Science at moon.nasa.gov, a Super Bluemoon has a trifecta of labels applied to it. The moon is called "Super" when it is at or near its closest point to Earth at the same time it is full moon.

Next, it is called "Blue" when when there are two full moons twice in a single month.... meaning the moon is not actually blue in color.

Then, because the moon is at its closet point to the earth at this time, it looks about 14% bigger than when it is at is furthest point. And because it is closer to the earth, it will appear a bit brighter.  

According to the moon.nasa.gov site, the next time we earthlings will see a Super Blue Moon will be in 2037 when there will be two Super Blue Moons... one in January and the other in March.

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