Waynesville to Launch New Website on March 21, 2022


WAYNESVILLE, OH -- Waynesville Council meets Monday evening at 7pm March 21, 2022 where Warren County Sheriff, Larry Simms and Major Steve Arrasmith, Warren County Drug Task Force are scheduled to provide a year-end Sheriffs Office Report and a year-end Drug Task Forces Report.

During the meeting Village Manager Gary Copeland will be asking council to make a motion to contribute $5,668.00 to the Greater Warren County Task Force, which is the amount paid in the previous years.

In his Council Report for the meeting Copeland states, “They (Greater Warren County Task Force) have been a great asset to the community, and we appreciate the service they provide.”

The village will also be launching a new village website…villageofwaynesville.org , on Tuesday, March 22nd. 

“This is an additional way to communicate with the public, so they are aware of what is going on in the community. They can also use it as a resource to obtain needed information,” Copeland notes in his report.

Copeland will also be recommending that council go with Ohio Valley Painting Company to restore the village’s current light poles. (Ohio Valley Painting Company is the company that restored Springboro's lights.) After the Pubic Works meeting, a decision was made to research other options for the Main Street lights because of the high replacement costs.

The total cost to restore 52 light poles, which includes the lights in Veteran’s Park, and the 18 street sign poles to match the lights is $12,944.00 according to Copeland's report.

Contributed Photo of Springboro's light and street sign poles

After visiting Springboro, Copeland will be recommending to change the color to black for “it looked very good, and it will help to determine that the poles have been completely reconditioned.”

Contributed photo of corner of SR42 & SR73 taken on March 8th, 2022

Also in Copeland’s Council Report he will be sharing these two photos of the lot on the comer of SR42 & SR73 taken on March 8th, 2022. There is a pending request to fill-in this area for future development. “This has been discussed and is still being researched. I wanted to share these photos as I am confidant the relocation of this water will have an adverse impact on some other properties,” he notes.

Council will also vote to accept minutes of the March 7 meeting, which includes:

  • Andrew Shipman, David Nation, and Brian Blankenship addressing Council as members of the Friend's Museum Board in reference to the Lockup. As members of the Friend’s Board, they would like to go forward with accepting the Lockup to be used as a multifunction room for the community.
  • They asked if the Village could draw up an agreement and deed the property, 260 Chapman, to the Museum.
  • Councilman Chris Colvin asked Law Director Jeff Mr. Forbes what the next steps would be to donate the building to the Museum. Forbes responded that he would draw up a purchase agreement between the Museum and the Village for $1 that spells out the terms as discussed in tonight's meeting.
  • Forbes also pointed out that Blankenship will no be able to participate in further discussions or vote on the contract as he has a conflict of interest being both on Council and the Museum Board.
  • Clerk of Council Jamie Morley suggested that Council reconsider including 260 Chapman Street in the required Historic District to ensure that any changes to the outside of the building must be approved by the Historic Preservation Board.

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