Chapter 8: T he Kincaide Interview...."Deceptions in the Air"


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Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 8: The Kincaide Interview

Bri took Jack down memory lane to her interview with Dr. Walter Kincaide and Dr. James Wilson. The two top medical scientist had been invited to discuss the topic on how Michigan’s changing weather patterns were affecting human health issues, but the report ended up turning into a heated debate on the existence of chemtrails.

While Dr. Kincaide held onto the strong position that they existed, Dr. Wilson held onto the belief that the idea of chemtrails was pure conspiracy.

“James you know we have evidence that planes are spraying more than just condensation trails made up of water vapor. There is too much evidence showing that harmful chemicals are being sprayed into our sky. Not only is this causing our weather to change but these trails are making people sick,” Dr. Kincaide said.

“Don’t be such a fool, Walter,” Dr. Wilson snobbishly retorted. “Your conspiracy theories are putting panic into the people who are easily persuaded with fear tactics. Science has proven that our weather is changing because of global warming … not chemicals being sprayed into the sky.”

“Do you not understand that these chemicals being shot into our atmosphere are not only extremely dangerous to us but to our planet?” Dr. Kincaide asked.

As the debate began to get heated, Bri decided it was time to interrupt.

“Dr. Wilson, we do have legislation being made in several cities in California to stop what some may call geoengineering… or as Dr. Kincaide has called it, chemtrails,” Bri said.

“Legislation? What type of legislation?” Dr. Wilson asked surprised.

“Richmond, a city in northern California passed the Space Preservation Act back in 2015 and Nevada City passed a Chemtrail Free Zone,” Dr. Kincaide quickly responded.

“California! Walter think about what you just said,” Dr. Wilson laughed. “You need to say no more!”

“Dr. Wilson, the California resolution was introduced by councilwoman Jovanka Beckles in support of a 2001 bill introduced by Ohio U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich, a man whom was considered to be a presidential candidate not once but twice,” Bri added.

“Politicians are politicians. They are not scientist. They only know what they are being told. Whomever was informing him that chemtrails are real and these chemicals are being used to depopulate or control the minds of people were misinforming him... We all know politicians say and do things to keep themselves elected,” Dr Wilson said.

“Aluminum!” Dr. Kincaide blurted. “There’s all kinds of evidence that shows aluminum and barium are being sprayed through out our hemisphere.”

“That’s preposterous! Our government is not spreading aluminum over its own people,” Dr. Wilson retorted quickly. “You are just spreading more lies adding to these conspiracy nut jobs. Walter we went to medical school together. What has happened to you?”

“That’s right, we did James... so you know what aluminum can do to humans? It causes all sorts of health problems. It is known to attack the nervous system. This can cause everything from disturbed sleep to memory loss and headaches and even emotional instability. I haven’t even touched on what the barium is doing and what these chemicals are doing to our weather... and how they are being used to create some kind of screen in our western hemisphere.”

“Listen to yourself Walter. A screen? Why in God’s name would they — whoever they are... be making a screen?”

“James, you know just as well as I do that there are people in this country whose whole being is about the almighty dollar and power. And, the only way to gain power is to gain control. It is this group of people who are making the skies ready for Project Blue Beam!”

“Project Blue Beam? Doesn’t that have something with eliminating religion?” Bri interrupted.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Walter. You have no proof on any of these things you are talking about. Everything you have said is all conspiracy. Our government leaders have been elected to serve and protect us. And we have checks and balances in place to remove those who have views of destroying our great nation,” Dr. Wilson scorned.

“Dr. Kincaide are you saying you know something of Project Blue Beam, the conspiracy theory that Canadian Journalist Serge Monast was said to uncover?” Bri asked.

Both doctors gave Bri a look of surprise in that she would know of the project.

Bri continued, “Serge claimed that NASA was attempting to implement a New Age religion using technology to simulate a Second Coming. By doing this, religion as we know it would stop. Religious wars would be eliminated and the New World Order could begin.”

“The conspiracy theory of Project Blue Beam is just that, a conspiracy,” Dr. Wilson explained as he gave Dr. Kincaide a stern look.

“James is right. I don’t know why I said Project Blue Beam. That’s just conspiracy,” Dr. Kincaide answered somewhat discombobulated.


Looking at Jack Bri said, “remember during the rest of the show Dr. Wilson spent his time praising and thanking some senator … Senator Dodson wasn’t it? And, Dr. Kincaide really didn’t speak much anymore. And, he acted really nervous.”

Jack corrected Bri. “No. It was Senator Donovan. He’s the one who is always passing the bills that gives NSA the funds to further technology. And, Kincaide did act a little weird, but that guy is... or was weird. He thought chemtrails exist too.”

“So you do watch the broadcast you produce?” Bri jokingly asked, adding “I’ve told you a little bit about the project I discovered that Alex was working on, right?”

“Yeah. He’s working with different governments to help bring peace and unity to the world. That’s why I really liked him. That’s what this world needs — peace and unity. He is the type of person you need. Heck, if he were gay I would’ve been after him long before you!” Jack laughed trying to get some sense of norm and relaxation into the ride back to the hotel.

The evening had already been way too stressful. What he really wanted was a drink to help forget what he had just experienced and a good night’s sleep.

“Right... peace, harmony, the One World Government type stuff. I know as the human race we have to move in this direction. With today’s technology and everybody going here and there and everywhere, a one-world system only makes sense,” she said trying to explain it as politically correct as she could.

“But Jack,” she added, “there are people, organizations or things out there that have an agenda that isn’t good. Actually it’s very evil.”

“Bri, you’re not going to go into one of those conspiracy theories where doom and gloom are going to take over, and the world is eventually destroyed. I’m not buying into that!”

“Fine... Then, you tell me what we saw!” 

“Whoa, Baby. Let’s not get so heated.”

“Look Jack, you asked me what I know about what we saw. Are you going to let me tell you, or do you want me to sugar-coat it? Make it politically correct so it doesn’t offend you? God forbid I hurt your feelings in anyway?”

“No... You just don’t have to be so bitchy about it!”

Bri realized she needed to calm down.

“Jack, do you want me to tell you the truth or do you want me to be politically correct so it doesn’t scare you, offend you or make you question your beliefs? Which do you want Jack? It’s up to you!”

Jack gave Bri a glance. Then, he put his eyes back on the road.

“What do you know? Do I even want to know what you know? Ignorance is bliss... but what we saw was not normal.”

No words were exchanged for the last few minutes of the drive to Jack’s hotel. As Bri stared out the window down the dark coastal highway, her mind began to wander back to her recent reconnection with Alex.

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