Chapter 25: The Intimate Moment..."Deception in the Air"


Cover by Peter Poast Publications with Photo by Junior Cruz

Similar to what newspapers in the 19th Century did the will publish a chapter a day from the book Deceptions in the Air. This fictional book is a blend of reality and conspiracy with a mix of Biblical Prophecy. My hope is that you enjoy the story, while it puts a desire in your heart to seek Truth.

Chapter 25: The Intimate Moment

Alex took Bri to one of DC’s hot spots for shopping and dining. Since it was still early morning, many of the fashion shops were not yet open. To kill some time, the two decided to stop and get a bite to eat.

“I didn’t realize I was so hungry. Things have been so crazy these past 24-hours,” Bri said, before taking a bite of her omelet.

“Bri,” Alex paused putting his fork down. “You don’t know how often thoughts of you have crossed my mind over the years. I don’t know what happened to us in the past. I just want you to know I am so happy you’re here.”

She put down her fork and gave Alex a shy smile.

“What?” Alex questioned with a curious grin. “Why are you looking at me that way?”

“I don’t know. I have this huge piece of food in my mouth, and you’re saying something deep,” she laughed, though a little embarrassed.

“Well... you’re starving, right! Eat up then,” Alex said, smiling as he took a bite of toast himself.

“Alex, can I ask what happened between you and your wife? I mean your ex-wife. You’ve never really said much.” 

“I don’t know… I’m not real sure what happened. I loved her, but there was just something missing. After about the third year of my marriage, I found myself always working just to stay away from home. For some odd reason, I never wanted to go home. I don’t think I ever felt like it was our home,” Alex tried explaining as he stumbled over his words and phrases.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

“No, you’re okay. It’s just the journalist in you,” Alex smiled.

The two sat in silence for a minute eating their food. Then Alex broke the silence. “It had to be hard on you to have lost your husband.”

Bri looked up from her plate into Alex’s eyes.

“I lost him years before the accident. I couldn’t compete with the alcohol and his addictions. I finally just quit trying. Unless you’ve been a part of it, people don’t realize when you’re married to an alcoholic, it makes the rest of the family members sick in other ways. I mean it just plays on everybody involved. It changes your thought process. You don’t know what’s normal and what’s not normal. It’s hard to explain.”

“I understand,” Alex said.

“Was your wife an alcoholic?”

“Heavens no, quite the opposite,” Alex quickly said, then slowly adding, “It was my step-father.”

“Oh my gosh, I remember you telling me that,” Bri said as she began searching through her memory.

“I did?” Alex asked very surprised.

“Yeah. I think when we were sitting at the beach the night before you left, you told me. It might have been in a letter, but I think I remember you telling me face to face. It was really hard for you,” she said.

“What didn’t we tell each other?” Alex asked, somewhat surprised. He couldn’t believe he would have ever told her this dark family secret since he tried so hard his entire teenage and adult life to hide it.

“I think we told each other everything. It’s probably why we know each other so well... even after all these years,” Bri smiled.

“Well, enough about our past for right now. Let’s talk about the present and our weekend,” Alex said.

He wanted to get off the topic that still caused pain deep in his soul. Bri also wanted to change the subject, so she happily went into talking about the weekend ahead.

“Alex, I hope I don’t crash when we get to the beach. I am so exhausted, and I don’t want to lose one second of time with you.”

“I’ll tell you what... just use me as a pillow on the plane. You can take a little cat nap until we get there. Many great minds just sleep short periods of time,” Alex smiled.

“Oh, that’s a pretty picture... me drooling all over on you in my sleep!”

“So you’re a drooler? I don’t think you ever shared this with me.”

The two finished eating their breakfast as they talked about some of the things they wanted to do and see while they were at the beach. When walking out of the restaurant, Alex reached over to take Bri’s hand.

Bri reacted with a strange jerk. Alan had never held her hand. He was always five to ten feet in front of her. He had even told her once when they first started dating, he was not a hand holder... so do not even think about holding hands.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked with a rather puzzled look.

“I’m just not used to someone holding my hand… I mean, I used to hold my kids hands when they were little. But a man holding my hand… I just always thought that was something in romance novels or movies. I’m sorry,” Bri answered with a nervous giggle.

“Do you not want to hold hands?” Alex asked as they stopped walking.

“No, I mean yes, I think I could get use to this… maybe…” she answered taking her hands and putting them into her jacket's pockets.

Alex stood there giving Bri a quirky smile as she got her thoughts together.

“I guess... I didn’t realize how much Alan screwed me up emotionally when it comes to relationships. I’m not real sure how someone is supposed to act. I’m not real comfortable with the thought that someone actually wants to be around me… and you’re actually sober,” Bri said nervously, as she started running her fingers through her hair trying to get her thoughts together.

“And it’s not all Alan’s fault either. Relationships can really hurt, Alex. For me to be standing here, next to you, a person who I think I have always actually loved, and for you to tell me this morning that you loved me was almost too much for me to grasp. It’s like I’m not living in the world I know or am used to experiencing. You know... the one of hurt…heartache… abuse.”

“Bri, I do love you,” Alex said.

“And we’ll have more after a station break,” Bri interrupted laughing nervously trying to stop the serious conversation.

Bri’s mind began to wonder. Why couldn’t I have just taken his hand like it was normal? But with Alex, nothing is normal. And when he said he loved me, what kind of love is he talking about? Is it the kind of love a man has for a woman... or is it the kind of love like he loves the peasant on the street. Alex is that type of person. He’s like Gandhi. He loves everyone and everything. Did he even understand man and woman love?

For the first time Alex saw the woman he found to be so strong and together, was actually emotionally very weak and hurt.

“Hey Bri... We don’t have to hold hands if it makes you uncomfortable.”

“No, Alex. I want to hold your hand. I don’t know why I keep making everything so complicated.”

“You’re just an analyzer… nothing wrong with that,” he said, as he gazed into her eyes while gently taking her hand into his and slowly lifting it to his lips, where he softly placed a tender kiss.

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