Why Republicans and Democrats Are Voting No On Issue 1: It’s All About Democracy.


It is important to note that the WarrenCountyPost.com is not endorsing either side and these are local citizens who have been asked to share their opinion. In this piece Congressman Greg Landsman shares his concerns on the passage of Issue 1 and why electors should vote NO.

LEBANON, OH -- Everything feels partisan these days, but Issue 1 is not. Thank goodness. Most folks know me as a bipartisan guy who is determined to protect our democracy, restore and expand our freedoms, and fix our economy so it works for all of us.

Issue 1 is about democracy, but also has implications on our freedoms and our citizens’ ability to pursue an economy that works for them.

Democracy first. For centuries, our democracy has always been a vote of the majority... 50% plus one.

Issue 1, if it were to pass, would change this core principle of our democracy. Elections would be decided by 60% plus one. That’s undemocratic, and why former Republican and Democratic governors oppose Issue 1.

On our freedoms, Issue 1 would make it nearly impossible for citizens, whether they are Republicans or Democrats or Independents, to restore or expand our own rights. Some freedoms have been taken away from us, others remain intact but may need to be strengthened. Issue 1 would undermine our right to fight for our freedoms.

On our economy, our working families are concerned, rightfully so, that Issue 1 will make it harder to get wages up and more likely that the right to bargain for better jobs will be taken away. That’s why working folks, from electricians to plumbers to firefighters, are urging a no vote on Issue 1. We should all stand with working families.

Remember Senate Bill 5? It stripped rights away from our police officers, firefighters, and teachers. Then, we organized and defeated Senate Bill 5 through a citizen-led ballot measure in 2011. Beating back Senate Bill 5 in 2011 was not easy. But in the end, folks made their voices heard and our working families won.

We all have the right to petition our government and make our voices heard. That’s why folks from across the political spectrum are voting no on Issue 1, including me.

Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike have a right to take an issue to the ballot. It is already very difficult. It requires hundreds of thousands of signatures and, most importantly, getting 50% of Ohio voters to side with you. That is not easy, but it is a democratic right that we should not deny to our citizens.

Friends, please make your voices heard while you still can. Vote early at the Warren County Board of Elections in Lebanon or on August 8th at your polling place. Thank you for engaging on this important issue and for casting your vote.

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